How to Create A 3D Model of Your Face Using a Single Image

Wouldn’t it be great if you could create a 3D model of yourself? Damn right, it would be. Sadly, the process is quite hectic and requires loads of images to create a 3D vision. You usually need multiple pictures of the same face from different angles in order to map every contour. Thankfully for us normal users, there is a simple way out. Thanks to a recent research at The University of Nottingham and Kingston University in the UK, the researchers were able to teach an AI system how to quickly recreate the shape of a face from a single photo. Oh, and the project is open source, so anyone can try it. Intrigued? Well, read on, as we show you how to create a 3D Model of your face using just a single image:

Create a 3D Model of Your Face

Note: While the model can be created from any image, try to use an image in which the object is facing directly at the camera for best results.

  • To start off, visit the project website here.

Open Webpage

  • Click on the “Choose File” option. A new window will pop-up. Select the image you wish to transform from your computer.

  • Once you’ve selected the image you wanted to create a 3D model of, click on “Upload Image”.

  • The selected image will now be uploaded to the server. After a while, the page will automatically refresh showing you the 3D model of the image.

  • You can now use your mouse to drag and move the 3D model as you like. Also, on the right-hand side, you’ll get a Z-Transform scale, to move the 3D figure closer or away from the main background image. You also have the option to remove the background image altogether and play with the 3D model alone.
3D Model of Elon Musk’s Face

Below, we’ve uploaded some of the 3D models that we created using famous personalities.

3D Model of John Cena’s Funny Face
3D Model of Ronaldo’s Face
And lastly, our very own Rupesh’s 3D Model

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Create Your Own 3D Model Easily

The ability to create 3D models like this from a single 2D image can have loads of applications in the real world. Even though this method currently works just for faces, the AI can be tweaked in order to create 3D models of 2D landscapes and surroundings. Such an implementation can be very useful for creating avatars for video games and augmented and/or virtual reality. And if nothing, this in itself seems to be a fun activity in its current state as well. I know am having a lot of fun creating funny 3D models of all the people I know. But what about you? Did you enjoy creating a 3D model, and do you think this has scope for a higher and more practical implementation? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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