How to Change Facebook Username (2024)

In Short
  • Usernames on Facebook are unique to each user and may contain symbols and signs.
  • You can find your Facebook username under the Profile section of Accounts Center.
  • To change your username, go to Settings & Privacy > Settings > Accounts Center > Profile > Username.

If you are like me and created your Facebook account in your younger years, then you may have also set an edgy but dumb username that you might want to change now. Or even if you have an auto-generated username that you are not satisfied with, then keep reading as we will help you change your Facebook username in a few simple steps. Let us take a look.

Method 1: Change Username on Facebook Website

If you want to know how you can change your username, then use the instructions that we have discussed below.

  1. Visit the Facebook website from the desktop browser and log in to your account.
  2. Now click on the profile icon in the top right corner.
  3. Click on Settings & Privacy then go to Settings.
  4. Here, click on Accounts Center.
  • How to Change Facebook Username (2024)
  • How to Change Facebook Username (2024)
  • Visit settings on Facebook
  • Go to Accounts Center to change username
  1. Choose the Facebook profile for which you want to change the username.
  2. Click on the Username option.
  3. Now rewrite your username. It is important to type a username that is actually available. Then tap on Done.
  • Choose profile to change username
  • Click on Username option
  • Change your username then click on Done

Method 2: Change Username on Facebook Mobile App

Besides a few minor changes, the steps to change your username on the Facebook mobile app remain identical to the desktop version.

  1. Open the Facebook app and tap on the hamburger menu in the top or the bottom right corner.
  2. Visit Settings & Privacy then Settings.
Tap on the hamburger menu then go to Settings and privacy and tap on Settings
  1. Tap on Accounts Center then tap on Profiles.
  2. Pick the profile for which you wish to change the username.
Tap on Account Center then select the profile to rename its username
  1. Now tap on the Username option.
  2. Type your new username and then press Done to confirm changes.
Change your current username on Facebook mobile app

This is where you can change your username on Facebook.

That sums up this guide on how you can change your username on Facebook. You can say that usernames are a unique identifier that helps the system to precisely locate your account. If you wish to access your username, this how to find your Facebook username guide can be helpful for you.

Besides this, if you want to disable a strange ‘chirping’ sound while scrolling on Facebook, then read this guide. Do share your thoughts on this topic, and also let us know what are some of the strangest usernames you have come across on the platform in the comments.

What is the Difference Between Names and Usernames on Facebook?

Names are your display identities that your Facebook friends can use to look you up on their Friend’s list. More than one user can share the same name on the platform. Meanwhile, your username is unique and cannot be same as other users. It may contain symbols and signs as well. It is also used to log into your account and search your profile on the app.

How Many Times Can I Change My Facebook Profile Username?

You can only change your assigned username only two times. You must change your username to something you’re satisfied with, as you’ll only get one chance to do so.

Can Facebook Claim My Username?

Yes. If you have recently changed your username and someone else on Facebook claims it that it is theirs, and you are impersonating them, then Facebook will reclaim the username. Your current username will be reverted to the old one.

Where Can I Find My Facebook Username on the Mobile App?

To access your Facebook username, navigate to the following: Tap on hamburger menu > Settings & privacy > Settings > Accounts Center > Profile > Choose Account.

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