How to Beat Giovanni in Pokemon GO (May 2024)

In Short
  • Giovanni has three different phases comprised of Pokemon like a shadow Persian, a Kingdra, Garchomp, Rhyperior, and Shadow Groudon in Pokemon GO
  • To fight the boss, you must finish the Team GO Rocket special research in-game and fight respective Team GO Rocket gym leaders.
  • Once encountered, ensure you've reached sufficient levels in-game, and bring over relevant Pokemon to counter Giovanni and win the fight.

Anyone who has watched Pokemon or played the games will know who Giovanni is. The Team Go Rocket leader makes a prominent appearance in Pokemon GO. While you would think he’s only there for show, this pesky villain is the final boss of Team Rocket. If you’re a Pokemon GO player hell-bent on defeating Giovanni keep reading as I give you the breakdown with my dedicated guide below.

Giovanni Pokemon Lineup (May 2024)

As of May 2024, the Giovanni boss fight in Pokemon GO currently includes three phases, each with its own Pokemon bosses. The first phase includes the Normal-type Pokemon Persian in its shadow form. This is the signature companion of this character from video games and even the anime show.

Giovanni as seen in the Pokemon GO trailer
Giovanni as seen in the Pokemon GO trailer (Image Courtesy: Niantic/Pokemon GO)

Phase two includes Kingdra, Garchomp, or Rhyperior. This is randomized, and it completely depends on your luck who you fight against. Finally, after you defeat the two Pokemon, you’ll face the shadow variant of Groudon as the final Pokemon. Here are the bosses listed:

  • Phase 1: Persian
  • Phase 2: Kingdra/Garchomp/Rhyperior
  • Phase 3: Groudon

Giovanni’s lineup usually changes following a Team Go Rocket takeover. While we don’t know how long the current one will last, we will update this page as soon as it changes!

How to Beat Giovanni in Pokemon GO

To defeat Giovanni in Pokemon GO, you must ensure you beat the current Pokemon lineup available in-game. Here is how to beat all the Pokemon in the phases.

Phase 1: Shadow Persian

Giovanni’s pet Persian is a normal-type Pokemon, which is weak against fighting-type Pokemon. As such, the best way to deal with it is to bring fighting counters. The best counters for Giovanni in Phase 1 are:

  • Machamp: (Counter and Dynamic Punch)
  • Lucario: (counter and Aura Sphere)
  • Hitmonchan: (Counter and Rock Smash)

Using these three Pokemon should effectively take down Persian and bring you to the second phase of the boss fight.

Phase 2: Kingdra, Garchomp, or Rhyperior

For the second boss fight, you can fight either of the three Pokemon – Kingdra, Garchomp, or Rhyperior. As it goes, each of these Pokemon has different properties and counters from each other. Since you can’t bring all three counters, you must pick. Keep reading to find the best counters for each.

Kingdra Counters

Kingdra is a water/dragon-type Pokemon and can pose a huge risk. However, its weaknesses include a fairy or a dragon-type Pokemon. As such, the best Kingdra counters are:

  • Rayquaza: (Dragon Tail and Breaking Swipe)
  • Togekiss: (Charm and Dazzling Gleam)
  • Gradevoir: (Charm and Dazzling Gleam)

Garchomp Counters

Garchomp belongs to the dragon/ground-type archetype. If you face a Garchomp, its weaknesses are dragon, fairy, and ice-type Pokemon. Here are the best counters for it:

  • Articuno: (Frost Breath and Ice Breath)
  • Dragonite: (Dragon Tail and Outrage)
  • Mamoswine: (Powder Snow and Avalanche)

Rhyperior Counters

Rhyperior belongs to a ground/rock Pokemon. If you encounter a Rhyperior, you can bring over a fighting, ground, steel, water, grass, and ice. Here are the best Rhyperior counters:

  • Mega Gyarados: (Waterfall and Hydro Pump)
  • Sceptile: (Bullet Seed and Leaf Blade)
  • Kyogre: (Water and Origin Pulse)

Once you defeat either of these three Pokemon, Giovanni moves to the final phase of the boss fight.

Phase 3: Shadow Groudon

The final fight against the Team GO Rocket boss involves fighting a shadow Groudon. It is a Ground/Fire-type Pokemon, and because it is a shadow variant, it hits hard. As such, when you fight this Pokemon, bring over a Pokemon belonging to the water, grass, and ice-type archetype. Bring these counters to the fight:

  • Sceptile: (Fury Cutter and Frenzy Plant)
  • Swampert: (Water Gun and Hydro Cannon)
  • Galarian Darmanitan: (Ice Fang and Avalanche)

How to Find Giovanni in Pokemon GO

While some of you may already have found this elusive Pokemon GO boss, this is for the ones who haven’t. To find Giovanni, you must complete a four-part special quest called “A Troubling Situation.” Once that is complete, you’ll receive your monthly quest to hunt down Giovanni.

Before you fight the boss, you do three fights with three separate Team GO Rocket leaders. They are namely Arlo, Cliff, and Sierra. You track them using mysterious components dropped by Team GO Rocket members, and six are required to fight each of them. Use it to challenge the remainder of the bosses to receive the Super Rocket Radar. Once you have that, use it to track Giovanni and finish the job.

Were you able to beat Giovanni in Pokemon GO? Let us know in the comments below!

How frequently does Giovanni change his lineup in Pokemon GO?

As per available information, Giovanni changes his Pokemon every season. This means that Giovanni changes the Pokemon you have to fight every three months.

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