Dragon Pokemon Strength, Weakness, and Resistance

In Short
  • Dragon Pokemon's strengths include being strong against their kind.
  • However, dragon Pokemon are also weak against their kind, alongside Fairy and Ice-type.
  • Finally, dragon Pokemon can resist Fire, Water, Grass, and Electric attacks.

Even though Dragon Pokemon are one of the many monster types in-game, they come with an interesting and elusive set of strengths and weaknesses over others. And because of their unique nature, many might find using this Pokemon difficult unless they know the advantages. So, if you are also struggling with your Dragon type, read through its strengths, weaknesses and resistences right here!

Dragon Pokemon Strengths

Dragon Pokemon Strengths

Let’s first discuss the strengths of a Dragon Pokemon, since if you are reading this, you want to learn about the advantages of using one. Interestingly enough, Dragon Pokemon are a unique case when it comes to their strengths. The only thing they are strong against is fellow Dragon-type. Shocker, I know.

So, if you have a Dragonite, it will be extremely strong against another one. It is a weird decision in part because that makes Dragon Pokemon one of the low-tiers in Pokemon. However, interestingly, most legendaries like Arceus and Rayquaza also belong to this archetype. So, it is a good idea to use a Dragon-type if you plan on hunting a legendary for keepsakes.

Dragon Pokemon Weaknesses

Dragon Pokemon Weakness as of Generation Six
Dragon Pokemon Weakness as of Generation Six

Weirdly just like its strengths, Dragon Pokemon come with an interesting set of weaknesses. Like many previous elements, there have been two instances of changes in Dragon Pokemon weaknesses.

When the first generation games launched, a Dragon-type would be extremely weak against a fellow Dragon-type and Ice-type. These two weaknesses were constant throughout the generations until Generation Six came out.

With the arrival of Pokemon X and Y, the weaknesses had another entry to the list. Dragon-types were now also weak to the Fairy-types. So the final list for Dragon Pokemon weakneeses include Dragon, Ice, and Fairy Pokemon.

This further raises the question of whether Dragon-type was built to fight fellow legendaries. Otherwise, having such weaknesses doesn’t make much sense.

Dragon Pokemon Resistance

Dragon Pokemon never had their resistance modified, unlike the weaknesses. So, if you play the first-generation game, those still work in the latest title too.

So the only and only list for dragon Pokemon resistences include Fire, Water, Grass, and Electric Pokemon.

That is all you should know while dealing with any Dragon-type in your roster. So how has your experience with this Pokemon? Let us know in the comments below!

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