Honkai Star Rail Devs Reveal a Huge Update for Simulated Universe

Divergent Universe New Simulated Update Honkai Star Rail
Image Courtesy: Honkai Star Rail (Edited by: Sanmay Chakrabarti)
In Short
  • Simulated Universe will undergo a massive update named Divergent Universe in version 2.3, introducing many new mechanics.
  • Divergent Universe will allow players to directly challenge bosses to easily farm Planar Ornaments.
  • This new game mode will also allow players to restart battles with a button, which was missing in Simulated Universe.

Simulated Universe is one of the most beloved end-game content in Honkai Star Rail, and the devs consistently add new content to it. The upcoming version 2.3 is going to feature one of the biggest Simulated Universe updates in the game’s history, completely overhauling core systems. The latest episode of Developer Radio just revealed a ton of information about the upcoming Simulated Universe updates in HSR 2.3, so let’s take a closer look.

The Simulated Universe will undergo a huge update in the form of the Divergent Universe in HSR 2.3. This update will completely overhaul the normal gameplay, like more varied Blessings and Curios combinations with more unique effects. However, the current Simulated Universe will remain the same and players will still be able to play and enjoy it.

Image Courtesy: Hoyoverse/Honkai Star Rail

The main goal of the Divergent Universe is to make farming Planar Ornaments simpler with multiple new features. Here is everything they are adding new to the Divergent Universe:

  • Curios and Blessing Save File: After players have cleared the Divergent Universe, they can save the Curios and Blessings obtained on that run into a save file. The save file resets each week.
  • Planar Ornament Quick Claim Function: After clearing the Divergent Universe, players can directly challenge the bosses with the saved Curios and Blessings file and obtain the corresponding Planar Ornaments.
  • Restart Challenge: Divergent Universe will also have a Restart Challenge option, which will allow players to restart the current battle with the previously triggered Techniques before entering the battle.

The Divergent Universe will also have new unique rewards. It will now reward various leveling materials alongside Stellar Jades. Clearing Divergent Universe will also reward players with weekly Simulated Universe points. The developers also mention that the upcoming Simulated Universe updates after version 2.3 will focus on the Divergent Universe.

The developer radio episode also revealed a new permanent game mode named Apocalyptic Shadow, which will run alongside Memory of Chaos and Pure Fiction. Honkai Star Rail players are ecstatic with all the new content we are getting every version. Share your thoughts about the updates in the comment section below.

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