Google Home, Home Mini Get Bricked By Firmware Update; Fix in the Works

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Do you remember the last time you updated your smart speaker? Be it Amazon Echo or Google Home. Well, most of the smart speakers are updated in the background and it’s convenient but one of the latest firmware updates for the Google Home and Home Mini speakers has caused trouble in paradise.

The latest firmware update for Google Home and Home Mini has bricked the speaker for several users, who have all taken to Reddit and product forums to criticize the update. I mean, it’s a widespread issue and while many users have managed to fix it by resetting their speakers or unplugging it temporarily.

Many others report that their Google Home speakers are now unusable and it just shows four continuously lit LED lights on top. Google says, “The team is aware of these specific issues [listed on their product forum] with both the Google Home Mini and Google Home devices becoming unresponsive and we’re actively working on a fix.”

This problem only affects Google Home and tiny Home Mini speakers while those with displays, like the Nest Hub Max or other speakers, are free of any such issues.

The company further added it’s finding it difficult to diagnose the issue at hand and will replace the affected Google Home or Home Mini speakers in the meantime. Earlier, the company said it will replace speakers under warranty, which meant a large chunk of its userbase will have to spend money to get a Google Assistant speaker.

But, Google has since confirmed that all affected Home speakers regardless of whether they are under warranty or not will be replaced until the issue is fixed.

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