Google to Let iPhone Users Find Their Phones Using Google Nest Smart Devices

Google Nest Devices Will Be Able to Find iPhones Soon

While finding an Android device using Google Home or Nest speakers and displays is as easy as saying “Hey Google, find my phone”, for iPhone users, unfortunately, it is not the same. The find my phone feature on Google Nest smart speakers and display does work for Android phones but not for iOS devices. However, Google is planning to change that soon.

The feature, which comes as a boon for iPhone users, will enable Google Assistant-powered Nest smart speakers and displays to find users’ iPhones. So, following the update, iPhone users possessing a Nest smart speaker can simply ask the Assistant to find their devices.

Now, if you did not know, the find-my-phone feature on Google smart speakers and displays work even when an Android device is in silent mode or Do Not Disturb mode. Thankfully, the feature will work the same way for iPhone users and ring a cheerful tune when they ask it to find their phone.

To make the feature work, users do need to set it up on their respective devices first. For starters, they have to link their primary contact number to their Google account. Then, they have to turn on the Voice Match option for their Nest smart devices. The Voice Match option will make sure that only the owner of the device can use the feature to find their device.

Following this short setup process, iPhone users will be able to ask Google Assistant to find their devices.

Now, the find-my-phone feature for iPhone users is a part of Google’s Spring update and will be rolling out to users in the US, UK, and Australia soon. Other upcoming features in the said update include support for new smart home automation setups that can automatically trigger at sunrise and sunsets.

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