GTA 5 Ditches Nvidia GeForce Now; Could Soon Reveal Stadia Exclusivity

GTA 5 & Red Dead Redemption Reportedly Coming to Switch

Cloud gaming platforms are gearing up to give consumers a taste of what the future of gaming might look like. Nvidia GeForce Now has been in beta testing for a couple of years and is now readying itself for worldwide launch. However, one of the main attractions for the platform now seems to be missing from its kitty.

Grand Theft Auto 5, popularly known as GTA 5, was available on GeForce Now up until the start of this week but is now missing in action. This game is literally everywhere, but its time on Nvidia’s cloud gaming platform has come to an end. The disappearance of GTA 5 was first noticed by some eagle-eyed users, who made their finding public on Reddit.

Nvidia has responded to the outcry over the disappearance of this open-world title from GeForce Now saying the move is intentional. The company states that GTA 5 developer Rockstar Games has made the decision to remove the game from GeForce Now. Well, this may come as a shock for many, especially gamers who had been testing and playing GTA 5 on the cloud platform. But, the question that arises is – why did Rockstar Games choose to ditch GeForce Now?

Well, the answer could be very simple. Google Stadia. Google has already organized two Stadia Connect conferences, revealing some of its launch partners including Ubisoft, EA, Capcom, and more. Rockstar Games is one of the exclusive game developers who will be bringing its titles to Google Stadia in the coming months. However, there’s now an air of secrecy around the titles Rockstar plans to make available on this cloud gaming platform. Red Dead Redemption 2 is already rumored to arrive on Stadia at launch, but the sudden removal of GTA 5 from GeForce Now could hint at exclusivity announcement to Stadia.

Google Stadia is scheduled to launch in November, so we can expect to hear more from Rockstar Games when this new cloud gaming platform enters the fray. Google wants to seize the crown for cloud gaming and has got a healthy lineup of game titles at launch.

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