Google Wallet Now Seemingly Works on Android Phones in India

Google Wallet working in India-2
In Short
  • You can now seemingly use the Google Wallet app on your Android device in India.
  • The app still doesn't appear when searched on the Play Store.
  • The WearOS version of the Google Wallet, however, still doesn't work and refuses to launch.

Google Wallet is a great app but like most Google products and features, it wasn’t supported in India, until now. However, the app has started working for some users in the subcontinent, allowing them to set up and add payment cards and passes.

For those unaware, Google Wallet lets you add passes, store rewards, payment, and travel cards all in one place. It’s not to be confused with Google Pay or “GPay” in India. Google Pay is an entirely different app that lets you pay via UPI (Unified Payments Interface).

Although, this is not the first time Google Wallet has started working in India. The app started working a few months ago but stopped working soon after. Personally, the Google Wallet app has been working for me for over three months. I’ve made a few payments and added rewards, passes, and tickets on the app, and it never stopped working.

However, I’ve had no luck with the WearOS app. It still says “Google Wallet isn’t available in your country”. However, I could manage to run it several times after clearing the app’s data on WearOS. Once I exit the app, it returns to the same “not supported” screen. Similarly, the quick settings Wallet tile on Android still says “Unavailable.”

Google Wallet is still not searchable on the Play Store. However, you can download and install its latest APK to check if it works for you.

It seems like a good omen since it has started working for more individuals and probably indicates that Google might be readying it for launch soon in the subcontinent. We’ve previously heard rumors and spotted the mention of Wallet’s availability in India in code snippets. So perhaps it’s just a matter of time until Google makes the app officially available in India.

What are your thoughts about Google Wallet coming to India? Is it something you can find yourself using often? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Pk-98 says:

    I still feel UPI to be a better and safer option somehow.

  • Ashutosh says:

    I was using the wallet app fot 6 months now sinxe its an easier interface to chose cards when payijg though nfc.

  • Clinton says:

    What do you mean, “working now” lol. It’s working from many years. I have been actively using this from 2 years.

  • Shashank says:

    You can download it from the play store by searching Google Wallet and clicking one of the Google Play links… the one that shows Air India in it’s first screenshot is the one.

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