Google tone : How to Share URL Using Sound?

Time and again Google has proven that it strives to stay on the forefront of technical advancement, whether it is android taking over all the other mobile operating systems to have the largest market share, or it is google adsense having the highest market share among all online advertisement sellers, everything about google speaks of innovation.
Google, as everyone knows, keeps on coming up with new technology now and then, and it is really hard to keep a track of everything that google produces, but one of the new things from google that caught my attention was a new extension for Google Chrome called Google Tone.
Google Tone is an extension that helps users to instantly share content on their webpages with other systems in the vicinity. To use Google tone one needs to have a working mic and speaker, one also needs to be logged into his/her Google account.

All you need to do to add google tone as an extension on your google chrome is click here and click on add extension. This will create a blue shoutout icon on the top right of your google chrome. Pressing it will cause the google tone to produce a sound, which helps in sharing the webpage. Google tone works only when all the participating systems can hear each other’s sound and have google tone enabled in them.

Once you press the icon and the sound is produced, the systems in vicinity, configured to work with google tone will get a popup notification of a URL being shared by you, pressing on the notification dialog will open the shared webpage on that user’s chrome browser.


Theoretically it is possible to use google tone through phone calls and applications that allow for transfer of sound such as facetime, skype, hanhouts etc. For implementing this theoritical assumption, one would need to have tone enabled on all the participating browsers and would also need all the systems to have their chrome browsers open when the transfer of sound takes place. Once their is a successful transfer of required tone, one should be able to see the shared URL. This transfer would rely heavily on the quality of internet connection of the users, surrounding noise and the hardware of each system that needs to be a part Of this transfer.

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This extension is still in the development phase and hence is not bug free, there are many issue that come up, for instance, many times your system will not produce any sound on pressing google tone’s icon, sometimes it won’t hear anything being produced around, and though it is tested by some to work even on hangouts, it is not a surety whether or not it will work for everyone through a phone call or through applications like hangouts.

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