Google Improves Search with New Visual Changes and More

Google Now Lets Users Request to Remove Images of Minors from Search Results

At its Search On 2022 event, Google introduced new changes for Search, allowing you to get as many relevant results as possible. There are visual changes, improvements to recommendations, and more nifty features for us. Have a look at the details.

Google Search Gets New Changes

New Visual Changes

Google will show results in an improved card-like format called the Knowledge Panels. There will be information in various formats like text, images, or video, which will be the most relevant to you.

Google Search Visual Changes

The search giant understands how integral short-video formats like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and more have become. And whenever you look for a topic, say a destination, you will get visual stories and short videos by creators on the topic to get more details about the place you are planning to visit. You will also be able to get more information on a subject for an in-depth understanding. Topics can be added and removed if you want to zoom in and out.

Better Search Recommendations

Google Search will show more recommendations when you try to search for a topic, dismissing the need to type in full sentences. You will soon get relevant content faster when you start looking for things. Plus, it will show your keywords and topic options in case you cannot figure out your search needs.

‘Multisearch Near Me’ and More Coming Soon

Earlier this year, Google introduced the Multisearch feature for you to look for a result by using both photos and texts when describing a thing gets difficult. This is available in English and will be available in over 70 languages in a few months. Plus, Multisearch Near Me, which was introduced at the Google I/O 2022 event, will start reaching people in the US this fall.

Additionally, Google has improved translations via Lens and will now merge translated text into the background image using machine learning tech called Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs). This will show translated text on an image for a better understanding, and that too, much faster.

Google Lens Improvements

Google Search Shortcuts and New Shopping Experiences

There will be Search shortcuts right under the search bar to quickly shop, translate, and do more. This will be now available for iOS users and will eventually reach Google Search for Android.

Google Search Shortcuts

In addition to this, Google has improved the shopping experience. In the US, you can add “shop” with a product name and get an array of products, “shop the look,” know what’s trending, get the ability to shop in 3D, and much more.

You will also be able to get more personalized results for cooking ideas and the content to watch. There’s a new update for the “About this result” to easily manage personal results and even turn them off. This will be initially available in the US. A new feature called Discussions and forums will appear while making a search to access various forums in the US. You will also get the ability to see translated news in your preferred language. This will be available in early 2023.

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