Google Play Store Turns 10 and Gets a New Logo

google play store new logo

Google is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its Play Store and on this occasion, it has got a new logo. This new logo features brighter colors and matches the vibe of the icons of other Google services like Google Photos, Search, Gmail, and more.

Google Play Store Is Now 10!

Google Play Store’s new logo goes for a brighter red, green, blue, and yellow and is also more rounded, as opposed to the previous logo. You can have a look at the difference below.

In addition, Google has a reward for Play Points members. They can now get 10 times more points on every purchase made via the Play Store by enabling a points booster. This offer is now live and can be accessed by heading to your profile in the Play Store app. This is a limited period offer, though.

For those who don’t know, Google’s Play Points program is a way to earn points on each purchase and once these points are enough, they can be used to make further purchases. The value of points earned will be different for different regions.

Apart from this, Google highlights that the Play Store now has 2.5 billion monthly users in around 190 countries who are using the service to get apps, games, and more digital content. The app store, when launched included apps, music, e-books, movies and shows, and even some hardware products. A decade later, the platform has grown to primarily be a space for apps, games, and books. The Movies and TV part will soon be removed to become a part of Google’s TV app.

Google also talks about the various noteworthy features of the Play Store like better safety and privacy features, a focus on gaming, a better way to discover apps, and more. It has detailed this in a blog post and you can check it out here to know more.

In related news, Google has updated Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Keep with features for big-screen devices like tablets. Google workspace apps now get the ability to drag and drop files, open two Drive windows side-by-side, and keyboard shortcuts, which were recently introduced for Google Drive.

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