Google Meet Gains New ‘Saver Mode’ to Conserve Battery and Data During Video Calls

Google Adds New "Saver Mode" to Google Meet

Following the spread of Coronavirus last year, most of us were locked inside our homes and video conferencing apps saw a massive increase in usage around the world. As a result, Google has been adding more and more features to Google Meet. Now, to help users continue their video calls even on low battery and data, the Mountain View giant has added a new “Saver Mode” to its video conferencing platform.

Now, for the uninitiated, when you use Google Meet for a video conference with your friends or colleagues, the platform consumes a certain amount of power and data to let you connect with the other participants on the call. However, it becomes kind of dreadful when your device runs out of battery or when you face connectivity issues while on an important call.

Citing these concerns, Google introduced the new “Saver Mode” to help users continue their video calls in such situations. The new feature is to restrict Google Meet’s power and data consumption. So, once it is enabled, Meet will consume less battery and data on user devices during video calls. This will, in turn, let users continue their video calls even when their devices are running low on battery or when faced with network issues.

How to Turn on ‘Saver Mode’ on Google Meet

The new Saver Mode is currently rolling out for Meet users and here is how you can enable this feature:

  • Open the Google Meet app.
  • During a video call, tap the three-dots button at the bottom to open up the Menu section.
  • Go to Settings. You can also access Settings from the hamburger menu on the home screen.
  • Toggle the “Limit data usage” button. That’s it.

Now, Google Meet will use less battery and internet data to see you stay longer in office meetings instead of copping out with a battery-low excuse.

The feature, as I mentioned, is gradually rolling out to Google Meet users. So, you might not find it on your device right now. However, once it rolls out to all the users, Saver Mode could be a useful feature for users with limited internet data.

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