Google has a tradition of picking and honoring the best apps that follow its material design guidelines. The company revealed the winners of the 2019 Material Design Awards earlier this week and chances are, you might not have even heard of them.

So, let’s take a look at the four apps picked by Google to know how they stand out from the millions of apps that follow material design guidelines. The winners are classified into four categories namely Theming, Innovation, Experience, and Universality.

1. Theming – Ruff

Ruff is a less known note-taking app with just over 5,000 downloads. The app has a consistent material design in terms of color and typography. The notes are displayed on a material-style bottom sheet. There is a blue floating action button in the app where additional features of the app are accessible.

The app comes with three theme options – Light, Dark, and Black. Also, you can set the size and weight of the text for your notes. Overall, it is a well-designed app and I do think it deserves its award after my brief time of testing.

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2. Innovation – Reflectly

Reflectly is a daily journaling app that incorporates intelligent AI-based features. The app aims to help people manage their stress and anxiety by encouraging them to cultivate writing habits. It has a modern UX that is refreshing and visually pleasing to use, thanks to its smooth UI elements and transitions.

In addition to that, you can track your progress in the app and get meaningful insights. You also get a personalized dose of motivation every morning to positively start your day.

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3. Experience РScripts

Scripts is an app that teaches you how to read and write languages. It has an intuitive writing tool that shows the structure of the alphabet over which you can practice writing.

Minor user experience tweaks like subtle animations and haptic feedback are present to guide users when they go wrong. The app also has fun-filled fast-paced games to engage yourself in the process of learning.

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4. Universality –

To wrap the list up, we have the app from – a flight, hotel, and train booking service. As you might have guessed by the category, Google appreciates the app’s availability in 19 languages. The app offers a straightforward layout that is easily understandable by people while managing to add all the essential features one would need from a travel booking service.

So, which app on the list did you like the most? Tell us in the comments.