Google Confirms that RCS is Coming iPhones this Fall

Google Confirms that RCS is Coming iPhones this Fall
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In Short
  • Google confirmed that RCS is coming to iPhones in fall 2024.
  • The confirmation comes from the new Google Messages webpage which states, "Coming soon on iOS".
  • Most of the AI, and customization that Google is boasting about will be limited to the Google Messages app.

After months of discussion, Apple announced that it would finally bring RCS messaging support to its iPhones late last year. While an exact date wasn’t provided, Apple did mention that RCS would come to the iPhone “later next year”, i.e., by the end of 2024. Well, Google just confirmed the release timeframe for RCS on iOS through its new Google Messages webpage.

Google announces through the Google Messages webpage that RCS support is coming to iOS this fall
Image Source: Google Messages

The Google Messages webpage boasts everything you can do with the app and the RCS functionality. Among other features, it also highlights that it is “Coming soon on iOS“. The description reads; “Apple has announced it will be adopting RCS in the fall of 2024. Once that happens, it will mean a better messaging experience for everyone”.

This means we can expect RCS integration on iPhones with the upcoming iOS 18 update. That’s because the fall is generally when Apple announces major updates to their devices including the iPhone. But we may not have to wait that long as beta versions of the upcoming iOS update may roll out much earlier.

I am sure that Apple would make a big deal about it. RCS Universal Profile offers a better chatting experience, and some interesting features. It also adds a layer of privacy that is lacking in the standard SMS system.

Most other features discussed on the webpage, like Emoji Reactions, Photomoji, and Voice Moods will be exclusively available through the Google Messages app. This will make it easier for iPhone users to easily communicate with their non-iPhone friends on the other side of Apple’s walled garden.

Note that Apple has made it clear that this will not resolve the blue bubble green bubble issue. That is because RCS messages will still show up as green chats. But at least it is a step in the right direction. It seems Google is excited about the same which is why it is going full throttle to promote RCS and its messaging app.

Are you as excited about RCS coming to iPhones in 2024? And if you are an Android user then let us know if you use RCS in the comments below.

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