Google’s Area 120 Launches Fundo for Hosting Paid Virtual Events

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Google’s Area 120 lab has launched Fundo, a service that lets creators monetize virtual events. The platform is feature-rich with face-to-face video chats, virtual workshops, and group Meet & Greets.

Fundo wants to remove the friction when it comes to setting up events. The platform offers a single end-to-end solution with no additional apps. Creators can host and their audience can join through Fundo’s website.

From Fundo’s home page, you can discover popular events and participate in the ones that you’re interested in. You can sign up with your Google account or phone number. Once you book tickets for the event, you will get an event link and Fundo will send reminders so you don’t miss it.

Fans can meet creators via one-on-one sessions or group meetings. There is even an option to co-host, which should prove helpful especially with music concerts. You also have the option to join virtual workshops where you can learn new things from creators along with others.

If the idea of taking selfies with your favorite creators excites you, you will be glad to know that Fundo lets you do that. There is a Photo Booth feature where you can pose for pictures together. As you would expect, Fundo lets you download these selfies to share with your friends.

Now that most events have shifted online due to the pandemic, Fundo aims to help creators monetize their live streams with better monetization options. Hosts can choose to set the ticket prices, offer discounts, or even conduct free events.

Google says some YouTube creators are now offering Fundo Meet & Greets as a premium perk. Fundo is now available for all creators in the U.S. and Canada. The company hopes to expand the availability of the service to more regions soon.

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