How to Get Password Breach Alerts on Microsoft Edge Chromium

Microsoft is updating Edge Chromium with a slew of new features recently, including a new security tool called ‘Password Monitor’ that brings on-demand scans to detect compromised passwords. So if you’re worried about using leaked passwords on the web, this is how you can use the new functionality to get password breach alerts on Microsoft Edge and ensure that your private data remains safe and secured.

Get Password Breach Alerts on Microsoft Edge

The new feature was released with build 89.0.723.0 on the Dev channel of Edge Chromium earlier this month and is expected to be rolled out to the beta and stable channels in the weeks ahead. However, if you cannot wait to try out the new feature, you can go through the guide below to know how you can do so right now. We will also show how you can do an on-demand scan using the new tool to detect leaked passwords.

Note: I’m using the Canary build of Microsoft Edge which is typically even more buggy and unstable than Dev Channel and is not recommended for general users.

  • To use the Password Monitor feature, first download and install Microsoft Edge (Dev/Canary) from the official Edge Insider website (Free).

Microsoft Edge

  • Run the browser and type-in (or copy+paste) “edge://settings/passwords” (without quotes) in the address bar. Hit ‘Enter’.

Microsoft Edge

  • Enable the option that says “Show alerts when passwords are found in an online leak”. It is switched off by default.

get password breach alerts on Microsoft Edge

  • To do an on-demand scan, click/tap on the ‘View Results’ option that comes up when you switch on the toggle.

get password breach alerts on Microsoft Edge

  • You’ll be presented with all the passwords you’ve saved in the browser. Click on ‘Scan Now’ to check whether your saved passwords have been compromised.

get password breach alerts on Microsoft Edge

That’s it. You’ll now get password breach alerts on Microsoft Edge and can also do on-demand scans to ensure that all your online passwords are safe and secured.

Get Leaked Password Alerts and Do On-Demand Scans Using Microsoft Edge ‘Password Monitor’

With hacking and other forms of cyber-crime hitting an all-time high during the pandemic, it is imperative to ensure that our financial records, medical history, and other online activity remains private. The Password Monitor feature is yet another important functionality in Microsoft Edge that makes the browser a viable alternative to Google Chrome. So are you using the new feature and has any of your saved passwords been leaked online? Let us know in the comments down below.

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