5 Features That Can Bring Genshin Impact on Par with Honkai Star Rail

Genshin Impact developers are well known for not listening to community feedback and ignoring features that the community wants. Or at least it has been so over the last couple of years. Recently, the Genshin devs have introduced some really good QoL features, which the players have been asking for some time. The updated Artifact sorting feature and the upcoming Training Guide feature, which shows the Ascension Materials for characters, are great additions to the game.

The continued success of Honkai Star Rail, Chinese players boycotting Genshin Impact, and the emergence of Wuthering Waves are likely putting pressure on the devs to implement the much-needed changes finally. So, this is the right time to ask for the much-needed features Genshin Impact lacks. Here are 5 more things Genshin Impact players, including me, want the devs to add to the game.

1. More End Game Content

The oldest ask of the community is for Genshin Impact to add more end-game content. Currently, Genshin Impact only has Spiral Abyss as its end-game content and it’s very easy to complete once you reach the end-game. The Genshin Devs have had a weird stance on end-game content for years, saying in many interviews that they don’t want to add hard content which can cause anxiety to players.

Genshin Impact end game content
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This argument might sound lovely and very thoughtful, but its basis is completely ridiculous. Players need something to work towards, and clearing the end-game is a driving motivator in most games for players to continue improving their characters. Especially for an Action combat game, you need to have hard end-game challenges that provide big satisfaction for players once they are finally able to conquer them. It’s something the community has been asking for years, and we do deserve it at this point.

2. A Real Artifact Loadout

Genshin Impact 4.5 version implemented the much-needed Artifact Loadout system…only it wasn’t actually an Artifact Loadout system. Instead of a loadout system, Genshin Devs simply implemented a glorified artifact filter system to quickly filter the artifacts players are looking to swap for those characters. Although this new feature received a lot of backlash from the community for not being an actual Artifact Loadout system, I at least give the Devs credit for finally trying to listen to the community.

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So, here I will ask again for an Artifact Loadout system. A changeable Artifact Loadout with at least 3 slots for each character, which players can quickly scroll through and equip the loadout they want. Similar to the Team Loadouts or the TCG card loadout, which are already implemented in the game.

3. Store Residual Energy

One of the best features recently added in Honkai Star Rail is storing the residual Trailblazing power, although at a much slower rate. This is a massive help for players who cannot login daily as they can catch up somewhat when they finally have time to enjoy their favorite game. I kind of understand why this feature is not implemented in Genshin Impact, as developers likely want players to log in daily and be incentivized for it, however, the players that don’t log in daily, won’t be logging in daily anyway, and vice versa.

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What this does is alienate the players who obviously love the game but don’t have time to log in daily. This feature is loved in Honkai Star Rail and their numbers are only going up.

4. Ability to Craft or Farm Exact Artifacts

Farming artifacts is a part of Genshin Impact’s gameplayers. Players spend hours trying to farm the perfect artifact for each character. However, it can be very frustrating and annoying when the RnG gods are not on your side. With the huge number of artifacts in the game, a feature that allows players to either craft or farm toward an exact artifact they need can be very useful.

And it need not be an entire artifact, but just the main stat on it.

Honkai Star Rail does it with the Self Modeling Resin, which allows players to craft any piece of the Relic or Planar Ornament they want and allows them to select the main stat.

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Other than that, Genshin Devs can add a path system with Fate Points, where players can work towards getting the Artifact they need from the domains, after a certain number of failed attempts. This feature would be very appreciated in the community and will invest the players more as it will allow us to customize the characters exactly like we want.

5. Archived Events

Genshin Impact features some of the most enjoyable events in the Gacha gaming genre and even got nominated recently for best events in the 2014 Mobile GameDev Awards over Honkai Star Rail. Some of the events are so fun that many players want to play them even after the event period is over. However, unlike Honkai Star Rail, Genshin Impact doesn’t archive events.

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Archiving events allows players that have failed to complete the event, to finish it at a later time with lesser rewards and even allows players to replay their favorite events. It’s basically adding different game modes for players to enjoy over time, which will definitely make Genshin Impact more fun to play. Why Genshin devs haven’t implemented this yet for at least some of the events is beyond my understanding. They are simply wasting the content they have so meticulously created for players to enjoy.

So, that’s it. These are the five features I want the Genshin Impact developers to implement over the next couple of seasons. I would love to know the features you want in Genshin Impact, so share them in the comments for us to read.

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