Genshin Impact: All Fatui Harbingers Ranked

In Short
  • Fatui Harbingers work for the Tsaritsa AKA the Cryo Archon.
  • Some of the strongest Fatui Harbingers are Pierro, Capitano, and Columbina.
  • Some of the weakest Harbingers are Childe, Pantalone, and La Signora.

The Fatui Harbingers are delinquents of the Tsaritsa, the Cryo Archon of Snezhnaya. Some of them travel across Teyvat to retrieve Gnoses from Archons to overthrow the rule of Gods and Celestia and free Teyvat. The traveler meets a few Harbingers in their adventures across Teyvat, and in a few cases, fights them to protect from harm being inflicted on the people. There are 11 Fatui Harbingers in the game and a few are even playable. If you were wondering how each harbinger ranks in terms of strength, here’s a list of all Fatui Harbingers in Genshin Impact ranked from weakest to strongest.

The ranking of Fatui Harbingers is a raging debate. Some believe they’re ranked based on their strengths as per one of Childe’s voicelines, while others think they’re ranked based on when they joined the Fatui. As a result, the rankings below are purely subjective so let us know if you think why one Fatui Harbinger should rank over the other.

Warning! This article contains spoilers from Achrons and Story quests.

11. Tartaglia / Childe

It was established from the start that Childe is the newest recruit and is the weakest Fatui Harbinger. He uses a Hydro Vision, an Electro Delusin, and also has a Foul Legacy state which he learned after falling into the depths of the Abyss. Travelers first meet Childe during the Archon quest and fight him at the end of the quest in all of his forms. He’s not “weak” exactly until you put him in the context of other Fatui Harbingers.

Genshin Impact Childe Fatui Harbinger
Image Courtesy: X/Genshin Impact

Childe is probably much stronger now thanks to endlessly fighting the All-Devouring Narwhal after he was convicted for a crime in the court of Fontaine. In Teyvat days, he fought the whale for 45 days but time passes differently in the Abyss so some theorize he might’ve fought in his foul legacy transformation for years! However, unless the game explicitly mentions that he ranks much higher now, we still believe Childe is the weakest Harbinger.

10. Pantalone / Regrator

Pantalone is known to use a Delusion and has no Vision, unlike other Fatui Harbingers. There’s not much known about him but besides that, he was born into poverty. Due to the same and because he never received a Vision, he questioned God’s control over the life of mortals. He also believes that Gods shouldn’t have control over Mora and things they don’t need, and that’s where his hatred toward Zhongli stems from.

Genshin Impact Pantalone Fatui Harbinger
Image Courtesy: YouTube/Genshin Impact

Pantalone could be the richest man in Teyvat and controls Shneznaya’s economic policies. Again, not much is known about his powers but the lore tells us that he closely worked with the Doctor (Dottore) and almost succeeded in making an Artificial god for Sumeru. If Dottore, the third strongest harbinger, recognizes and needs Pantalone’s help, he must be a powerful figure among the Fatui Harbingers.

9. La Signora / The Fair Lady

Travelers first meet La Signora during the end of the first Archon Quest in Mondstadt. She humiliates Venti, who is now the weakest Archons, and steals his Gnosis. We then meet La Signora in Liyue where she forms a contract with Zhongli and takes his Gnosis. Later, we fight her in Inazuma where the Raiden Shogun kills her. She wields the powers of the Crimson Witch (Pyro) and uses a Cryo delusion. She’s easily one of the strongest foes the traveler fights in Teyvat after Scaramouche’s False God in Sumeru.

Genshin Impact Signora Fatui Harbinger
Image Courtesy: YouTube/SourGripes

She takes care of the diplomatic relations between Snezhnaya and other nations. We believe she was easily stronger than Childe and Pantalone in Genshin Impact thanks to her bearing the powers of the Crimson Witch and a strong Cryo delusion.

8. Sandrone / Marionette

There’s currently no info about Sandrone in Genshin Impact except the theories that she could be the Mary Ann that we saw in a photo during the Narzissenkreuz questline standing alongside Jakob, Rene, Basil Elton, and Lyris. Her name “Marionette” means “Little Mary” which could suggest she could be related.

Genshin Impact Sandrone Fatui Harbinger
Image Courtesy: YouTube/Genshin Impact

One of Childe’s voice lines highlights how Sandrone is always indulged in building machines. He also says every time he tried interacting with her, she looked like she wanted to murder Childe. In one of Wanderer’s voice lines, he too highlights her research prowess but later brags about how even with so much “junk,” he’s still a tier above her in rank. This highlights that Sandrone couldn’t be more powerful than Scaramouche.

7. Scaramouce / Balladeer

A dialogue with Yae Miko during the Archon quest suggests that the Balladeer is the sixth strongest Fatui Harbinger. People refute this claim, but if you try to find a spot for Balladeer in the rooster, the 7th position seems to be fitting. The Balladeer stole the Electro Gnosis and sort of betrayed the Fatui to achieve Godhood in Sumeru with the help of sages.

Genshin Impact Wanderer Fatui Harbinger
Image Courtesy: X/Genshin Impact

He had an Electro Delusion and an overwhelming presence. The Shouki no Kami had the power to rival Gods and was one of the most formidable enemies the traveler fights in the game. Scaramouche then becomes Wanderer by erasing his existence from Irminsul but retains all of his memories with the help of Nahida. He then gets an Anemo vision by the end of the quest. He was easily one of the strongest Harbingers in Genshin Impact.

6. Arlecchino / The Knave

Arlecchino or The Knave runs the House of Hearth in Fontaine which houses orphans. Lyney, Lynette, and Freminet are from the same house and are “children” of Arlecchino. Not much is known about her powers; although, more details should be revealed as we inch closer to Genshin Impact version 4.6.

Fatui Harbinger Arlecchino
Image Courtesy: X/Genshin Impact

The interactions we’ve had with her it’s hard to paint her as a truly intimidating foe as in exchange for the Hydro Gnosis, she helped Possion gain ground after the losses caused due to the primordial sea. However, judging by the voice lines of Wanderer who said “She’s a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing,” she couldn’t be an easy foe.

5. Pulcinella / The Rooster

Pulcinella is the Mayor of Snezhnaya and is codenamed “The Rooster.” Not much is known about him besides that he’s done a lot for Childe’s family and their benefit.

Genshin Impact Pulcinella Fatui Harbinger
Image Courtesy: YouTube/Genshin Impact

Childe’s voice lines mention Pulcinella taking care of his siblings while Wanderer says Childe is too dense to consider Pulcinella good but in reality he means to show that Childe’s entire family is being held hostage. It’s hard to believe given his description that he’s the fifth strongest Harbinger but looks can be deceiving.

4. Columbina / Damselette

Nahida mentions that the first three or four Fatui Harbingers boast strength that could rival gods, and sure enough, her descriptions from Childe and Wanderer are quite spooky. We first saw Columbina singing on the casket of La Signora in the video “Teyvat Chapter Interlude Teaser: A Winter Night’s Lazzo.”

Genshin Impact Columbina Fatui Harbinger
Image Courtesy: YouTube/Genshin Impact

Again, we don’t have much info about her abilities, vision, or delusion, and it probably won’t be revealed anytime soon. Childe in his voice lines says something about Columbina doesn’t feel right. Wanderer mocks all harbingers in his voice lines but when describing Columbina warns the traveler to be careful. His description of Damselette suggests she looks innocent but also acts unconcerned and unfeeling in any situation. This surely implies she’s too powerful and oblivious.

3. Dottore / The Doctor

Dottore’s strength is comparable to the gods of Teyvat. He’s an extremely cunning personality who we meet during the Archon quest. He has his fragments distributed all over the world of Teyvat, surveilling and gathering information for him. Dottore’s goal is to elevate humans to the status of gods hence why he worked with the Sages of Sumeru to create a new god for Sumeru.

Genshin Impact Dottore Fatui Harbinger
Image Courtesy: YouTube/Genshin Impact

We meet him at the end of Archon’s quest where he instantly knocks us out via unknown methods and “exchanges” the Electro Gnosis for erasing his fragments. Nahida also exchanges vital information about the “Skies of Teyvat are fake” for her Dendro Gnosis.

2. Capitano / The Captain

Capitano is probably the highest-ranked Fatui harbinger. The current ongoing events in the game point toward him being in Natlan for some “work,” which is the traveler’s next destination. Mika and Grandmaster Varka met Capitano during an expedition and said his presence and prowess were extremely overwhelming.

Genshin Impact Capitano Fatui Harbinger
Image Courtesy: YouTube/Genshin Impact

Childe says seeing Capitano battle was a sight to behold but he’s too low in the ranks to be noticed. Wanderer, on the other hand, mocks The Captain based on his extreme righteousness and highlights his great “personal” strength. Overall, he’s definitely one of the most powerful Fatui Harbingers.

1. Pierro / The Jester: Strongest Fatui Harbinger

It is implied by one of Childe’s voice lines that Pierro “was” a Harbinger but has now moved up the ranks as a Director of the Fatui Harbingers. He could still be considered one of the Harbingers, though. There’s a lot of mystery surrounding him as he was supposedly a royal mage of Khaenri’ah and we learn via Scaramouche that he lived with the traveler sibling before the Cataclysm. His has unique pupils similar to those of Dainslef and Kaeya, suggesting he’s a pure-blooded Khaenri’an.

Genshin Impact Pierro Fatui Harbinger
Image Courtesy: YouTube/Genshin Impact

The fact that the Cataclysm took place 500 years ago and Pierro is still alive means like Chlothar was, he’s cursed with the sin of immortality. Besides that, not much is known about Pierro, but as the director and one of the oldest Fatui Harbingers, he is expected to be one of the most powerful personalities in the Fatui, only second to the Tsaritsa.

Fatui Harbingers Ranked: Beebom’s Take

As mentioned earlier, although Childe says that Harbingers are ranked strength-wise, far too many ambiguities and events have occurred since the story started for that statement to be valid. According to them, the above rankings are close to accurate per the game’s lore.

That said if you think a certain Fatui Harbinger must rank above the other, let us know why in the comment section below.

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