Wuthering Waves: Confirmed Release Date, Characters, Combat & Platforms

In Short
  • Wuthering Waves has been confirmed to be released on May 22, 2024, by Kuro Games.
  • There are six elements currently in Wuthering Waves: Fusion, Glacio, Electro, Aero, Havoc, and Spectro. The elements can cause a unique take on elemental reaction, called Concerto effects.
  • The movement mechanics of Wuthering Waves is a breath of fresh air, allowing players to run up the mountains, double-jump, glide, and grapple.

Wuthering Waves is an upcoming open-world action combat gacha game from Kuro Game and it features one of the best combat systems. The game has improved in leaps and bounds over the years of development, making it a potential contender amongst other popular open-world gacha games. Here is everything you need to know about Wuthering Waves, its release date, combat, characters, gameplay, and much more.

Wuthering Waves Release Date (Confirmed)

In a recently concluded special broadcast, Kuro Games has confirmed that Wuthering Waves will be released on May 22, 2024, for PC, iOS, and Android. You can pre-register for the game by visiting the official website or on Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Previously, the game was set to release in May 2022, which was later postponed to October 2022, however, that information seemed to be wrong.

Wuthering Waves Special Broadcast Program Livestream

Wuthering Waves announced a Special Broadcast Program for March 29, 2024, at 19:00 (UTC+8). The special program discussed the player feedback from CBT2 and also provided us with the official release date. As revealed in the event, the Wuthering Waves release date is May 22, 2024.

Wuthering Waves Closed Beta (CBT2 and CBT1)

Wuthering Waves Closed Beta 2
Image Courtesy: Wuthering Waves

Wuthering Waves is currently preparing for its second closed beta test. The first closed beta test was announced on April 24th, 2023, concluding on May 17th, 2023.

After CBT1, developers took the community feedback and decided to rewrite storylines for many of the main and side quests, adjusting the character personalities, improving the character designs, and adding English voice lines with proper dubbing.

In the following days, we saw many of the improvements showcased, especially with character designs. After 9 months of concluding CBT1, Kuro Game announced the CBT2 recruitment event, ending on February 9, 2024.

The CBT2 started on February 18, 2024, and concluded on March 17. CBT2 had completely reworked storylines, detailed adjustments to the combat mechanics based on feedback, new Echoes, and many new in-game events for players to challenge themselves and test out the combat.

Wuthering Waves Supported Platforms

Wuthering Waves is going to release on multiple platforms, like other gacha games in recent times. The game will be released on Mobile (iOS and Android), PC, PS4, and PS5. Currently, there is no information regarding the Xbox release and we will update this section if any new information comes out. If you’re wondering whether your PC will be able to run it, check out the system requirements for Wuthering Waves.

Wuthering Waves Playable Characters (Resonators)

  • Jjianxin Wuthering Waves
  • Taoqi Wuthering Waves
  • Yuanwu Wuthering Waves
  • Danjin Wuthering Waves
  • Mortefi Wuthering Waves
  • Sanhua Wuthering Waves
  • Chixia Wuthering Waves
  • Baizhi Wuthering Waves
  • Yangyang Wuthering Waves
  • An'ke Wuthering Waves
  • Jiyan Wuthering Waves
  • Aalto Wuthering Waves
  • Lingyang Wuthering Waves
  • Yinlin Wuthering Waves
  • Jueyuan Wuthering Waves
  • Calcharo Wuthering Waves
  • Rover Wuthering Waves

The playable characters in Wuthering Waves are called Resonators, and to get them, players need to spend tickets on the character banners, like every other gacha game. Here are all the resonators currently playable in Wuthering Waves.

  • Jianxin: Aero
  • Taoqi: Havoc
  • Yuanwu: Electro
  • Danjin: Havoc
  • Mortefi: Fusion
  • Sanhua: Glacio
  • Chixia: Fusion
  • Baizhi: Glacio
  • Yangyang: Aero
  • An’ke: Fusion
  • Jiyan: Aero
  • Aalto: Aero
  • Lingyang:
  • Yinlin: Electro
  • Jueyuan: Spectro
  • Calcharo: Havoc
  • Rover (Main Character): Spectro

Wuthering Waves Pity System

Wuthering Waves’ pity system for the longest time has been the exact same system in Genshin Impact. For characters, there was a 50-50 chance of getting the limited character at 90 Hard Pity. For weapons, it was the same thing, with the exception of getting the confirmed weapon after the two failed 50-50s.

However, in CBT2 Wuthering Waves has implemented a new Pity system, which brings the Hard Pity to 80 for character banners and weapon banners. Additionally, the limited weapon is a confirmed pull at 80 Hard Pity on a weapon banner.

Wuthering Waves Gameplay: Exploration, Lore, and Mechanics

Wuthering Waves is an open-world action combat role-playing game, and it features many of the common traits of the genre while improving on many of them.

World Lore of Wuthering Waves

Wuthering Waves in Game Scenery
Image Courtesy: Wuthering Waves

The game has a massive map, which will likely expand after its release. Wuthering Waves is a post-apocalyptic world where an event called the “Calament” destroyed the land a century ago, sowing havoc and violence, and leaving the civilization at the edge of annihilation.

Since then, the survivors forged peace and rebuilt the cities, factories, and homes. However, the land still contains many threats, which the Resonators are specialized to deal with in order to protect the land.

Exploration and Movement

The open world of Wuthering Waves is vast and filled with enemies, chests, puzzles, and other hidden secrets. Wuthering Waves features many good movement mechanics, which makes exploration a treat. The game features a stamina system, like most other open world games, for climbing, swimming, and running.

However, characters can actually run up a mountain or wall, instead of painstakingly climbing it for several minutes. This simple addition is enough to give a refreshing experience on the exploration. Other than that, the game also features double-jump, which is another movement mechanic I adore in action combat games.

Wuthering Waves Gliding
Image Courtesy: Wuthering Waves

Wuthering Waves also has gliders, and fixed grappling points for easier traversing. Other than that, players can have three characters at a time in one team in Wuthering Waves, and these characters can be switched instantly and their attacks can be combined for additional effects (discussed later).

Weapons, Gears, and Level-Up Mechanics

In Wuthering Waves, there are five distinct weapon types — Rectifier, Gauntlet, Heavyblade, Pistol, and Sword. Every character can only use one type of weapon, similar to other titles like Genshin Impact.

Weapons can be leveled up by consuming other weapons or using XP items found in-game. Similarly, characters can also be leveled up using XP materials, known as Memory Cards. After the characters hit their level cap, they can be ascended to break through to the next level threshold.

The game also features gears, which can be equipped by characters to boost specific stats. The gears can also be leveled up, to further boost the stats. Each character also has a talent page, featuring all their skills, which can also be upgraded to unlock new effects and increase damage.

Enemies, Bosses and Rewards

Wuthering Waves Enemies
Image Courtesy: Wuthering Waves

Wuthering Waves features three types of enemies, the normal ones roaming around the world, the elite normal enemies, and the bosses located at specific locations. Defeating enemies and bosses rewards with level up and ascension materials.

Occasionally, you will earn Echoes as rewards for exploring and defeating monsters, which are spirit of felled monsters that can be summoned to aid in battle or exploration.

Wuthering Waves Combat

Wuthering Waves features a fast-paced and impactful combat system, very unique from other gacha games in the same genre. Here is a complete Wuthering Waves combat rundown for you.

Attack Type, Parry, and Evasion

Wuthering Waves has five different attack type with the normal attack button — Normal Attack, Heavy Attack, Plunge Attack, Evasion Attack, and Parry.

  • Normal Attack: Every character has a unique normal attack string or pattern which can be used by pressing the Normal Attack button repeatedly.
  • Heavy Attack (Charged Attack): Heavy attacks are stronger attacks and consume stamina. They can be used by holding down the Normal Attack button.
  • Plunge Attacks: Plunge attacks are also stronger attacks, which can be used by attacking in mid-air. This attack also consumes stamina.
Wuthering Waves Combat
Image Courtesy: Wuthering Waves/YouTube (Edited by: Sanmay Chakrabarti)
  • Evasion Attacks: Characters can use the evasion button to avoid enemy attacks. Correctly timing the evasion rewards in stamina regeneration, and pressing the Normal Attack button after a perfect evasion triggers the Evasion attack.
  • Parry: Many attacks from enemies in Wuthering Waves can be parried. When an incoming attack can be parried, a white circle will appear on the screen, and pressing the Attack button within this time period will parry the attack. Larger enemies have a stun gauge under their health bar which fills after each successful parry. When the bar is completely filled, the enemy is stunned for a limited time and is left vulnerable to attacks.

Resonator Abilities: Skills, Circuits, and Liberation

Wuthering Waves Using Skills
Image Courtesy: Wuthering Waves

Every Resonator in Wuthering Waves has a unique skill which either deals damage, heals allies, or buffs allies.

  • Resonance Skill: The Skill for each character has a cooldown time and can be used once every cooldown. Other than Skills, Resonators also have Resonance Circuits and Liberation.
  • Resonance Circuit: It is a gauge above every character’s health bar, which can be filled by fulfilling specific criteria for each character during combat. Once the Resonance Circuit is filled completely, the gauge can be consumed to grant buffs, enhance attacks or use completely modified attacks, depending on each Resonator. The criteria for filling the Resonance Circuit can be learned from the Talent page of each Resonator.
  • Resonance Liberation: It is the Ultimate ability of each Resonator and has a cooldown like the Resonator Skill.

Elements, Concerto Skills and Effects

Like most other Gacha Action combat RPG games, Wuthering Waves also has different elements with elemental reactions called Concerto Effects.

There are six elements currently in Wuthering Waves — Fusion (Fire), Glacio (Ice), Electro (Lightning), Aero (Wind), Havoc (Dark), and Spectro (Light).

Concerto Skill is Wuthering Waves QTE system, which allows a quick switch in characters to perform combos and deal extra damage, quickly filling the Resonance Gauge. To perform a Concerto Skill, Resonators must fill the Concerto Gauge at the left of the player health bar, which fills based on the damage done, and is independent of the Resonance Gauge.

Wuthering Waves Concerto Skills and Effects
Image Courtesy: Wuthering Waves/YouTube (Edited by: Sanmay Chakrabarty)

When using the Concerto Skill, the character switching out will use their Concerto Gauge and not the character switching in. Using Concerto Skills triggers Concerto Effects, which are basically elemental reactions. Here are all the known Concerto Effects currently available in the game.

Ensemble Concerto Effects:

  • 40% Increase in Normal/Heavy Attack damage for 12 seconds (Aero + Fusion or Glacial + Electro)
  • 40% Increase in Resonance Skills damage for 12 seconds (Aero + Glacial or Fusion + Electro)
  • 40% Increase in Resonance Liberations damage for 12 seconds (Fusion + Glacial or Aero + Electro)

Legato Concerto Effect:

  • 20% Increase in Resonance Skills damage for 15 seconds. Additionally, this buff is preserved when switching out, and further increases by 20% when doing so (Havoc + Aero, Glacial, Fusion, or Electro)

Sustenance Concerto Effect:

  • Slows time in an area around the character and restores 10 concerto energy after consuming it. This buff is also preserved when switching out (Spectr0 + Aero, Glacial, Fusion, or Electro)

Duet Concerto Effect:

  • 20% increase in all Elemental damage for 12 seconds (Spectr0 + Havoc)

Unison Concerto Effect:

  • Deals an extra instance of damage around the character of the damage type of the characters causing the effect (Same Element combination, like Fusion + Fusion, or Glacial + Glacial)

Echoes: Acquired Monster Skills

As mentioned earlier, Echoes are the spirit of felled monsters, which can be acquired and equipped by players. Echoes can be acquired by defeating enemies and bosses. They are an extra skill that can be equipped by characters and have different effects.

Echoes Wuthering Waves
Image Courtesy: Wuthering Waves

Some Echoes can transform the character into that monster to launch an attack, or even summon the monster to attack separately like a pet combatant. In CBT2, players will also be able to encounter and collect ‘Illusive Echoes’ which are unique echoes possessing special appearances and features. It’s a fun mechanic and I would love to see how it evolves over the years.

Beebom’s First Impression of Wuthering Waves

Wuthering Waves is going to be a fresh breath of air in the gacha gaming space, and we are highly excited for its release. The game features one of the most robust and impactful combat systems, which is both easy to play and hard to master. The parry and evasion attacks add a reaction satisfaction gameplay loop, which many other games lack in this genre.

Also, seeing Kuro Game’s approach to community feedback and completely changing many of the game elements is highly appreciative, and sets Wuthering Waves apart from many of its competitors.

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