Genshin Impact Players Furious With the New Artifact Loadout Feature

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In Short
  • Genshin Impact Developers recently revealed the upcoming highly anticipated Artifact Loadout feature in their latest Developer Discussion.
  • The revealed Artifact Loadout feature is a complete 180 from what the players wanted for the past 3 years.
  • Many Genshin Impact content creators and players have taken to Reddit and Twitter to share their displeasure with the new Artifact Loadout feature.

Genshin Impact has been released for over 3 years now and in this time, the Genshin Impact community has asked for many features, which are yet to be implemented in the game. Things started to look good when HoYoverse announced that Character Artifact Loadouts were finally coming to the game with the Genshin Impact 4.4 release. This initially received applause from the community, until Genshin Impact’s latest Developer Discussion post.

The Developer Discussion post on HoYoLab revealed the Quick Artifact Loadout system, Serenitea Pot Optimizations, and other System and Function Updates coming in the 4.4 version. The post detailed that the Quick Artifact Loadout system — named the Fast Equip Artifacts feature, is basically an AI Recommended Loadout function based on filters set by players.

New Artifact Loadout System Isn’t an Artifact Loadout System

What players were expecting was an Artifact loadout which they can set themselves and the game will keep it saved. This way, players could simply create the best EM set, or the best Crit Set, for their characters, just like the Team loadouts already implemented in the game.

However, the Quick Artifact Loadout system is more of a glorified artifact sorting system. Players can filter the Artifact sets with, let’s say EM, Crit Rate, and Crit Damage sub-stats, which then the game’s AI will sort from the Artifacts and showcase them in a loadout for the players.

The feature was a complete 180-degree from what the community wanted and has left the Genshin players feeling furious and frustrated, yet again. Several Genshin Impact streamers have taken to Twitter, sharing their displeasure with the upcoming Artifact Loadout feature.

The Artifact Loadout backlash is among the many backlashes from the community over the past 3 years. The Genshin Players have often felt neglected as the developers have consistently failed to provide the community-asked features. Many basic features asked by the community have been overlooked by the Genshin Impact developers, only to have those same being implemented in Honkai Star Rail, leaving the players even more dumbfounded.

Just when things were finally getting better as Genshin implemented a better Artifact filter system and announced the new Artifact Loadout feature, the actual update showcases, yet again, a lapse of connection between the developers and the players.

Beebom’s Take on This Fiasco

As a long-time Genshin Impact player, even I was looking forward to the Artifact Loadout system, as it would make swapping through artifact sets not a chore. The Quick Artifact Loadout system is a nice addition, but it is not what we as players wanted. The game already has a loadout system for Teams and in TCG, so why it isn’t, or cannot be, implemented with the artifacts is beyond our understanding. Hopefully, Genshin Impact developers take note and give the players what we want with the Artifact Loadout system.

Share your opinion on the Artifact Loadout backlash. We would love to know your view on the entire controversy and whether you are satisfied with the new loadout feature in Genshin Impact 4.4.

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