Genshin Impact 4.2 Primogems: Here’s the Total Count (Estimated)

What do you think excites Genshin Impact players more than any other thing in the game? You guessed it, Primogems, and rightfully so. It’s the most important currency in Genshin Impact that can help you get your favorite character. Genshin Impact 4.1 will end gracefully in the next three weeks and, like we did before the same version dropped, here’s a total estimate of Primogems you can get from Genshin Impact 4.2.

Having a rough count could be important because maybe you want to pull for a future character and keep a tab of whether your current plus upcoming count would be enough. Or maybe you want to see if you can squeeze out another character if you win your 50-50s. Either way, here’s the total Primogem count in Genshin Impact 4.2.

If you’re new to the game, Primogems is an in-game currency that’s used to “Wish” or “Pull” for limited characters and weapons on “Banners.” With Primogems and some luck, you can get your favorite characters from the Limited Time Banners. Some of the ways to earn Primogems are by exploration, completing quests, completing Spiral Abyss, and receiving them for free from HoYoverse or buying them in the shop.

Genshin Impact 4.2 Total Primogems Count

Genshin Impact 4.2 Character banners

Once Genshin Impact 4.2 drops, players can get over 17,000* Primogems which translates to around 108 wishes. Once live, players can unlock new teleport waypoints, explore the new Fontaine map expansion, go through Archon quests, and world quests, and collect maintenance rewards to get over 11,700 Primogems. This count will increase to 15,985 if they have Welkin Moon, and 17,305 if they have Welkin Moon + Battle Pass.

  • Free-to-play players can get 11,785 Primogems which translates to roughly 74 Intertwined Fates.
  • Players with Welkin Moon can bag up a total of 15,985 primogems which translates to approximately 100 Intertwined Fates.
  • Those with Welkin Moon and Battle Pass can obtain a whopping 17,305 Primogems or 108 Intertwined Fates.

This isn’t as huge as the Genshin Impact 4.1 Primogems count, but if there’s one thing Genshin has taught players, it’d be to squeeze every ounce of Primos from the game no matter how or from where you’re getting them.

Event/Quests/ExplorationTotal Primogems
4.2 Exploration (Quests, Chests, Statues, Waypoints, Domains)2830
Limited Content (Events)2260
Daily Commissions2520
Stardust Exchange800
5* Test Runs80
Spiral Abyss1800
4.2 update maintenance600
4.3 update live stream300
Redeem codes60
Twitch Drops50
Web Event80
HoYolab Login Rewards60
Total for F2P Players11,785
Welkin Moon3780+420
Total for Welkin Moon Players15,985
Battle Pass1320
Total for Welkin Moon + Battle Pass Players17,305

While we may not be able to get as many Primogems as Version 4.1 as lots of primos were given out due to Genshin’s Anniversary, 11,785 is still a lot of Primogems for free-to-play players and almost enough to get them a brand new character or a constellation. However, to even get closer to the 11,000 figure, players would need to explore every corner of the new Fontaine expansion and be determined about completing quests and everyday commissions. Besides, don’t forget to redeem the livestream codes and maintenance rewards from in-game settings and mail.

Lots of Fontaine characters are still due for release and there’s a good chance you’re waiting for them. If you’re unaware of every upcoming Fontaine character, make sure to refer to our Fontaine characters list.

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