13 Best Games Like PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG)

15 Best Games Like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

Oh, hello there! Are you playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds religiously? Have you started to love the genre and want to try out new, or even classic offerings in the same genre? Well, we’ve got you checked off with the 15 best games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG); having taken a variety of battle royal games for a shooting spree. While some games are a bit faster and lightweight alternatives to the famed multiplayer battle royale game, others are as action-packed as Tencent’s magnum opus. Not to mention the newly launched battle royale games that are designed to take on PUBG head-on with a good mix of all sorts of ingredients like shooting, looting, and dominating. Now that you know what’s lined up for you, let’s explore the best PUBG alternatives in 2020.

Best Games Like PUBG in 2020

The list holds the games that you can play on your desktop machine. If you want a separate list of multiplayer games for Android devices, click on the link to check it out. Similarly, check out the best iPhone multiplayer games if you hate the Android ecosystem.

1. DayZ: Battle Royale

DayZ  mod for Arma 2 is the game which actually started the whole battle royale genre. The creator of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was the one to develop this battle royale mod, which is known as DayZ for Arma 2. In this game, players spawn on a remote island filled with brain-eating zombies. You can try to survive this zombie apocalypse by working with other players on the island, or just going solo and killing everyone who comes in your way. Players respawn quickly when they die. Also, there are no danger zones in the game to gather player. There are small differences from other battle royale games out there, but still, DayZ is the game where it all actually started and players learned to never trust anyone on the island except for themselves.

Download: ($34.99)

2. Apex Legends

Thanks largely to the action-packed gameplay, “Apex Legends” deserves a shot in this roundup of the top PUBG-likes games. For starters, the battle royale game boasts a wide range of legendary characters and each one of them has a unique personality and strength. So, choosing a legend that can meet the demand of your war cry shouldn’t be a big ask. Just like PUBG, Apex Legends lets you join hands with other players for mission domination. To ensure you can stay ahead in the deathmatch, the game also enables you to empower your character with power-ups. But keep in mind, it’s the strategic calls that will help you wreak havoc in rivals camp in the power-packed 60-player matches.

Download: (Free)

3. Z1 Battle Royal

Z1 Battle Royal is a third-person multiplayer shooter/survival game that also comes with a battle royale game mode making it a similar game to PUBG. This mode offers the same gameplay experience as other battle royale games with a random spawn point on a map with a shrinking active play area. Z1 retains the crafting feature in the game which lets you craft different items including healing and other essential tools by gathering resources from around the map. If you get bored of the battle royal mode then Z1 Battle Royal also offers other game modes including the standard death-match to keep you entertained.

Download: (Free)

4. Call of Duty

If there is any game that can make a good match of PUBG’s repertoire on several fronts, it has to be none other Activision’s Call of Duty. Yeah, you heard it right! Just like PUBG, CoD also boasts multiple game modes including 100 player battle royale battleground, fast-packed 5v5 team deathmatch, sniper vs sniper battle, and the dreading scary zombies. So, it doesn’t matter what sort of gameplay lights up your gaming, chances are pretty high that you won’t have much to complain about. What’s more, CoD also offers full-on customization so that you can fine-tune not just your character but also controls to take on your rivals with more venom. Oh yes, it’s also equally exciting when it comes to offering you the opportunities to unlock deadly weapons and earn famous characters as well as eye-catching outfits and scorestreaks. With the cut-throat Ranked Mode at the disposal, you also get the chance to bring home the most clan prizes.

Download: (Free)

5. Ring of Elysium

Developed by Aurora Studio “Ring of Elysium” has long been a top-notch battle royale shooter. So, this game didn’t have to put a lot of effort to get a safe spot in this extensive lineup of the PUBG alternatives. As for the gameplay, it’s all about survival by eliminating all of your rivals in the Europa island. With deadly volcanic ashes fast spreading across the island and the rescue flight can save only up to four people, you will have to save yourself from not only the dreading ashes but also your rivals armed with powerful weapons. And it’s this herculean challenge that makes this game an able competitor of PUBG. Beyond gameplay, I like its Fortnite-style battle pass and a solid assortment of weapons that can rival the library of PUBG. Not to mention, it’s also got a cool BMX so that you can roam around while hunting for prey.

Download: (Free)

6. Unturned: Arena Mode

Unturned is one of the most popular games available on Steam. It’s a sandbox style survival game with a zombie apocalypse theme. Unturned also features an online and offline survival mode where players can team up, gather resources, build items, and survive in the zombie-infested world. The Arena mode is what makes it similar to PUBG in terms of gameplay. A group of people randomly spawn at different locations on a map where they have to fight each other, and the last man/woman standing is the winner. The graphics in the game are not what you are used to in survival games. It does away with high-definition 3D graphics in favour of a more Minecraft-like block graphics. Still, Unturned is a really exciting game and definitely worth a try.

Download: (Free)

7. Rust: Battle Royale

Rust is one of the most popular multiplayer survival game out there. It also has a number of servers that are still running the unofficial “Battle Royale” game mode which pits a group of people against each other in the last man standing death-match. The game starts you off naked with just a rock to defend yourself. You then roam the area and scour for items, clothings, food, and weapons to defend yourself properly. You can even form alliances with other players during the game and band-up together to kill other players. However, since the game only has one winner at the end, it’s always a good choice to not trust anyone because no matter how good of a friend you’ve become, one of you has to die at the end.

Download: ($34.99)

8. Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved started off as a survival game with a prehistoric theme where you get to fight against dinosaurs and other historic beasts. However, following the battle royale craze, Ark introduced the Survival of the fittest game mode, where it puts up to 72 different players head-to-head against each other, either solo, or in tribes. You don’t only have to worry about other players who are trying to kill you but be wary of dinosaurs and other beasts, and any environmental disaster that could wipe you off from the face of the earth. The best part is that you can also tame the dinosaurs and use them in the battle against other players, however, they are much easier to kill in the battle royale mode.

Download: ($59.99)

9. ARMA 3: Battle Royale

Arma 3’s battle royale mod is known as “PlayerUnknown’s Battle Royale” because it was developed by the same people who developed the hit “PlayerUnknown’s Battle Grounds” game. If you want to experience how PUBG came to existence then playing ARMA 3: Battle Royale and DayZ would definitely bring you up to speed with the inception of the game. This mod provides an extreme survival mode that throws player right in the middle of the battlefield where only one person must emerge victorious over others. This mod is based on the movie “Battle Royale” and plays similar to the movie as well. If you want some old school bloody survival gameplay experience, then go ahead and give Arma 3 a try, it’s definitely worth it.

Download: ($29.99)

10. Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale

Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale is a game in development which is still in the Alpha stage. You can’t buy the game yet, but Alpha keys are given out periodically to people, so they can join in on the fun, and experience a fast-paced battle royale game directly inspired by The Hunger Games and Battle Royale movie. The game is a competitive first-person shooter that pits you against other people in an ever closing arena. The game also includes sci-fi gimmicks (features) that let’s you defy physics and jump around shooting people, as if you were playing Titanfall minus the Titans. The game offers deep stat tracking and a full-fledged ranking system to make it more competitive. If you want to get in on the action then feel free to visit the official website and check when the next wave of Alpha keys is due.

Download: (Free)

11. Minecraft: Hunger Games

If you want more blocky graphics and an actual focus on survival rather than combat, then Minecraft’s Hunger Game servers are what you really need. The most popular survival game has the battle royale mode that puts you against other players in an all-out war where only one must survive in the end. Each player starts off with a kit that could contain items, weapons, potions, or food. Get new skills and upgrade your items to survive this battle of the fittest. You can choose from a list of different servers that offer similar battle royale game modes. If you love Minecraft and want to try some battle royale action in this vast blocky world, then try out these free to play modes.

Servers: (Free)

12. Infestation: the new Z

Get ready for a massive open world shooter where you get to experience the best player vs player action for the ultimate survival. The game offers multiple game modes and multiple vast worlds to choose from. Play along your friends as a clan, and go around exploring the open world for loot and weapons. Meet other people and fight them for dominance. Also, try to kill any zombies that come your way, because it’s all about survival in the end. The game offers constant updates, a huge variety of skins, and a great gameplay that will keep you hooked for hours. If you want a vast open-world battle royale game then Infestation is definitely a must play game for you.

Download: (Free)

13. GTA V: Smuggler’s Run

GTA V: Smuggler’s Run is an all-new free game mode added to the game. This online mode adds to the already exciting online experience of Grand Theft Auto V. The best mode in this new addition is the Motor Wars which lets you pick four teams of players that are thrown into a random area of the GTA V map. Everyone parachutes onto a random location on a huge map. It features a battleground similar to other battle royale games which has an ever-shrinking safe zone that brings all the enemies together slowly. So, if you already love GTA V and want to experience a battlegrounds-like gameplay in this exciting game then Smuggler’s Run is the perfect mod for you to play.

Download: ($29.99)

14. Fortnite

This a new addition to the battle royale genre. This game is available on your consoles as well as PC. This game pits up to 100 players in a battle to the death on a very large map similar to all other battle royale titles. This game is epic, and completely revamps the battle royale genre. The battle royale mode in the game is so good that PlayerUnknown’s is threatening to sue the Fortnite developers for copying their style, which is just absurd. If you want to enjoy epic survival in the battle of the fittest on your consoles, and even on PC, then Fortnite is probably one of the best games out there. It’s also getting constant updates and development so it’s definitely the right time to hop in the arena.

Download: (free)

15. Garena Free Fire: Kalahari

If you are in the quest of a fast and a bit light alternative to PUBG, “Garena Free Fire: Kalahari” could be the right answer to your hunt. In this survival shooter game, you are pit against 49 other players in a 10-minute intense battle, unlike PUBG which puts up to 100 players for a battle royale game. And if you succeed in decimating all other rivals and survive the onslaught, you will be declared as the last one standing. Moreover, it’s also got a handy 4v4 game mode that can get the most out of your squad and even help you showcase your leadership prowess. Other notable features of Free Fire are the fairly impressive graphics and easy-to-use controls that make sure you don’t have to spend much time to master them. Just like PUBG, it’s also available for free and allows you to power up your game through in-app purchases.

Download: (Free)

Best Games Like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)

Get ready to defend yourself in these epic battle royale games. Sometimes you have to go about it solo, while sometimes, you will have a team of friends helping you out. Everything is on the line in the survival of the fittest. These are the best games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. If you think there are other games like PUBG which are not on the list, and that we should cover, feel free to put them in the comments below.


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  2. You forgot to mention “ScarFall – The Royale Combat” its also a nice game like PUBG and free fire But offers online and offline gameplay.

  3. Fortnite is free bro. Update it dude. Only the PVE is paid. If you created this in 2017, its inaccurate.

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  4. Your information about DayZ is very inaccurate. DayZ mod for Arma 2 was developed by Dean Hall who goes by the moniker Rocket, PUBG was developed by Brenden Green who goes by the moniker PlayerUnknown. These are two very different people, PlayerUnknown developed the Battle Royale mod for Arma 2, Battle Royale and DayZ are completely different things. In fact, PlayerUnknown cites DayZ as his inspiration to learn how to program a mod so he could create Battle Royale, his only prior code experience was web design.

      1. Yes, but you also wrote “The creator of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was the one to develop this battle royale mod, which is KNOWN AS DAYZ FOR ARMA 2.” So you are, in fact, insinuating that DayZ is a battle royale mod in itself and that it was created by PlayerUnknown… Innacurate

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