FreelanceMyWay Review: A Great Place to Find Freelancing Work

If you are just starting as a freelancer, the tons of freelancing services available on the market can be overwhelming. Since it takes a long time to create your profile and then build up a reputation on any freelance service, it’s highly important that you choose the right one to invest your time on. We have reviewed good freelancing services in the past and today we are bringing you another great service which is worth the time and energy that you will need to spend. The service I am talking about is called FreelanceMyWay and here is our review:

Key Features

We will start our review by looking at the key features that the service brings for freelancers. By looking at the key features of the service we can get a greater understanding of the fact as to why this is the service worth spending any time on:

  • Verified Accounts

While most of the freelancing services allow you to create accounts without verifying your credentials, FreelanceMyWay only allows freelancers with verified accounts to work on their service. What this means for you a freelancer is that you know that you are only competing with genuine freelancers and not people who are just there to drop the prices of projects by bidding at ultra-low rates. At FreelanceMyWay you know that you will be getting right prices for your work.

  • No Monthly Fees or Bids Restriction

One of the best features of FreelanceMyWay is that you don’t have to compete with people who are paying the service to give a boost to their profiles. If your form is accepted, you can use the service for free and place unlimited bids without any restrictions. This gives you a level playing field as a freelancer even if you are just starting out.

  • Quick and Secure Payment

FreelanceMyWay also makes it easier for you to get paid. The whole process is transparent and uses a milestone structure ensuring that the client cannot cheat on your payment. Whenever you accept a project, the client has to pay the full price of the project to FreelanceMyWay. Depending on the milestones you have set, your payment will be released after you complete each of the milestones.

Quick and Secure Payment

  • Easy Bidding Proposals

The service also makes it really easy for you to place bids. All you need to enter is the amount you want to charge and a short description as to why you should be hired, and you are done.

Easy Bidding Proposals

  • Less Competition

If you are just starting out as a freelance, sometimes it might be hard to get work. Well, with FreelanceMyWay, you get a two-fold advantage which makes it easy to get jobs. Firstly, the service verifies and accepts only 5% of the applications that are submitted. This means once you are approved, you know that you won’t get into bidding war with fraudulent freelancers. Secondly, the service is still fairly new which means that you have the opportunity to grow with the service. I could not find more than 30 bids on a project which is great as low bids mean low competition.

Less Competition

Ease Of Use and User Interface

One of the things that I love about FreelanceMyWay is that the service has made sure that they are providing a minimalistic user interface. What that means is that unlike other freelancing services which gives you thousands of different options and fill your eyes with promotional pop-ups, you are getting an easy to navigate and clean UI.

Ease Of Use and User Interface 1

When you log in to your account, you land on your profile. From here you can click on your profile icon to either edit it or manage your preferences, payments, check your messages, and more.

Ease Of Use and User Interface 2

For browsing through jobs, you can either click on the Browse Jobs section and then select the niche that you are looking for a job in, or you can directly click on the search bar and search for the jobs from there.

Ease Of Use and User Interface 3

Once, you find a job you like, just click on it to open it and click on the Submit a Proposal button to place a bid. You can also add a job to the wishlist if you want to get back to it later. As I said, the service is very easy to use and it will not take you more than a few minutes to get the hang of it.

Ease Of Use and User Interface 4

Pricing and Availability

As I said, FreelanceMyWay is totally free to use and you don’t need to pay anything to either create your account or start applying for jobs on the service. Do remember that You need to get selected first, so make sure that you fill your profile truthfully and include as much information as possible.


  • Verified Accounts
  • Less Competition
  • Quick and Secure Payments
  • Easy to Navigate UI


  • Since it’s fairly new, it only offers jobs on a handful of services as of now.

Find Jobs and Earn Money at FreelanceMyWay

If you are looking for a way to jumpstart your freelancing career, FreelanceMyWay is a good place to start. The service is trustworthy, only excepts verified accounts, and offers lesser competition. You have an opportunity to join the service early and grow along with it. Do check out the service and let us know your experience in the comments section below.

Check out FreelanceMyWay here

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