Watch: This Man Made the First Foldable iPhone with Motorola Razr Hinge

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Foldable phones have now started becoming more polished and can be safely considered as something close to mainstream. However, Apple is yet to step foot in these waters and it would be safe to say that we all are awaiting a foldable iPhone. Worry not, as this has become (unofficially) true. A man in China has converted an iPhone (12 or 13 Pro) and this is what it looks like.

This Is the First (Not by Apple) Foldable iPhone!

A man in China made the conventional iPhone a foldable iPhone by using the 2020 Motorola Razr’s hinge. The video shared on YouTube shows a workable iPhone that folds in a clamshell fashion akin to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 and even the Motorola Razr.

The video takes us through the process of how the foldable iPhone came into being. For this, the iPhone X’s display was used to be converted into a foldable one. The idea was to keep the display working while reducing its hardness so that making it flexible becomes easier.

Called the iPhone V, the device works like the currently available foldable phones. While the folding/unfolding procedure appears so natural that the work done can be safely termed as commendable, this isn’t the best output one might expect from a foldable iPhone.

This foldable iPhone won’t bend as smoothly as a Galaxy Z Flip or a Motorola Razr and chances of wear and tear and more for the hinge and even the display. The video also points out that this may not be strong. The display appears to work with issues but if you think it will last you long then you may be up for some disappointment. Plus, this process led to a custom battery of 1,000mAh, which is too small for any phone these days.

Yet again, the experiment to present a foldable iPhone is a well-done job but we may still have to wait for a few years before an official foldable iPhone hits the stage. This has been under development for a while now but when Apple plans to make it a part of its portfolio remains unknown.

Meanwhile, Apple is also expected to launch a foldable iPad first before diving into the foldable phone space. We will keep you posted once we get something more concrete on this. Until then, do check out the video to get more information on how the ‘world’s first foldable iPhone’ made it. Comment your thoughts down below.

Featured Image: YouTube

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