Firefox Now Lets You Delete All of Your Collected Data


In a recent blog post, Mozilla has announced that it will let users delete all the data the company has collected so far. The feature will be present in the latest version of Firefox that will start rolling out on the 7th of January.

This move by the company is to comply with the new California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). For the uninitiated, CCPA is similar to Europe’s GDPR and strives to provide Californians more control over their data and sensitive information.

It is worth noting that Mozilla’s new feature is not region limited and will be available to all Firefox users. Firefox mentions that it already collects “very little of your data”. To be specific, Firefox calls it “telemetry data’ and says this data is mainly being collected to improve the performance and security of the browser.

The company has also reassured users that this so-called telemetry data doesn’t include information about the websites you browse or the search queries you perform. “We just know general information, like a Firefox user had a certain amount of tabs opened and how long their session was.”, reads the blog post.

In addition, the company mentions that telemetry data is never collected in private mode and there is always an option for users to opt-out from telemetry data collection in Firefox.

It is good to see Mozilla taking extra steps to ensure the privacy of its users. Stay tuned as we will be writing a quick guide later this week to let you know how to use the feature once it starts rolling out.

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