How To Extend Battery Life in Nexus 5

Google Nexus 5 Proved that manufacturers can make a device powerful enough with some high-end specifications at half the price of what they demand for flagship smartphone. But, Nexus 5 disappoints with its battery life. As a matter of fact, the 2300 mAh battery on Nexus 5 is average that doesn’t even last for a day under heavy usage. Though Google and LG managed to offer an excellent combination of hardware and software on Nexus 5, the battery on the device doesn’t impress at all. Here are a few tips and tricks by which you can use to stretch a couple of extra hours or so with the same battery.

1. Display : Lower the brightness

To be frank. Google and LG have done a decent job keeping the display of Nexus 5 bright, the Full HD screen is bright and clear and has good daylight visibility, but the battery life suffers. The full HD display can easily drain the battery of Nexus 5.

Lower the brightness and switch off the auto brightness in nexus 5. This will add a couple of extra hours of usage time of your device.

2.  Turn off  GPS, NFC  , WiFi and Bluetooth when not needed

GPS and Bluetooth drain a lot of battery when on,  same is the case with WiFi, switch off these radios when you don’t need them. In addition disable the WiFi scanning on the device from device WiFi settings and un-check ‘Scanning always available’. Un-check the NFC option if you don’t want to use it.

3. Choose the right Mobile network

Nexus 5 is LTE capable, but if you don’t have LTE support, choose 3G or 2G mobile network from the “Settings->More->Mobile Network Settings->Network Mode” .

4. Disable Google Now or at-least ‘Ok Google’ detection

Saying ‘Ok Google’ is pretty handy feature to search using voice, but it drains a lot of battery , if you wish, you can disable this by heading to Google Now-> settings-> Voice and disable Hotword detection. If you don’t use Google Now, you can disable it too.

5. Say NO to Live Wallpapers

Never use a live wallpaper because they drain a lot of battery while running in background.

6.  Use battery manager apps

There are many apps available on Google Play that manages apps and save battery on smartphone. One such app Battery Guru is free on Google Play and manages the app refresh pattern and WiFi automatically once set.

6.  Disable Auto Synchronization in accounts

You can disable automatic synchronization of accounts that you don’t use frequently. You can disable automatic synchronization of specific apps from their settings option.

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