Escape from Tarkov Locks Offline PvE Behind a New $250 Edition; Upsets Playerbase

Escape from Tarkov upsets playerbase
Image Courtesy: Battlestate Games/Escape from Tarkov
In Short
  • Battlestate Games has come under fire after revealing their brand-new $250 Unheard Edition.
  • This new edition exclusively locks the offline PvE behind, annoying the player base in the process.
  • Furthermore, players with the Edge of Darkness edition are no longer eligible for future DLCs, as now the Unheard Edition contains the season pass.

Escape from Tarkov has always been one of those games that hardcore PvP players enjoy. The game popularized the entire extraction shooter genre and has welcomed itself with a passionate community of hardcore players. Hence, it barely surprised me when the reveal of the brand-new edition in-game irked the entire community of players to oblivion. And justifiably so.

Earlier last night, Battlestate Games, developers of Escape from Tarkov, revealed a new game edition. Named The Unheard Edition, it brings quite a lot of new items. The update includes a slew of new items and rewards. However, the highlight is that you get the upcoming offline PvE mode exclusively behind this edition. The price, you ask? Just $250. Yes, you heard that right.

Understandably so, the Edge of Darkness edition gamers are calling out the developers for misleading them, as now the previously available limited edition won’t provide you with future DLCs as promised. Instead, you either need to cough up 119 Euros or its dollars equivalent to upgrade (as pointed out by a player in the forums) or pay $250 to repurchase the entire thing.

Listen, I understand game development is an ever-evolving process. And if it is a game in active development, things do change. However, this situation feels like one where Battlestate Games thought their entire community would be accepting of their asking. I hope the player base pushes back as much as possible because buying this new edition sends out the wrong message to the developers.

Do you play Escape from Tarkov? Are you planning on buying the brand-new edition? What are your thoughts on it? Let us know in the comments below.

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