2XKO Unveils Illaoi Gameplay Ahead of EVO Japan

Illaoi 2XKO reveal
Image Courtesy: Riot Games/2XKO
In Short
  • Riot Games officially unveils Illaoi, the Kraken Priestess ahead of EVO Japan weekend.
  • She's a heavy hitter, relying on the Nagakabouros' spirit tentacles to overwhelm and punish the opponents.
  • Illaoi will be available to play in the EVO Japan 2XKO demo at the event.

Back in February itself, 2XKO by Riot Games teased the new character’s name as Illaoi. However, post that, we didn’t get to see the character much, until now. Now, the game creators have finally showcased some Illaoi gameplay ahead of this week’s EVO Japan celebrations. We also see 2XKO game designer Caroline Montano take us through a breakdown of what to expect from her.

Through a six-minute video on the official X account and over at the official YouTube, we get a look at the Kraken Priestess. Illaoi is a heavy hitter in 2XKO who presses the opponent to make a mistake. Then, she overwhelms them by using the Nagakabouros’ spirit tentacles to start her setups and deliver big damage. Her big body and the large golden totem contribute to those big damage numbers against the opponents.

Illaoi’s kit relies on her tentacles. Players can use the S2 specials in 2XKO to summon a spirit tentacle and use S1 specials to make Illaoi trigger a tentacle follow-up attack. There’s a tentacle splash zone, in which the opponent needs to be in to get hit by them. Players can also teleport the nearest tentacle to the opponent under certain conditions and zone out the opponents.

Even if opponents deactivate the tentacles through a hit, Illaoi can still dominate the fights in 2XKO. She has one of the strongest neutral options, the coolest supers, and one of the flashiest ultimates. And, Illaoi works best with a faster, rush-down character like Ahri. As someone who started preferring heavy characters in recent years for the big damages, Illaoi looks perfectly up my alley.

Illaoi will be available to play in the 2XKO demo at EVO Japan this weekend, alongside Yasuo, Ekko, Ahri, and Darius. Are you excited about 2XKO? Well, I surely am. Also, do let me know of your character roster wishlists in the comments below.

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