Avengers:‌ Endgame Now Available on Google Play, YouTube, and iTunes in India

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The epic conclusion to Phase 3 of the MCU —‌ Avengers:‌ Endgame — took the world by storm upon release, collecting box office earnings like crazy, and following the re-release with extra footage, the movie finally toppled Avatar as the highest-earning film of all time.

Well, if you’re a Marvel fan and you want to see Endgame again (or if you haven’t seen it yet) and you’re upset because it is not available in theatres anymore, you can now watch the movie from the comfort of your home.

Avengers:‌ Endgame is finally available digitally, and in India, you have a bunch of options to watch it. The movie is available on Google Play, YouTube, and iTunes — all these platforms have it in HD, but not in 4K‌‌ HDR. Anyway, if you’re planning on watching your favourite superheroes battle it out against Thanos and his armies in an attempt to avenge what happened in Infinity War, here are the links to watch the movie on Google Play, YouTube, and iTunes, along with the amount of money you’ll have to spend to watch it.

Google Play: Rent (Rs. 100), Buy (Rs. 690)

YouTube:‌ Rent (Rs. 100), Buy (Rs. 690); Rent HD‌‌ (Rs. 150), Buy HD‌ (Rs. 850)

iTunes: Rent‌ (Rs. 120)‌, Buy (Rs.‌ 490); Rent HD (Rs. 150), Buy HD (Rs. 690)

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