7 Secrets We Learned from Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC Preview

In Short
  • Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC previews are out for the game's first three hours.
  • The DLC will add 8 new weapon types and tons of new weapons, spirit ashes, ashes of war, spells, and incantations.
  • The Shadow of the Erdtree DLC will have a separate leveling system, which is only applicable in the Land of Shadows.

The ever-awaited Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC is only a few days from its global release. The recent Elden Ring story trailer hinted at shocking revelations about Queen Marika’s past. The birth of the Erdtree has also perfectly set up the stage for the DLC. But are you prepared enough? The Shadow of the Erdtree preview releases have opened up and brought with them a boatload of new information. We now know more about the upcoming DLC through a few nifty details. If you’re also curious about what Shadow of the Erdtree brings, keep reading as we discuss the 7 secrets we learned from the preview.

1. New Weapon Types

Elden Ring DLC New Light Greatsword
Image Courtesy: Elden Ring DLC Preview

Elden Ring already had a diverse range of weapon types forked out onto so many different weapons. The game probably had the most weapons among the Soulsborne, followed by Dark Souls 2. The Shadow of the Erdtree DLC will add 8 more weapon types to the game and many more new weapons for each of the old and new categories.

The new weapon types coming to Erdtree range from Great Katanas, Dryleaf Arts (Hand-to-Hand), Throwing Weapons, Thrusting Shields, and much more.

Furthermore, 100 new weapons will be added to the game, including many new weapons added to the old categories. The multi-shot crossbow and the throwable large hammer are only just a few featured during the previews. The Hand-to-Hand and Throwing Weapon types look particularly amazing and meta-changing. I cannot wait to see the crazy builds players will come up with after the release of the DLC.

2. New Upgrade System Limited to Land of Shadows

Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree New Level up Mechanic
Image Courtesy: Elden Ring DLC Preview

During the interviews following the game’s announcement, Elden Ring’s DLC was already revealed to have a different leveling-up system. The DLC previews have confirmed that two new upgrade types are coming to the Elden Ring DLC, but they will only be limited to the Land of the Shadows. These are:

  • Scadutree Fragment: These can be found in the open world, typically around Miquella’s marks. Players can turn them in for Scadutree Blessings, which can be used to permanently increase the base damage and defense of the character in the Land of Shadows.
  • Reverend Spirit Ashes: These can also be found in the open world and turned in for Reverend Spirit Blessings. You can use these to increase the attack and defense of your Spirit Ashes, including Torrent. In Torrent’s case, it only increases his damage negation capability.

The two new forms of upgrades hint that your normal character stats won’t be very influential in the Land of Shadows, likely to prevent over-leveled characters from steamrolling the DLC.

3. Miquella’s Signs Reveal His Path in the Land of the Shadows

Miquella's Sign Elden Ring DLC Preview
Image Courtesy: Elden Ring DLC Preview

Those who have seen the recent Elden Ring DLC trailer must have noticed Miquella’s sign shown in multiple locations in Land of Shadows. These are not the new sites of grace but footprints of Miquella’s path in the Land of Shadows.

You will generally find Miquella’s followers around these signs, and they likely also point towards the path the tarnished should take to reach the end. Miquella’s signs are also important because you can find the Scadutree Fragments and Reverend Spirit Ashes around them while progressing many of the new NPC quests.

4. New Spirit Ashes

Gravebird Spirit Ash Elden Ring DLC
Image Courtesy: Elden Ring DLC Preview

Like the new weapons type added to the game, Shadow of the Erdtree will also have a ton of new spirit ashes, including the Finger Creeper Spirit Ashes. Finger Creepers were among the most despised enemies in the base game, almost driving me to borderline insanity on multiple occasions, so it’s good to see it as a friend and not an enemy. The new Finger Creeper Spirit Ash can also do AoE heals, so it is quite useful in most Elden Ring fights.

Other than the Finger Creeper, we learned about two other new Spirit Ashes in the DLC preview. One was Andreas Black Knight Commander and the Gravebird Spirit Ashes. However, seeing as there are a lot more under wraps, I fully expect a ton more Spirit ashes to come to the Shadow of the Erdtree.

5. It’s Going to Be Hard…er!

Lion Dancer Elden Ring DLC Boss
Image Courtesy: Elden Ring DLC Preview

I don’t know if it could get any worse, but yes, from everything we have seen from the preview, you can expect the Erdtree DLC to be much harder than the base game. The enemies are faster, stronger, and have more health.

However, that isn’t very surprising since FromSoftware has been known for having its DLC come with the hardest content. The biggest difficulty spike in the game appears from the new level-up system, as it almost nullifies the advantage of character stats from the base game.

But just like the base game, Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree should be much easier with Spirit Ashes, player summoning, and ridiculously broken builds. So, never lose hope and remember that anything goes when you hit that wall.

6. Blue Spirit Worms Are Friendly Until They Aren’t

Elden Ring DLC Blue Spirit Worms
Image Courtesy: Elden Ring DLC Preview

You likely remember the cute-looking blue spirit worms first appearing during the Elden Ring DLC teaser. This obviously raised the question: Are they hostile or friendly? Now, we finally have the answer.

The mysterious blue spirit worms have been confirmed to be non-hostile in Elden Ring Preview. That is, until you hit them. Every participant of the Elden Ring DLC preview has mentioned that the worms get pretty wild after you hit them, but how they react is anyone’s guess right now. Now I know the first thing I will do after getting my hands on Shadow of the Erdtree.

7. The Mysterious Narrator During the DLC Trailer

Needle Knight Leda Elden Ring DLC
Image Courtesy: Elden Ring X

One of the biggest mysteries about the Elden Ring DLC teaser and trailer was the mysterious female narrator, who was later revealed to be one of Miquella’s followers. Now, we have learned a bit more about her from the Elden Ring DLC preview.

The narrator’s name is “Needle Knight” Leda, and she is the first NPC you meet at Moghwyn palace near Miquella’s body after defeating Mohg in the base game.

She guides us to the Land of Shadows, much like Gael does in the Dark Souls 3 Ashes of Ariandel DLC. Her messages are present in important places in the Land of Shadows, guiding Miquella’s champions on the proper path they must take.

From the looks of the previews, the Elden Ring Shadow of the Erdtree DLC is all set to be one of the biggest launches of 2024. We join the millions hyped across the globe and can’t wait as Erdtree releases globally on June 21. That being said, what do you think about it? Let us know in the comments below!

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