The “eBussy” is a Unique Modular EV Featuring a “Movable” Steering Wheel

eBussy feat.

Over the past few years, vehicles like cars and trucks have developed to become pretty high-tech. Today, there are concept cars that can transform into bigger cars and there are futuristic trucks like the Tesla Cybertruck. However, a new company made a new kind of vehicle that can be anything you want it to be.

A Modular Vehicle

Developed by an eMobility company from Germany, Electric Brands, the eBussy is actually a modular electric vehicle (EV) that can become more or less any kind of vehicle you want. The design of the vehicle is inspired by the classic Volkswagen Bus and it was developed with the “Lego principle” in mind. This means that the vehicle can be customized with various modular body parts to turn into something that works for you at the time.

eBussy 1

It comes in two chassis variants, “Off-Road” and “City”, and has 10 different body types. So, users can use the additional modular parts to convert the eBussy into a minivan or a pickup truck or a mini RV or a flatbed. That is pretty cool, to be honest!

Designed to Go the Extra Mile

Now, apart from being modular, the eBussy is also environment-friendly as it uses a 10kWh battery instead of natural fuels. It has a range of around 124 miles (~200 KM) per charge. There are even built-in solar panels mounted on the roof and a regenerative braking system to extend the range of the EV.

eBussy battery

However, if you’re still not satisfied with the range, easy battery access will let you replace the 10kWh battery with a 30kWh battery to extend the range to a whopping 373 miles (~600 KM) per charge.

The “Bonkers” Feature

Apart from all these cool features, there is another bonkers feature in the eBussy. This involves the unique steering wheel and the attached dashboard inside the EV. So, get this, eBussy drivers can choose to drive the EV sitting on the right, left, or even the center of the front seat!

eBussy 3

This has been possible thanks to a new “drive-by-wire” steering wheel that is electronically connected to the wheels, instead of being connected mechanically. So, this system allows the driver to move and change the position of the steering wheel along with the entire dashboard.

Availability and Price

Electric Brands plans to launch the EVs in the European markets sometime next year. The company is also planning to build a network of charging stations for the EVs all across Europe. Drivers can then come to these stations with their dead batteries and get new, charged ones for their eBussy.

With all the tech packed inside the eBussy, it even comes for a pretty attractive price. The company will sell the base model of the eBussy for a price of €15,800 (~Rs 13,96,450) and the highest-end model, the off-road camper will sell at €28,800 (~Rs 25,45,430).

You can check out the eBussy on Electric Brands official website or you can play the video right below to know more about the EV.

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