DxOMark Gives #1 Rank to 14-inch M3 MacBook Pro; Best Laptop Available Today?

Apple M3 Macbook Pro Featured

When it comes to reliable hardware scores, DxOMark has always been the top dog in that department. As part of its scoring, the website keeps rating different smartphones, laptops, and even speakers. Recently, DxOMark has updated the rankings for the best laptops available today, according to its testing.

It now appears that Apple’s new M3 Pro-based MacBook Pro (14-inch, M3 Pro, 2023) is in the lead with a total of 148 pts. The new MacBook Pro (M3) has top scores among various testing categories. This includes camera performance (front webcam), display quality, and also music & video (multimedia experience).

dxomark testing shows macbook pro m3 is best laptop and number one in global ranking

According to the testing page, the MacBook Pro (M3) offers users one of the best front cameras in a laptop, receiving a top score of 135 pts. The display receives a total of 156 pts, while the speakers are touted to have “outstanding audio dynamics & pleasant tonal balance” with 144 pts. With a mini-LED display as good as this, it’s hardly a surprise that DxOMark has given the laptop the top score for music and video.

Beebom’s Take: Is the M3 MacBook Pro Really The Best Laptop?

m3 macbook pro best laptop rated by dxomark
Image Courtesy: Apple

While MacBooks are amazing, they have key differences that don’t work for everyone. Many love to game today, and while AAA titles like Resident Evil Village & Shadow of the Tomb Raider have arrived on macOS, you can’t game that well on macOS. Simply put, while you can even run emulation, many popular games flat out don’t even work (such as Valorant), and even as a casual gamer, you’d be disappointed by the lack of games that run natively on macOS.

Overall, if the disadvantages coming with macOS do not bother you, plus you are ready to use MacBook-optimized software & games, then perhaps the MacBook Pro is the best laptop for you. In any other case, fret not because there are plenty of amazing Windows laptops out there. Microsoft has its Surface Laptop Studio 3, packing an innovative design with up to Nvidia RTX 4060 graphics!

What are your thoughts on DxOMark ranking the new M3 MacBook Pro at the #1 spot? Do you agree with their scores and testing? If not, what is the best laptop available right now according to you? Let us know in the comments below.

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