Who Is Lilith in Diablo 4? Explained

Lilith from Diablo 4 has managed to mesmerize new players and excite veteran players. The next entry to the long-running ARPG series is here to shake things up and keep you glued to your PCs. With the first cut scene of Diablo 4 introducing us to Lilith, the mother of demons, many might be curious about the antagonist of the game. For curious players, we have compiled this article on who is Lilith and her role in the Diablo 4 universe. So, read through this article to learn about the mother of the Nephalem.

Lilith’s Backstory in the Diablo Universe

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As per the game’s lore, Lilith is the daughter of one of the three prime evils from the game – Mephisto. People who have played Diablo 2 or last year’s Diablo 2: Resurrected might be familiar with Mephisto, as he is the third act boss in that title. Nevertheless, Lilith is the queen of the Succubi, and along with her father and uncle, Diablo takes part in the endless war with the high heavens.

As per the writings of Lilith tome from Diablo 3 Act V, the endless conflict and her family’s actions in the war tire her out. Eventually, she starts having a cynical view of the eternal war and its nature. However, Lilith will take an angel from the high heavens as a prisoner in one such war out of amusement. And this angel, named Inarius, becomes an instrumental character in everything that was bound to become doomed in a bittersweet way.

Romance With Inarius and the Creation of Sanctuary

Who Is Lilith in Diablo 4? Explained

Lilith and Inarius will eventually fall in love with each other, escaping the Eternal War. Unfortunately, love can only do so much, as both were from warring factions in the Eternal War. However, Lilith decided that they both had to work together to steal the Worldstone to escape the war.

And both rallied like-minded followers together to steal the Worldstone, creating Sanctuary – a world built in the middle of hell and heaven ruled by Inarius and Lilith, along with a council of demons and angels. This place acted as a respite for people who wanted respite from the Eternal War.

The Rise of The Nephalem And The Purge

Eventually, Lilith will conceive children with Inarius, giving birth to the Nephalem. These were the half-human, half-demon race that later became modern-day humankind. Eventually, other angels and demons also raised more Nephalems.

The first Nephalems, called Ancients, were far superior to angels and demons, immune to aging and diseases. They started worshipping Lilith as a god and enacted altars all around Sanctuary. In the game, you might have come across these shrines in some instances. These were the ones.

Unfortunately, the renegade angels and demons started fearing Nephalem and their strength. The fear of the army of hell and heavens finding the existence of Sanctuary because of Nephalem raised a conflict among themselves, leading to the discussion of killing Nephalem, to which Inarius called for a period of reflection.

At the same time, Lilith was driven to madness and frenzy at the thought of her children dying. After all, Nephalems was destined to end the eternal war, according to Lilith. This resulted in her becoming a horrific form, hunting down the renegades in the process.

After Inarius finds out about the remains of his dead followers and his reluctance to kill his beloved, he banishes Lilith from Sanctuary. At the same time, to keep the powers of Nephalm in check and hide Sanctuary from Heaven and Hell, he attunes the Worldstone. This results in the power of Nephalm diminishing over time, eventually becoming modern humanity.

How Does Lilith Tie Into the Diablo 4 Story?

As per the marketing, opening cutscene, and numerous instances throughout the beta, the key plot point of Diablo 4 will focus on the war between Inarius and Lilith in the current Sanctuary. It will also focus on players stopping Lilith from spreading her madness throughout the Sanctuary.

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