Developers Are Open-Sourcing Old Windows Phone Apps

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Microsoft’s attempt to conquer the smartphone market with its Windows Phone devices failed miserably, as we all know. As a final nail in the coffin, the tech giant announced earlier this year that it will be stopping all support and updates for the Windows 10 Mobile Platform starting December 10. Now that the day is getting closer, developers who had previously worked for developing Windows Phone apps have started a movement to open-source their old apps.

The movement got started as Pedro Lamas, a Windows Phone app developer took it to Twitter to share the news that he has open-sourced all his old Windows Phone apps. In the tweet, he invited the entire Windows Phone developer community to open-source their contributions. Take a look at the tweet below.

Soon after the tweet, other Windows Phone developers joined the trend and open-sourced their Windows Phone apps. It is worth noting that some apps now being released by these developers were never released back then.

Also, since all these are deprecated projects, users should not be keeping their hopes high for every feature in the apps to be completely functional and working as intended. For the most part, the apps are supposed to work as it should be.

The very few Windows Phone users out there who still love their Windows Phone are going to be totally delighted with this movement and this would come as a surprise as all their hopes to get Windows Phone apps resurrected went down when Microsoft announced that existing Windows 8.1 users will be losing access to Microsoft Store.

So, do any of our readers own a Windows Phone and still use one as a primary phone these days? We would love to hear from you in the comments.

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