ChatGPT Will Now Know Your Preferences, Thanks to Custom Instructions

ChatGPT custom instructions announced

Since the launch of ChatGPT, OpenAI has created an indomitable AI force that had been hard to not get along with. Over the course of time, the generative AI model has progressed by leaps and bounds with several cool features and capabilities. For instance, you can create your own AI chatbot using ChatGPT. And now it seems like you will be able to create your own customized experience with ChatGPT. Continue reading to know more.

Custom Instruction for ChatGPT Announced

In its latest blog post, OpenAI has announced the availability of custom instructions for ChatGPT. This feature will let you interact with ChatGPT on a much more personal level and even let the generative AI remember your preferences and requirements. This has been introduced as part of the GPT-4 model, which is its largest Large Language Model (LLM) to improve its responses by infusing similar contextual data to respond in a custom manner.

For instance, let’s say you use the contextual keyphrasewrite in 1,000 words” quite frequently. Now, with a custom instruction set for that partial keyphrase, ChatGPT will be able to provide a response to you in 1,000 words without you even explicitly asking it to do so. For example, you can simply type “Write an essay on the impact of sound pollution.” ChatGPT will remember your contextual instruction and will provide the necessary output within 1,000 words.

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This is also helpful if you interact with plugins frequently. For example, if you quite frequently turn to ChatGPT for restaurant recommendations, a keyword with your city name will allow GPT-4 to include your city every time you make a similar query without you even asking for it. This reduces the repetitiveness of contextual elements and allows you to craft a sort of personal assistant for yourself. The best part of this feature is that it is unique for every user who uses ChatGPT.

However, this does raise some privacy concerns as well. For starters earlier, whenever you had a conversation with ChatGPT, it was not storing those data. Neither it knew about you. But with this feature, you are practically feeding the generative AI information about yourself to curate your own experience. Although OpenAI says that you will be able to “edit or delete custom instructions at any time,” it still raises skepticism regarding the amount of data OpenAI will be privy to.

You can add custom instructions to ChatGPT quite easily. Since ChatGPT has an official iOS app, you can simply visit the Custom Instructions menu in ChatGPT Account Settings to add custom commands. For those of you accessing ChatGPT via the web, click on your name to open the Custom Instructions menu. Add your desired custom command and click on save. However, in case you want to delete your ChatGPT instructions, everyone will need to visit the ChatGPT webpage to do so from the Custom Instructions menu.

As of now, custom instructions for ChatGPT are only available in the beta stage to ChatGPT Plus members. However, OpenAI has confirmed that the widespread public rollout will happen in the coming weeks. The launch of this feature is uncertain for the UK and the EU.

We will be sure to try this feature out and let you know how well it fares. In the meantime, if you are a ChatGPT Plus subscriber, go ahead and give custom instructions for ChatGPT a shot! Let us know in the comments section below your experience with ChatGPT’s customized response experience.

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