New CS2 Exploit Lets Players See Through Smoke & Flashes

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Image Courtesy: Valve
In Short
  • A new Counter-Strike 2 exploit has been discovered that lets players see through smoke grenades.
  • After enabling a certain game filter feature present in Nvidia GeForce Experience, players can see opponents easily through smokes and frag them.
  • This CS2 bug should be fixed soon. Valorant developers patched a similar bug by removing Nvidia game filter support in the game.

Counter-Strike 2 has been out for a few months now, but Valve is seemingly having trouble with the new Source 2 engine. A new CS2 bug has been discovered that is now letting players see opponents through smoke grenades! This is essentially being done through game filters by Nvidia.

The exploit was initially shared on Reddit via @GGDropcom_Off, and it is definitely a big problem in CS2 right now. To elaborate, Nvidia GPU owners get a feature known as Game Filters. This lets them enhance the visual quality through various settings or even set filters to result in a completely different aesthetic. But, one of these Nvidia filters was found to be game-breaking when used in Counter-Strike 2.

Source: Reddit

As you can see, after enabling a certain Nvidia filter and throwing a smoke grenade, the player is able to see through the smoke and point out where enemies are. Of course, scoring frags in CS2 is quite easy if anyone abuses this exploit. Moreover, other CS2 players can be seen through this expliot even if a flashbang affects the player using this exploit.

It is even possible to keep this Nvidia filter as a toggle, as that is a feature of the app. These Nvidia filters are supposed to enhance the visuals of your gaming experience purely but are doing something else here entirely. Being invincible to both smokes & flashes is definitely provides too much of an advantage.

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I typically use Nvidia Game Filters myself for enhancing saturation, or making the game appear sharper. But in multiplayer games, Nvidia filters seem to cause problems at times. Valve should be swift in resolving this new CS2 problem, which lets players see through smokes.

However, until that happens, you should watch your back for players using the exploit and avoid premier matches if you don’t want to be a victim of this new game-breaking exploit.

With Counter-Strike 2, Source 2 engine brought dynamic smoke grenades | Image Courtesy: Valve

For now, it is unclear when the issue will be resolved. Valorant was also affected by Nvidia filters in a similar fashion, after which the developer Riot Games patched the bug by disabling the feature completely. So, it is highly likely for Valve to do the same for Counter-Strike 2. As such, these game filters may not work at all after Valve’s upcoming CS2 patch.

What are your thoughts on this game-breaking new bug that lets players see through smokes & flashes in Counter-Strike 2? Do you think Nvidia game filters should be disabled entirely across multiplayer games? Let us know in the comments below.

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