15 Cool Go Launcher Themes To Refresh Your Homescreen

There are a number of great Android launchers that customize your homescreen and Go Launcher is one of them. Go Launcher offers a number of ways to customize your homescreen but the most effortless way has to be Themes. Themes are effortless due to the fact that they completely change the look of your Android homescreen without needing you to do anything.

While Go Launcher has its own Theme store, there are some cool themes available on the Play Store as well. Choosing the good theme can be a exhausting experience because along with the good ones, there are some really bad ones as well. Well, we like to help you out and thus, we chose the best out of them for you. So, here are the coolest Go Launcher Themes you must install.

Note: There are many Go Launcher themes on the Play Store listed as free and they can be installed for free but you won’t be able to use them unless you make an in-app purchase. We are listing those apps as paid. 

Best Go Launcher themes to install

Note: There are two ways to apply a theme in Go Launcher:

  1. There are themes that are listed as separate apps in the app drawer. To apply such themes, just open the theme’s app icon and then tap “Click to begin”. Then, there’ll be an option to “Set Active Theme”. Press that and viola, your theme will be applied. 
  2. Some themes will be hidden from the app drawer and you can find them in the “Theme” app of Go Launcher. Go to Theme app and tap the downloaded button on the top right. You will see all the themes you have downloaded and you can apply any theme by just tapping on one and pressing “Apply”.

1. Eternally

Eternally Go Launcher Theme

Eternally is one of the most beautiful Go Launcher themes available. It brings a simple yet elegant look with flatter squircle (combination of square and circle) icons making it look unified and classy. The theme brings new wallpapers, icons and a different interface for app drawer and homescreen folders. Overall, if you are looking for a modern and beautiful theme, Eternally shouldn’t disappoint you.

Install: (Free)

2. Miracle

Miracle Go Launcher Theme

Miracle is another great looking theme for Go Launcher and we especially love the icons it brings. It not only brings a new wallpaper, icon pack and app drawer changes but it also adds some cool widgets that liven up the Go Launcher homescreen. While we love the layout the theme brings, it does makes it difficult to customize it further.

Install: (Free)

3. Lonely

Lonely Go Launcher Theme

Lonely Go Launcher theme is a paid theme that brings a clean, sophisticated look. If you love having a clean layout on your homescreen, you will appreciate the Lonely theme. The flat icons and a faded wallpaper make sure everything looks classy indeed. We love the feel of the app but it lacks icons for some newer apps. Well, here’s hoping the developers take note.

Install: ($1.86)

4. Labyrinth

Labyrinth Go Launcher Theme

If you like a unified experience across your homescreen, you will find Labyrinth to be a great choice. The theme changes the icons to bring a uniform look and it looks great but sadly, not every app icon is supported by the theme. The flat minimalistic wallpaper too works with the app design. The theme also uses various colors for folders and app drawer, which brings a very modern look.

Install: ($1.75)

5. Glorious

Glorious Go Launcher Theme

The Glorious Go Launcher theme is another much loved theme, which brings some very chic looking icons. The icon’s shape might not be something very innovative but the design is very cool. The theme also looks very similar to MIUI when it comes to the app drawer and folders. Overall, if you are looking for an elegant theme, you should give Glorious a shot.

Install: (Free)

6. Glass

Glass Go Launcher Theme

Glass is one of the most downloaded Go Launcher themes out there and it’s for people who like a beautiful unified look among icons. Along with the wallpapers and icons, it also includes a cool weather & clock widget that looks great. Moreover, it supports icons for most popular apps.

Install: (Free)

7. Initial Beauty

Initial Beauty Go Launcher Theme

Don’t go by the name, Initial Beauty theme remains beautiful initially, as well as later. The paid theme brings a uniform look with its circular icons and the blurred wallpaper does make the homescreen look modern. We like the Initial Beauty theme mainly for its clean and sorted user interface and if that’s what you need, you should try it out.

Install: ($1.82)

8. Gentleman

Gentleman Go Launcher Theme

A combination of Black and Gold looks opulent and that’s what the Gentleman theme offers. It uses an amalgamation on Gold and Black for its icons along with a minimal grey wallpaper. If you want a rich, sophisticated and classy look for your smartphone’s homescreen, we’d surely recommend Gentleman Go Launcher theme.

Install: (Free)

9. White Soul

White Soul Go Launcher theme-min

White Soul theme is in complete contrast to Gentleman’s Black and Gold usage, as it uses whites as its primary UI element. The whites surely make the theme look classy and pure. Even the icons are in unified shape and size with white as their primary color. If you have an affinity for whites, this paid theme should touch your soul.

Install: ($3.67)

10. Elegant

Elegant Go Launcher Theme

Elegant is very similar to Gentleman, considering the use of Gold and Black but what makes the Elegant theme unique is its icons. The icons here are visually more defined & detailed and with the wallpaper featuring Gold, Grey and Black, everything looks fancy indeed.

Install: (Free)

11. Blackboard

Blackboard Go Launcher Theme

Remember your old school blackboard? Well, you can witness it right on your homescreen with these cool Blackboard theme. The theme changes all your icons and wallpaper to remind you of your school days. While the theme works perfectly, you can only apply it by going to the “Theme” app of Go Launcher.

Install: (Free)

12. Dark

Dark Go Launcher Theme

If you like things Black, Dark Go Launcher theme is the one for you. As the name suggests, the theme brings a blackish user interface. The wallpapers are black with a cool texture on it, the icons are wrapped around in a Black casing of sorts. While the dark Black look works, we would like support for more icons as well as lockscreen support to make the theme even better.

Install: (Free)

13. Vividness

Vividness Go Launcher Theme

Vividness is a cool Go Launcher theme, which catches the eye thanks to its usage of vivid colors. It matches the colors in icons and wallpapers that you are going to love it, if you like beautiful colors to fill up your homescreen. The usage of colors and flat icons do feel reminiscent of Google’s Material Design UI.

Install: (Free)

14. Life time

Life time Go Launcher Theme

Life time is another cool theme which totally overhauls your homescreen. The theme includes wallpapers & icons that look like sketches on paper. While it looks different and unique, it does not support icons for popular apps like WhatsApp, which kinds of mars the experience. Similar to Blackboard, you will have to install Life time theme through the Theme app on Go Launcher.

Install: (Free)

15. Obsidian

Obsidian Go Launcher Theme

If you have been a fan of skeuomorphic user interfaces and icons, Obsidian theme is for you. The app brings glossy looking icons, which look as they’ve been encased in a crystal box but the good thing is it covers even the unpopular apps. Well, this implementation does bring uniformity across the UI. Moreover, the theme also includes a very cool clock & weather widget.

Install: (Free)

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Revamp your Go Launcher homescreen with these themes

As we found out during our testing, there’s a Go Launcher theme for everyone. Looking for something clean and organized? Eternally, Glass Labyrinth, Initial Beauty or White Soul should work for you. Want something fancy? Try out Elegant, Gentleman, Miracle, Glorious Obsidian or Dark. Blackboard, Life time or Vividness should be your choice if you want a homescreen that looks lively. Well, you could also keep more than one theme and switch around the way you like.

These are the best themes according to us but it all depends on one’s choice, so let us know if there are some themes you like that we missed out on. If you are looking for themes on another launcher, don’t worry, as we will be listing down themes for them as well. Till then, stay tuned and enjoy these cool Go Launcher themes.

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