Cherry’s New MX2A Keyboard Switch Introduced; Rated For 100 Million Clicks

Cherry announces MX2A Mechanical Switch

Cherry is a famous mechanical keyboard switch manufacturer, responsible for various popular mechanical switches used in the top gaming keyboards like Cherry MX Blue, Cherry MX Red, and many more. Now, the company has introduced the new MX2A Switch for mechanical keyboards. Have a look at the details.

Cherry MX2A Keyboard Switch: Details

Cherry’s MX2A mechanical keyboard switch is being touted as a ‘new era‘ of mechanical keyboard switches. Speaking of the mechanical switch’s lubrication, Cherry has employed a system of precise ring lubrication, which is applied on the key switch’s socket dome itself.

The grease used is different from conventional lubricants, being an oil-based one that is specifically designed for long-term usage. According to the company, the new Cherry MX2A will consistently provide a smooth-feeling actuation. This will hold true even after a Cherry MX2A mechanical keyboard has gone through millions of actuations. They also mention that every keystroke is ensured to be silent.

Many keyboard enthusiasts prefer a specific kind of lube known as the ‘Krytox GPL 205 Grade 0.’ Cherry said that it has ensured custom lubricant mirrors similar properties. The Cherry MX2A switch’s contacts are made out of genuine gold, which ensures the best durability. This also ensures the optimal transmission of electricity. The key switch sports a 1000Hz polling rate, which makes the user’s keyboard inputs more responsive. It is rated with a lifespan of 100 million clicks.

design of new cherry MX switch called MX2A

The Cherry MX2A mechanical keyboard switch comes with an updated spring, stem, and socket dome design too. The spring design is now in the form of a barrel rather than a cylinder. This design is claimed to be more durable. This is because it can maintain its shape even when ‘under the pressure of rapid keystrokes.‘ The new spring system features near-contactless movement. Some mechanical keyboards exhibit a ‘scratchy’ feeling during their usage. But, these won’t because the MX2A’s springs provide extremely smooth actuation.

The socket dome features a convex dome in the bottom housing section, and this has been precisely designed to improve the sliding properties of the whole structure. The stem features six ribs, termed as the ‘crown’, and they allow the spring design to be perfectly centered. All this promotes a wobble-free feeling, which in turn makes every key press highly consistent.

The brand has also introduced the XTRFY K5V2 keyboard with which the MX2A switches are compatible. It is listed at $149.99 (~ Rs 12,300). What are your thoughts on this new Cherry MX switch? Let us know in the comments below. Also, you can know about the various types of mechanical keyboard switches, if this interests you!

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