Check Your Xbox Gaming Statistics for the Past Decade Here

Check Your Xbox Gaming Statistics for the Past Decade Here
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Last week, we saw PlayStation Wrap-Up 2019, Sony’s tool to take a look at your gaming statistics for the past year. Now, TrueAchievements, an Xbox community website is offering a feature called #MyDecadeOnXbox that lets Xbox gamers view their gameplay statistics throughout the past decade.

The infographic shows you a variety of statistics including your records, active months, the platforms you’ve used, the games you’ve completed, your top genres, your rarest achievements, game completion rate, your gamerscore and even the money you’ve spent on Xbox games so far. Take a look at a sample infographic here for a better idea regarding what to expect.

The detail I found the most interesting has got to be the game completion rate. There are three subcategories in that namely fastest completion, slowest completion, and rarest completion. This way, you’ll get an idea regarding your consistency when it comes to different games. It also shows you an average completion rate which you can use as a benchmark to see how fast you complete when compared to other Xbox gamers.

If you’re facing any trouble accessing your Decode on Xbox statistics, make sure your gaming history is public. You can control your gaming history in the privacy settings.

With all that said, it is worth noting that this is not an official tool and TrueAchivements is not affiliated with Microsoft to bring this feature. If you’re okay with that, go ahead and check out your statistics from the link below and let us know your gamerscore in the comments.

Check-out #MyDecadeOnXbox

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