How to Check Headphone Audio Level in Real Time in iOS 14

How to Check Headphone Audio Level in Real Time in iOS 14

Apart from getting the long-awaited sleep tracker, iOS 14 has also improved the already existing health features like Hearing. For those uninitiated, Hearing was introduced in iOS 13 and it enables users to avoid being exposed to high levels of sounds. And with the latest update, you can even measure the volume level of anything that you are listening to. If this health feature falls under your radar, let’s find out how you can check the headphone audio level in real-time on your iOS 14 device!

Check Headphone Audio Level in Real-Time on iPhone and iPad

Before getting started with steps, it would be better to answer a couple of main questions first up.

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So, How Would You Know Whether or Not the Volume Level is Healthy?

According to experts, 85 decibels is the highest safe exposure level up to a maximum of just 8 hours. Notably, 100 dB sound is considered safe for just 15 minutes a day. To put it in the right perspective, safe listening time decreases as the sound level increases.

That means the extended or repeated exposure to sounds of 85 dB or above can result in permanent hearing loss. So, if you ever find the audio level above 80 dB, you should decrease the sound to protect your hearing ability.

Which Headphones Have the Support for This New Feature?

Though the real-time headphone level feature is designed to support most headphones, the tech giant states that only Apple-certified headsets and AirPods will be able to deliver more accurate results.

Set Up the Headphone Level Checker on iPhone or iPad 

1. On your iPhone or iPad, open the Settings app.

Open Settings app on your iPhone

2. Now, tap on Control Center.

Select Control Center

3. Next, scroll down to find the Hearing option and then tap on the green plus (+) button which is placed to the left.

Select Hearing option

Use the Headphone Level Checker on iOS or iPadOS Device 

Once you have set up the headphone level checker on your device, you can keep a tab on the volume level with ease. 

1. To get started, bring up the control center on your iOS device.

Open Control Center

  • On the iPhone with Touch ID: Swipe up from the bottom to access Control Center.
  • On your iPhone with Face ID: Swipe down from the top right corner of the screen.
  • iPad‌‌ with Touch ID: Double-tap the Home button.
  • iPad with Face ID: Swipe down from the upper right corner of the display.

2. Now, find the Hearing button in Control Center. If it shows a green tick, that means the volume level is OK.

Hearing button in Control Center

But if the measurement icon displays a yellow exclamation mark, that means the volume level exceeds the 80-decibel level. Consider it as a warning that the volume is too high and therefore it can cause hearing loss. 

checking live audio levels

Besides, you can also tap on the hearing button to know more about the current decibel level.

How to Set Up and Use Headphone Level Checker

So, that’s the quick way to set up and use the all-new headphone level checker in iOS 14. As a health-conscious person, I have found this feature very helpful. It can play a vital role in preventing hearing loss. What’s your take on Apple’s hearing health feature? Feel free to share your valuable feedback in the comments below.

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