10 Facts About Aki Hayakawa in Chainsaw Man You Shouldn’t Miss Out

With the Chainsaw Man anime finally airing, fans are excited to see Aki Hayakawa in action. He has been one of the most popular characters in the franchise since the early days of the manga, and we can’t be happier with his anime adaptation. Though, even with a huge fanbase, there are certain attributes about Aki’s personality that are still unknown to many. So, as a tribute, we have listed some of the best facts about Aki Hayakawa in Chainsaw Man. Though, keep your tissues handy as some of them are more tragic and heartwarming than you might expect.

Facts About Aki Hayakawa in Chainsaw Man (2022)

Spoiler Warning: Several facts in our guide contain spoilers about the plot of Chainsaw Man manga’s Public Safety Arc. We suggest watching the Chainsaw Man anime or reading the manga, at least till chapter 97, to avoid hampering the intended experience.

1. Aki Has Contract With Four Devils

Future Curse and Fox Devils
Future Devil, Curse Devil, and Fox Devil (L to R) | Image Courtesy: Chainsaw Man manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto

Yes, you read it right. Instead of a simple contract with just one devil, Aki made several contracts, agreeing to share the power of a total of four devils in his lifetime. His first contract was with the Fox devil, then he made contracts with the Curse devil, and the Future devil as well.

Not to forget, there was a fourth contract, but he did not do it willingly. The control devil forced Aki to make a contract with her in exchange for his entire being. Unfortunately, the spree of devilish powers didn’t end with four devils for Aki. Keep reading to find out.

2. Aki Was a Good Cook

He Can Cook
Image Courtesy: Chainsaw Man manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto – Chapter 11 (Shonen Jump)

Even though it’s not a basic requirement for devil hunters, Aki Hayakawa was a great chef. When Power and Denji stayed at his place, he was the one who saved them from experimental meals with his great cooking. He was even ready to cook microwaveable meals for them while going on a trip to Hokkaido. Such gestures not only prove his confidence in his cooking skills but also show how much he cared for his companions.

Aki essentially adopted the role of the responsible older brother, taking care of these two loud children in his family and protecting them from harm too.

3. He Was Born In Volcano-Prone Hokkaido

Aki from Chainsaw Man was born in the Hokkaido region of Japan, which is the second largest island in the country. Interestingly, this region is famous for its volcanic mountain Asahi, an active volcano, ready to erupt under rare but right circumstances.

Denji and Aki conversation Chapter 4 CSM
Image Courtesy: Chainsaw Man manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto – Chapter 04 (Shonen Jump)

This volcanic birthplace is not a mere coincidence but a clear reflection of Aki’s personality. He was one with the calmest demeanor among Public Safety Devil Hunters. But, in Chapter 4, we discover that Aki wants the devils to suffer when they die. He has a brutal attitude towards them, and he even warns Denji against sympathizing with devils. This is due to him losing his entire family to the attack of the gun devil.

4. His Name Has a Hidden Message

Aki in Chainsaw Man Cover

Fujimoto Tatsuki, the mangaka/author of Chainsaw Man, revealed during an interview that Aki’s name is derived from the AK47 gun. He slightly modified the name while writing it in Japanese to make it sound like “Aki”. This smart alteration is a direct reference to the gun devil, who is Aki’s ultimate enemy. Unfortunately, this name is also a subtle nod towards Aki’s tragic fate as he turns into the Gun fiend in the future.

5. Aki Has Feelings For Makima in Chainsaw Man

From the way Aki gets jealous over all the attention Denji gets from Makima, it’s clear that he has certain romantic feelings for her. He even defends her benevolence when Denji tries to know if Makima is actually as good as she appears to be.

Aki and Makima
Image Courtesy: Chainsaw Man manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto – Chapter 74 (Shonen Jump)

Unfortunately, all of this amounts to nothing for Makima. She constantly undermines Aki and bosses him around without showing much appreciation. This behavior has led many fans to believe that Aki is under the control of Makima’s devil abilities, and that his feelings are merely an illusion. Adding on to that, towards the end of the first arc of the Chainsaw Man manga, Aki couldn’t even remember the reason why he likes Makima.

Aki Hayakawa in Chainsaw Man is One of The Most Popular CSM Character

Shueisha, a Japanese publisher and a partner company of Shonen Jump, conducted two polls around the Chainsaw Man’s characters. Aki came in third during the initial poll with 25,704 votes. But he topped the results in the second poll with 88,868 votes. His simple yet charming personality is a big hit among the fans, and the numbers are here to prove it.

7. Aki’s Hairstyle Has a Tragic Secret

Aki Hayakawa in Chainsaw Man  Hairstyle Has a Tragic Secret
Image Courtesy: Chainsaw Man manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto (Shonen Jump)

Seen from different angles, Aki’s topknot hair style looks like the top-end or the hammer of a handgun. You can be forgiven for treating it like a regular hairstyle. But, later on, this simple hairstyle turns tragic when Aki becomes the gun fiend.

In that state, Aki has a handgun (or pistol) coming out of his head whose hammer pops out of the back of his head. It replaces his topknot perfectly, resulting in heartbreaking imagery for the fans.

8. He Has Strong Control Over His Feelings

From the moment we meet Aki Hayakawa in Chainsaw Man, it becomes clear that he is a calm person and doesn’t show his emotions often. At least, not when he doesn’t want to. We see a prime example of this quality in manga Chapter 25. In it, we meet the ghost devil, who only sees people when they’re feeling fear. But, thanks to his control over his emotions, Aki was able to easily dodge the attacks of this devil and hide from it.

He Has Strong Control Over His Feelings

Later on, in various segments of the series, we see Aki losing his peers and feeling remorse over their death. But he doesn’t let anyone else sees how he is feeling. Instead, he waits till he’s alone in his apartment, and only then Aki lets his emotions out and bawls his eyes out.

9. Aki Considers Denji and Power Family

Even though Aki seems to hate their presence early on, he comes around and starts caring for Denji and Power as the series progresses. He allows them to stay at his apartment, cooks for them, and even acts like a father figure for the two. Though, he also appears to be constantly embarrassed by the ill mannerisms of Power and the careless attitude of Denji.

Aki Hayakawa in Chainsaw Man Cares for Denji and Power

But their behavior isn’t enough to pursue Aki from not treating them as a family. Living under one roof saw them build a bond beyond their devil-hunting pursuits. The prime example of their connection and his feelings is seen when Aki is ready to withdraw from his lifelong mission of hunting the gun devil because it endangers Power and Denji. Not to forget, towards the end, he even leaves his inheritance to them, ensuring that they are cared for even when he’s not around.

10. A Devil Lives Inside Aki

A Devil Lives Inside Aki

Thanks to a rather disturbing contract, Aki allowed the future devil to live in his right eye. In return, the devil lent Aki some of his power, allowing him to look a few seconds into the future. During this encounter, the future devil also mocked him by saying that Aki will die in the “worst way possible“. And well, we all know what became of him in the later chapters of the manga.

Interesting Facts About Aki Hayakawa in Chainsaw Man

Are you crying over Aki’s unfortunate story? Or are you celebrating the majestic Aki Hayakawa in Chainsaw Man? With all the facts about him in the open, we will leave you to judge Aki’s character how you want. But, do keep in mind that not everyone who suffers from tragedy turns out to be as good as Aki. The prime example on the flip side is Asa Mitaka (War devil), who’s getting ready to become the new villain in Chainsaw Man. You can use our dedicated guide linked here to learn everything about Mitaka in no time. But, leaving both the humans aside, who is your favorite devil in Chainsaw Man? Tell us in the comments below!

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