As a professional photographer, carrying a single camera and standard lens with you will not be enough! It would be a bit more evident when you have undertaken a project that requires you to capture different kinds of shots, — such as when you are there to cover an event with large gatherings. In such cases, you would need variety of lenses, tripod, different kinds of flash lights, etc. And, if you are planning to use a GoPro for full HD photography and videography, you would need some more stuff as well. Of course, you can’t hold all these in your hand, not safe either. So, you obviously need a reliable camera bag.

Similarly, even when you don’t have a bigger collection of lenses, it’s a good thing to have a better carrying method if you want to travel with your photography adventures. In both the cases, you can find the help by choosing a superb camera bag; it has to be noted that the camera bag — sometimes known as camera cases — should have a satisfactory capacity. In this post, we have a list of top 15 camera bags you can choose, quite confidently. The list is a handpicked collection of different camera cases, for different purposes. So, shall we move on to the list?

Choose the Best Camera Bag for Your Needs

1. AmazonBasics Backpack for SLR/DSLR Cameras & Accessories

AmazonBasics Backpack for SLR DSLR Cameras Accessories

A brilliant product from AmazonBasics — Amazon’s own sub-brand for quality-rich accessories —, this camera bag is a great choice for professional photographers out there. This can conveniently be carried to almost everywhere and its size lets you store up to 2 smaller SLR/DSLR camera bodies. In the smaller racks, you will be able to store a handful of various camera lenses, and they’re arranged in an easily accessible manner. There are some smallest provisions that can be used to store further accessories such as charger, USBs or SD Cards. Apart from all the camera accessories, you can also fit a laptop of the size of 13.3 inch MacBook Pro in the first larger zipper compartment. However, do note that it’s not completely waterproof (could be termed as water-resistant at best).

Talking about manufacturing material, AmazonBasics Backpack for SLR/DSLR Cameras & Accessories is made of polyester and nylon, making it a bit more effective in terms of protection. In the side part of the bag, you can store your tripod as well. It has to be noted that the shoulder straps and chest of the backpack have been optimized for better comfort. After all, it is a product from Amazon, with one-year warranty.

  • Price: $29.99
  • Where to Buy: Amazon

2. Case Logic DCB-304 Hybrid Camera Case

Case Logic DCB-304 Hybrid Camera Case

This product from Case Logic isn’t a backpack but a camera bag that you can carry around very easily, without feeling the weight on back. Of course, number of devices that can be stored is limited to one. Yet, if you are sure that you would have to carry a point-and-shoot camera or a high-zoom camera, you can go with Case Logic DCB-304 Hybrid Camera Case, which is available at an incredibly affordable price. The size of the bag is 7″x 4″x 6″ so it will not fit cameras such as Canon EOS Rebel T3 EF-S 18-55 II so do keep that in mind. Talking of additional features, you’d love to have the wall that splits the bag into two: in the first, you can store the camera body whereas dedicating the second one for a common set of accessories such as lenses, spare batteries, etc. In addition, on the top layer, it has zippered pockets for storing memory cards, USBs and other smaller accessories you need. As we come to the convenience of use, we should mention Integrated Belt Loop and Removable shoulder trap. You can carry it around, as per your comfort.

  • Price: $14.99
  • Where to Buy: Amazon

3. AmazonBasics Carrying Case for GoPro

AmazonBasics Carrying Case for GoPro

In the intro, we talked about those who use GoPro for serious photography, mainly adventure photography enthusiasts! If you’re one of those, chances are high that you would love to have this AmazonBasics Carrying Case for GoPro. It’s a compact case that is spacious enough to store your GoPro camera and other accessories you would need. The list of stuff you can include in the case are: two GoPro cameras with their housing, extra batteries, SD cards, remote control, a P.O.V. pole or buoy, wall charger etc. All these accessories have their unique place, making the case look quite neat as well as accessible when you open the lid. Also, there’s a zippered layer attached to the lid, where it’s quite comfortable to store accessory cables, USBs, hard drives etc.. It needs to be noted that AmazonBasics Carrying Case for GoPro works fine with every GoPro camera out there, including GoPro Hero 7, 6, 5, 4, 3+, 3, 2 and 1; GoPro Session, etc. Despite all these, you can carry the bag just as you’re holding a document file.

  • Price: $15.99
  • Where to Buy: Amazon

4. Sony LCSCSJ Soft Carrying Case

Sony LCSCSJ Soft Carrying Case

Sony LCSCSJ Soft Carrying case has been made specifically for digital cameras from Sony, such as S, W, T and N series. According to customer reviews and Question Answer section on Amazon, the case will be compatible with some other point-and-shoot cameras as well, giving you the freedom to choose without the failing-to-fit tension. Though it won’t fit Mirrorless cameras or DSLRs. The deal comes with a shoulder strap that can be very useful when you want the carry the bag around. And, talking about the build, we’d love to mention the belt-loop design that’s pretty much convenient from the common user’s perspective. The case is made using Nylon and the layer would be protective enough to resist common issues such as dust, water spill, dirt etc. Altogether, Sony LCSCSJ Soft Carrying Case would be a great companion for your Sony point and shoot. And, you can keep this camera bag in your pocket if you don’t mind the protruding nature of it.

  • Price: $10
  • Where to Buy: Amazon

5. AmazonBasics Large DLSR Gadget Bag

AmazonBasics Large DLSR Gadget Bag

This camera bag from AmazonBasics is meant to be so spacious that you will be able to carry camera & accessories in a convenient manner. As you can see in the image, there’s dedicated slot for storing your flash light (along with adapter), lens and the camera body; you can also add an external lens, if you needed a different kind of shot from different angle. The remaining rack can be used for some other accessories or devices, such as a USB drive or battery charger or memory cards. Well, number of DSLR camera bodies that can be included is limited to one, at any case but you can add up to three lenses or flashes. Along with these camera-based accessories, you have enough space to store other stuff such as your Tablet PC or the HDD you’re always carrying. The dimensions of the bag is 10″x 5″x 6″, in case you’re curious about the same. Talking of material, AmazonBasics Large DLSR Gadget Bag is made using nylon and plastic, and the design is not that strict. The camera can be flexible when needed. Though, the manufacturer doesn’t claim or state that the bag is weatherproof but from what we’ve read in Amazon customer reviews, you can easily take this bag outside in light rains.

  • Price: $22.65
  • Where to Buy: Amazon

6. Accessory Genie Professional Gear Backpack for DSLR by USA Gear

Accessory Genie Professional Gear Backpack for DSLR

This quite-spacious camera bag can be the optimal companion for the professional photographer and cinematographers, who wants to grab not only the camera and accessories but also a laptop and related stuff. While the lower portion can house a camera body, a few lenses and flash light, there’s a dedicated space for media storage on top of that area. As we take a look at that top most area of USA Gear Accessory Genie Professional Gear Backpack for DSLR, we can find the space to store larger kinds of accessories such as your HDDs or spare batteries. And, there’s a specifically-divided area for placing your laptop in a convenient manner and taking it off, right away. However, do note that the maximum size of laptop that you can fit in this camera bag is 15.6 inches which should be good enough for most people. By the way, you can attach a tripod or gimbal on one side of this backpack. It’s to be noted that the bottom space of Accessory Genie Professional Gear Backpack for DSLR can be customized as per your convenience and requirements. Lastly, dimensions of this bag is 18″x 12″x 8″, and it’s not weather-proof. Despite all these, it’s a matter of amusement that the backpack has truly sleek design. Considering this feature-richness and affordable price, it’s good to go for.

  • Price: $49.99
  • Where to Buy: Amazon

7. AmazonBasics Medium DSLR Gadget Bag

AmazonBasics Medium DSLR Gadget Bag

Another noteworthy product from AmazonBasics, AmazonBasics Medium DSLR Gadget Bag is apparently a necessary companion for almost every DSLR owner out there, especially when he or she needs optimal quality and protection. In the camera bag, you can conveniently store one DSLR body and two lenses; lenses can be replaced by flash lights, by the way. The interior is so flexible that you can adjust it according to the size of camera and lens. In addition to the dedicated space for camera storage, AmazonBasics Medium DSLR Gadget Bag lets you store a tablet PC of yours, such as an iPad or Galaxy Tab S4 or Surface Go. When you open the lid of the bag, you can find a zippered rack there, which you’ll find useful for storing smaller accessories such as memory cards, extra batteries etc — you can even store your smartphone with good cameras such as iPhone XS, Mate 20 Pro, or Pixel 3 XL if you like. Talking about the functionality, AmazonBasics Medium DSLR Gadget Bag comes with shoulder strap so that it would be possible for you to keep it safe, without putting much effort into it. Altogether, we are impressed by the power of simplicity and customizability Amazon has included in this compact camera bag.

  • Price: $17.99
  • Where to Buy: Amazon

8. Victoriatourist V6022 Backpack for SLR Cameras & Laptops

Victoriatourist V6022 Backpack for SLR Cameras & Laptops

Victoriatourist V6022 Backpack for SLR Cameras & Laptops is a multipurpose camera bag, which can be customized, quite extensively, to meet your requirements and taste. Basically, this backpack offers space for protecting your SLR camera, a few lenses and a 15-inch screen laptop, with no interruption from outside. There’s a water-resistant coat on bottom part of the camera bag and this layer can be expanded to every section when it’s raining. This flexibility is almost there in every part of Victoriatourist V6022 Backpack for SLR Cameras & Laptops. Another feature we loved in the bag is the comfortable airflow back system and soft-padded shoulder straps that help you minimize stress on the back. In addition, SLR compartment of this backpack is removable — just in case. At the same time, it is possible for you to adjust those dividers in the SLR compartment to arrange your devices easily. Just as what the company says, this backpack camera bag is suitable for urban commuters as well for those field trips. It’s still affordable, by the way.

  • Price: $59.99
  • Where to Buy: Amazon

9. Kattee Leather Canvas Camera Bag

5. Kattee Leather Canvas Camera Bag

If you are looking for a small and premium looking messenger camera bag which doesn’t break the bank, then check out the Kattee Leather Canvas Camera Bag. Costing just north of $40, the Kattee Leather Canvas Camera Bag has a lot to offer that we like. First of all, I love its durable retro design which looks really cool. When it comes to features, the bag offers adjustable padded dividers, built-in microfiber lining, a myriad of pockets for carrying accessories, brass buckle with the quick lock mechanism, and padded and comfortable shoulder straps. The bag can easily carry a pro DSLR camera from all the major companies such as Sony, Nikon, Canon, and more, along with two separate lenses and accessories. The bag also offers additional pockets designed for memory cards, and business cards. Plus, you can also fit in a tablet and a small laptop of the screen-size 13.3 inches in the bag.

    • Price: $40.99
    • Where to Buy: Amazon

10. Pelican 1514 Carry On Watertight Case

Pelican 1514 Carry On Watertight Case

Pelican 1514 Carry On Watertight Case is one of the most expensive protective bags in this list, but it’s not actually a camera bag; rather, it’s a watertight bag that can be used to store your DSLR cameras and necessary accessories, as it comes with padded dividers. Although it will be bulkier in the long run, you can store two or three SLR camera bodies, a lot more lenses of different kind and some other accessories such as HDD/SSD in the padded dividers. And, on the lid of the case, there are zippered sections where you can store a variety of stuff, such as spare batteries, drones, flash lights, etc. It’s watertight with pressure equalization valve whereas the sturdy build ensures support from water, crush and dust, right away. Keeping the notion of accessibility in mind, Pelican has added wheels that are made using polyurethane and the wheels have stainless steel bearings as well. Altogether, despite the cost, the camera bag does make enough sense.

  • Price: $180
  • Where to Buy: Amazon

11. Lowepro Slingshot 102 DSLR Sling Camera Bag

Lowepro Slingshot 102 DSLR Sling Camera Bag

Lowepro Slingshot 102 DSLR Sling Camera Bag is yet another fully-fledged camera bag you can use, when you need both comfort and spaciousness. This camera bag can be divided into different sections and each of these sections lets you store a particular kind of device or accessory. For instance, bottom part of Lowepro Slingshot 102 DSLR Sling Camera Bag is meant to give you space to store a DSLR body and two lenses, topmost area of the bag lets you store bigger-sized accessories such as your portable SSD/HDD or an iPad. Similarly, you will be able to store an extremely wider range of accessories in the zippered layers, small boxes and everything else. Talking of flexibility and comfort, you will love to have the tripod mount system as well as the adjustable padded waist-belt for the matter of security. The camera bag comes with an in-built rain coat, which can be expanded from the bottom to top. All in all, it gives you freedom and protection, equally.

  • Price: $104.99
  • Where to Buy: Amazon

12. Peak Design Everyday Messenger Bag

If you are looking for a premium camera bag, check out the Peak Design Everyday Messenger Bag which is one of the best messenger bags for housing and carrying cameras. Despite the fact that the bag looks so small from the outside, it can easily hold your cameras, lenses, and laptop, making this a great traveling accessory for photographers on the go. The bag is perfect for carrying smaller body types and mirrorless cameras. This one bag can house all the gadgets that you need to not only capture but also edit your perfect shots.

1. Peak Design Everyday Messenger Bag

My favorite feature of the bag is what the company calls FlexFold dividers which can snap around and over individual items including cameras and lenses. Thus your gear is fit snugly inside the bag. The dividers protects your gear from moving around and getting scratches and dents even if you drop the bag by mistake. The bag also features a weatherproof exterior shell along with magnetic latches and adjustable shoulder straps which are really comfortable. It comes in both 13 and 15-inch sizes allowing you to carry everything that you need.

  • Price: $219.95
  • Where to Buy: Amazon

13. Gitzo Adventury 30L DSLR Camera Backpack

If you are someone who travels a lot to remote places seeking adventure then this bag is just for you. The Gitzo Adventury 30L DSLR Camera Backpack is created for people who seek the thrill of adventure and capture that thrill using their camera. The bag is perfect for landscape and adventure photographers who need to carry a full camera equipment kit in a safe, roomy, feature-rich, an outdoor-ready bag. Thanks to its roomy construction and the new GITZO G-Cushion, the backpack can safely protect a pro DSLR camera, a second camera body, and up to 4 lenses along with some small accessories. For example, you can easily carry cameras such as Canon EOS M5, Fujifilm X-Pro2, Fujifilm X-T1, Olympus OM-D E-M5 II, Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7, Sony Alpha 7 II, and more.

2. Gitzo Adventury 30L DSLR Camera Backpack

The bag can also easily carry a small drone such as a DJI Mavic Pro, along with its remote control and other accessories. Finally, there’s also space for a full 15-inch laptop along with separate compartments for tablets and small tripods. Basically, with this, you can carry your entire photo/video capturing and editing rig with you.

  • Price: $249.88
  • Where to Buy: Amazon

14. Lowepro Whistler BP 450 AW

3. Lowepro Whistler BP 450 AW

Another awesome camera backpack is the Lowepro Whistler BP 450 AW which can easily house a full-size pro DSLR camera (such as Nikon D4S or Canon 1DX) with lens along with three additional lenses in different sizes including 58mm (f/1.4), 24-70 mm (f/2.8), 24 mm (f/1.4), and more, and all the other camera accessories that you want to carry. There are also separate spaces for carrying your tripod, laptop, tablet, shoes, and more. When it comes to durability, Lowepro Whistler BP 450 AW is second to none. That backpack is made of high-performance materials which can handle any weather. The bag also offers multiple heavy-duty attachment points and can also be used for carrying heavy gear such as skis, snowboard, and more. That should give you an idea about how strong this bag is. While this is a premium bag, it deserves every penny that it costs.

  • Price: $220
  • Where to Buy: Amazon

15. Think Tank TurnStyle 20 V2.0

4. Think Tank TurnStyle 20 V2.0

And last but not the least is the Think Tank TurnStyle 20 V2.0 camera bag since it looks so starkly different from all the camera bags on this list and I love it just for that. Apart from its looks, the bag also wins big points for being highly functional. It offers easy rotation for rapid access to gear and accessories so that you don’t have to take off the bag from your back to use it. It also features stabilizer straps which hold the bag steady even when you are running. When it comes to camera gear, the Think Tank TurnStyle can easily hold a standard DSLR such as a Nikon D800 attached to a 70-200 mm lens. Apart from the main camera gear it can also hold a DJI Mavic Pro along with its controller and batteries, and a 10-inch tablet. That said, the bag cannot fit your laptop which might be a deal breaker for many people. I feel that this bag is great for photographers who go out to take photographs but come back home to edit them. If that’s you, definitely check it out.

  • Price: $99.75
  • Where to Buy: Amazon

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So, that concludes our list of 15 best camera bags that you should consider buying if you carry multiple cameras, lenses, drones, laptop, and more. We have tried to include a variety of options for beginners as well as professionals so the list should offer something to everyone. If you think that we have missed on a great camera bag that deserves to be on our list, do let us know in comments down below, and we’ll definitely check it out.


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