Bug Pokemon Strength, Weakness, and Resistance

In Short
  • Bug Pokemon are strong against Grass, Psychic, and Dark-type Pokemon.
  • However, they cannot fight well against Flying, Rock, and Fire-type Pokemon from Generation two and onwards.
  • They are highly resistant to Fighting, Ground, and Grass Pokemon Pokemon.

There’s no denying that you can’t resist the charm of Bug Pokemon. After all, who doesn’t love having a Beedrill on their team? However, having one and knowing them are two different things. If you’re a new Pokemon trainer just starting out, this one’s for you. So with that, let’s talk about Bug Pokemon’s strengths, weaknesses and resistance right here.

Bug Pokemon Strengths

Bug Pokemon Strength in Pokemon games
Bug Pokemon Strength in Pokemon games as of generation two onward.

Like few Pokemon out there, Bug-type have undergone various changes over the years. When initially introduced in the first generation of games, Bug Pokemon’s primary strengths included being highly effective against poison, grass, and psychic-type Pokemon. This means a Beedrill will annihilate a Bulbasaur and a Ghastly.

However, this Pokemon element got its properties a little reworked from the second generation. Instead of being strong against poison, the bug-type is now strong against grass Pokemon, psychic, and dark-type monsters.

Bug Pokemon Weaknesses

Bug Pokemon Weakness in Pokemon games as of generation two.

Like its strengths, Bug-type also had its weaknesses tweaked across the generations. When introduced, bug Pokemon’s weaknesses included flying Pokemon, poison, rock Pokemon, and fire-type Pokemon. However, including Poison under strengths and weakness barely made sense and felt like an anomaly.

Hence, with the introduction of the second generation of games, the Bug Type’s total weaknesses included flying, rock, and fire types. So, it’s not a wise idea to take out your Scyther against a Charizard. Hence, I suggest taking out a Pokemon that counters the above elements.

Bug Pokemon Resistance

Unlike the strengths and weaknesses, Bug-type Pokemon never had their resistance altered. When first introduced in generation one game, they were highly resistant against fighting, ground, and grass Pokemon.

Logically, it makes sense since a flying bug is harder to kick and punch. So, if your Beedrill fight against a Hitmonlee, it will take damage. However, it will resist any special attack damages.

Now you know everything essential about Bug Pokemon. Remember, everything mentioned here also applies to Pokemon GO. We hope with this you can defeat the best of the monsters out there. Still have confusion? Drop your questions down in the comments below!

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