Boruto’s New Rasengan Uzuhiko Explained

Boruto: Two Blue Vortex is undoubtedly one of the best ongoing manga series right now. It kicked off in the coolest way possible, and the story continues to top our expectations with every chapter. As this Boruto series picks up after a three-year time skip, we get to see major character design changes. But more importantly, we are now witnessing the unreal upgraded powers of our protagonist, Boruto. And the first overpowered jutsu we get to see in Boruto Two Blue Vortex is the all-new Rasengan Uzuhiko. It’s a pretty complicated jutsu that can leave you puzzled, but don’t worry, as we have you covered. Keep reading to learn more about this new Rasengan and its power.

What is Rasengan Uzuhiko in Boruto Two Blue Vortex?

Boruto unleashes Rasengan Uzuhiko.
Image Courtesy: Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 3 by Ukyō Kodachi, Masashi Kishimoto, and Mikio Ikemoto (Viz, Shonen Jump)

Rasengan: Uzuhiko is the newest type of Rasengan we are witnessing in Boruto: Two Blue Vortex. So, let’s take a look at how unique it is from the other Rasengan and especially how powerful it is. The term Uzuhiko literally translates to Spiralling Sphere “Vortex Boy.”

It should be noted that the term Uzuhiko is derived from the God of Wind, Shinatsuhiko, in Japanese Mythology. Thus, you can now easily understand this Rasengan. Vortex is heavily associated with wind as Boruto was also seen enveloped in swirls of wind when he performed this jutsu for the first time.

Uzuhiko may seem a bit perplexing at first but not too impossible to understand. As mentioned earlier, it is heavily associated with wind and planetary motion, making it one of the strongest jutsus we’ve ever seen. So, let’s understand how this Rasengan works in detail in the section below.

How Does Rasengan Uzuhiko Work?

Boruto unleashes Rasengan Uzuhiko against code.
Image Courtesy: Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 3 by Ukyō Kodachi, Masashi Kishimoto, and Mikio Ikemoto (Viz, Shonen Jump)

Before we head to its explanation, it is necessary to know how Boruto prepared the attack, which will greatly help us understand how this jutsu works. So, instead of concentrating the chakra in the middle of the hand (as is the case in a majority of Rasengans), Boruto switched this up a tad bit by gathering senjutsu chakra all over his body. That’s the first and biggest difference between Uzuhiko and the other Rasengan techniques. Once the preparations are done, a swirl of wind surrounds Boruto and it’s time to unleash its full power.

Boruto’s new Rasengan Uzuhiko derives its powers from planetary motion and its chakra as well. Once it’s prepared, Boruto can hit any enemy once they are in close proximity to him. It doesn’t deliver an instant impact like all other types, but this is a special case where the attack leaves the enemy totally disoriented.

As this Rasengan technique uses the planet’s spin and chakra, the intended target is hit with the rotational movement of a whole planet. This leaves them shaken and unable to maintain their balance, as Code is seen struggling to stand up on being hit by this jutsu. That’s how this new form of Rasengan works basically.

How Powerful is Boruto’s Rasengan Uzuhiko?

Boruto unleashes Rasengan Uzuhiko against code.
Image Courtesy: Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 3 by Ukyō Kodachi, Masashi Kishimoto, and Mikio Ikemoto (Viz, Shonen Jump)

The brand new Uzuhiko is one of the most OP Rasengan techniques to exist. Code trembling and losing his ground after receiving a blow by this jutsu is a testament to how powerful it really is. Although Boruto said that damage done is semi-permanent, one should know that the effects don’t stop unless the planet stops spinning or Boruto puts an end to the technique.

The first attack may look like it lacks sheer force, but that is the perfect cover to hide this overpowered version of Rasengan. This can catch enemies off guard, just like Boruto’s Vanishing Rasengan move.

Boruto keeps surprising us with world-class level upgraded versions of Rasengans. He is shaping up to be one of the biggest shinobis we have ever seen and is more like a mix of Sasuke and Naruto, isn’t he? The first instance of Uzuhiko has us hyped, and we can’t wait to see more of this exciting new jutsu in the upcoming chapters. Until then, let us know your thoughts about this new Rasengan in the comments section.

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  • Scott Ivory says:

    The ones who should’ve been watching Boruto use this jutsu, are Kakashi, Tsunade, Iruka, Shikamaru, Sumire and most of all Sarada herself, as they would be completely shocked at seeing such a power for the first time, while Boruto would explain to them how it works, but I like to imagine how Naruto would react, when he learns about the Rasengan Uzuhiko, he would be even more shocked at the fact that his own son had truly surpassed him long ago!

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