18 Best Roblox VR Games to Play in 2024 (Free & Paid)

Despite being online for over a decade, Roblox remains a hugely popular sandbox platform. It caters to both solo players and teams, having experiences in store for everyone. Now, Roblox has even rolled out VR support for gamers worldwide. While we have previously discussed how to play VR games on Roblox, today, we focus on getting you up to speed with some of the best virtual reality games. Roblox has its fair share of VR games that dabble into various genres. For those with VR headsets, I have compiled a list of the best Roblox VR games you can play in 2024. So charge up your Meta Quest headsets and dive in.

Before we get started, let’s quickly discuss what you need to experience. While Roblox is a lightweight platform, there are a few things you need to experience virtual reality. This includes at least an entry-level VR headset and a powerful PC. For the complete list of requirements and the process, check out our guide on how to play Roblox on the Oculus Quest 2. With that out of the way, let’s take a look at the best Roblox VR games.

1. Project: SCP [VR SUPPORT]

Let’s start with Project: SCP, a Roblox VR game inspired by the cult classic fictional foundation Secure Contain Protect. For those unaware, the world of SCP revolves around different objects considered anomalies. All these objects are fatal and divided into various classes. SCP is the organization that secures, contains, and protects these objects from getting out there.

Project SCP roblox vr game

Project: SCP is a round-based game that focuses on this world. As a player, your aim is to escape the SCP facility as either a D-Class object or a researcher and survive. Along the way, you get access to different weapons that you can use against enemies. Do remember that your VR experience might get scary at times. So, if you want to start your VR journey with this Roblox game, tread with caution.

Play Project SCP VR

2. Sound Space Music + Rhythm

If you have grown tired of Beat Saber and want to experience something new, this is the Roblox VR game you should get. Sound Space is a rhythm-based game set in a cyberpunkish retro world. For starters, the game puts you in a video game arcade that you must enter to play the game. Once in, your job is to move your controller cursor through the incoming hollow blocks. To be honest, though, it is like a mini workout.

Sound Space Roblox vr game

Sound Space Music is a game that includes some underrated music artists in their collection. The latest update has added four new charts and seven maps to perfect your skills. Besides the music, you can walk around the virtual cafeteria, interact with other players, or make them your rivals in the leaderboard.

Play Sound Space Music + Rhythm

3. Cook Burgers

Cook Burgers is a classic restaurant management game. This Roblox VR game is like the Overcooked series, except you can pair up with strangers in this game. All players start in the kitchen and assemble burgers for waiting customers. Don’t worry, as you just have to place the ingredients on top of each other — that’s all. You can also choose to manage the till instead and collect the bill.

Roblox vr games cook burgers

Employees who serve the best work get their collection amount noted on the board. However, if you don’t feel like being an employee, you can venture out and find the strange potion that lets you become a rat. However, I was okay with throwing burgers at people in the messy kitchen.

Play Cook Burgers

4. VR Hands

VR Hands is a Roblox game you can easily play with your non-VR friends. As you would have guessed, this title makes you a massive pair of hands hovering over the map. Down below are the non-VR players whose main job is to pass the obstacle course. But they can’t do it without your help.

18 Best Roblox VR Games to Play in 2024 (Free & Paid)

As the wielder of the giant body, it’s your role to use your big hands to cover the places where the tiny people can’t go. Simply hover over the gaps, and players can use these hands to walk through. Or, if you want, you can be a little evil and take your hand off as they pass and watch them drop down. Try playing VR Hands in both modes to maximize your fun.

Play VR Hands

5. Clashers VR

I first played this Roblox VR game while setting up my Oculus headset last year. After all this time, Clashers VR continues to be one of my favorite picks. For those who have played it, this battle-focused VR game will take you back to Blade and Sorcery VR. Clashers VR offers a few modes, including Castle Defence, Wave Survival, and more.

clashers vr roblox

No matter what mode you pick, Clashers VR has players picking up various weapons and striking their enemies. The AI enemies, too, have armaments of their own, and they hurt, so be sure to move out of the way when shot at. The game even includes flying projectile-throwing enemies. If you want an action-focused game, try out Clashers VR on Roblox.

Play Clashers VR

6. Road to Gramby’s

While this Roblox VR game sounds like a fun old ride, it is anything but. Put more simply, Road to Gramby’s is an adventure game that plays out like a challenge to get to Grandma. The player starts out from the very beginning in their home. They must load up their car and begin the journey to drive there. However, the path is littered with obstacles in every corner.

Road to gramby's vr roblox games

Road to Gramby’s features many fantasy elements, including floating pyramids, superpowers, and more. It also includes elements from this world and inventory management as you buy parts for your car to keep it in working order. So, if you’re for an intense enough VR challenge to get to Gramby’s, play away.

Play Road to Gramby’s


I’m a big fan of escape room titles. And as you might have guessed by the name, VR Escape Room brings that to Roblox and your headset. Having been released a few years ago, the game claims it’s the first-ever VR escape room-style experience. The purpose of this game is to, well, escape the room. However, because not everyone might be familiar with the concept, you start in a tutorial session.

VR Escape room roblox

Once done, players currently have two different scenarios to choose from. You can either enter the Desert Temple and find a way out, or you can return the sword to the knight in Medieval Mission. More missions are due to be added soon. The game added compatibility for HTC Vive, so you are free to try this game out with the most popular headsets.

Play VR Escape Room

8. Noodle VR

Built for the social ones among the lot, Noodle VR is an experience made for Roblox players to chat with each other. However, the game makes it fun by putting out different environments and levels you can place yourself in. As you might be able to tell from the name, you can opt to become a noodle in the game, provided you purchase it. However, even for the ones that don’t, there is a normal players option available.

Noodle VR roblox games

There are lots of other activities to do, including flying around, drawing paintings, playing hockey, and more. You can even resort to combat if things turn sour between you and other players. However, Noodle VR is still quite a casual game and one that comes under the best of Roblox VR games.

Play Noodle VR

9. Vibe VR Remastered

True to its name, Vibe VR Remastered is a Roblox game based on having a fun time and keeping a nice vibe. There is no true objective you have to follow to win. Instead, consider this game like a virtual hangout room where you and your friends can vibe together. The game has been remastered from its original form and now features better graphics and more things to do.

Vibe VR

There is a singular map, but you get to do a lot of activities. The game boasts dart shooting, a playable piano, bowling, cooking, basketball, and much more. Players get around by hovering over the map using their hands. For those who want even more fun, the creators have also released a new game called VR Hangout (Play). Check it out as well.

Play Vibe VR Remastered

10. Self-Driving Simulator

Another relaxing Roblox VR game to try out is the self-driving simulator. However, you don’t have to do the driving in this game, as the car is autonomous. You only need to decide where you are going and enjoy the ride. The game itself can be enjoyed solo or with friends.

Self drive vr

Self-Driving Simulator is a game that is more of an experience rather than anything else. So, while there aren’t many things for you to do, it is still an excellent Roblox VR game you should try if you want a relaxing drive.

Play Self-Driving Simulator

11. Koala Cafe

Roblox has more than its fair share of roleplaying servers where players can enter different worlds. Koala Cafe is one of those worlds and is a full-fledged cafe dedicated to serving virtual customers. Like the game above, there is no singular objective to win the game. Once you enter Koala Cafe, take the time to walk around and check out the atmosphere.

Koala Cafe

This Roblox simulation VR game has an entire menu you can order off if you feel like your character is hungry. From slushies, burgers, and cotton candy to even plain water, there is a lot on offer. Simply walk up to the cashier and place your order. For players who are looking for action games, skip this one.

Play Koala Cafe

12. Cleaning Simulator

This Roblox VR game reminds me of a much more violent PC game called Viscera Cleanup Detail. However, unlike mopping up dead bodies, the enemies here are messy puddles and stains on walls. As the janitor, it is your job to clean this mess up — quite literally.

Cleaning simulator

The cleaning simulator lets you buddy up or get into a server. However, if you wish, you can go at it solo while exploring the world around you. The game has a mixed art style of Roblox combined with 2D animations, and I found it fun to play.

Play Cleaning Simulator

13. Ragdoll Simulator

Speaking of simulators, cleaning, and driving aren’t the only thing you can do in Roblox with a headset on. Anyone who has talked about ragdoll in games knows while looking silly, it’s actually fun to witness. Ragdoll Simular in Roblox VR is counted as one of the best games because of that reason. This simple game lets players turn into complete ragdolls just to goof around.

Ragdoll simulator roblox vr games

The best part is that rag dolling is extremely accurate and looks identical to what you would expect from some AAA games. Furthermore, you can even switch to a first-person view for even more immersion. There is also a floating button to rise into the air and objects like big cannons that shoot you in the sky. While you can also buy some items or perks for Robux, the free VR version is amazing just the same. I also suggest you check out how to earn free Robux in Roblox.

Play Ragdoll Simulator

14. EdgeWorks [VR Exclusive]

Unlike most of the games on this list, Edgeworks is the only game that has been built from the ground up exclusively for VR. The game is a combination of parkour, physics-based climbing, shooting, and a story to top it off. Since special attention has been paid to physics, moving around the game feels especially realistic. You climb structures and railings with a combination of visual cues and controllers.

Edgeworks VR Roblox

There is also a fair bit of gunplay in the mix, and it feels close to the real deal. However, do note that Edgeworks is a paid game and costs 400 Robux to play, which comes to $4.99. So be prepared to pony up if you wish to enjoy a realistic experience.

Play Edgeworks ($4.99 Robux)

15. OPPOSER VR [Alpha]

Ending the game with a mix of action and physics, OPPOSER is a VR game full of players locked in gunplay. While the game is in its Alpha stage right now, it has several elements, including a full arsenal, armor to protect players, and a good-looking map.

Opposer VR Roblox

The players can engage in team-based combat or go all out and eliminate anyone they see. However, do be aware there is a good amount of violence as well; you shoot everyone. Nonetheless, OPPOSER is an awesome VR game you should try on Roblox.


16. Laser Tag VR

It’s no secret that Laser Tag, while fun, is incredibly taxing on the body. Thankfully, you can enjoy Laser Tag right from your home with this Roblox game. As simple as it sounds, Laser Tag VR lets players form teams together and battle it out in a neon-clad atmosphere and body suits. Like the real deal, Laser Tag VR in Roblox has a point system and systemized elimination.

Laser Tag Roblox VR

While the game is VR-focused, there is a bit of movement involved as you can physically dodge the laser to avoid it. So, if you’re up for some laser tag and don’t mind some moving around, check out this VR game on Roblox.

Play Laser Tag VR

17. Crazy Stairs + VR

If you have been around since HTC Vive, you will know about a game where you had to walk a virtual plank. While it was only meant as a small VR experience, it was quite the buzz. Crazy Stairs takes the same approach but pushes it a bit further. As you can tell, the aim of the game is to climb the stairs. However, the steps have a mind of their own as they bend, twist, and even disappear while you are climbing them.

Crazy stairs vr roblox

Thankfully, you also have magical powers and use them to bend these stairs to your will. There are a variety of various roles, including thief, archer, patron, keeper, and more. So, if you want a mind-bending experience coupled with casual fun, try this game out.

Try Crazy Stairs + VR

18. VR Sandbox

We end the list with another lighthearted yet fun VR game for Roblox. VR Sandbox, true to its name, is a complete Sandbox experience without any set of goals. Like other games in its genre, it is more of a safe atmosphere for players to relax in rather than anything else. As such, it has a giant space where players can gather as different avatars they obtain.

VR Sandbox roblox

There are various activities held in VR Sandbox. So while you can talk, you can play different games with players and pass the time. For total freedom, players can even fly around the entire map and move their hands to select elements. While it doesn’t pack the most action, this sandbox virtual reality experience is one worth trying.

Play VR Sandbox

We hope you will enjoy playing the Roblox VR games mentioned above. If you have an Oculus Quest 2, there’s even more fun to be had in virtual worlds. First, get started by learning how to play Steam games on the Oculus Quest 2. Then, take a look at the best Oculus Quest 2 games to further expand your collection. So, which of these VR games is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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