15 Best Roblox Survival Games You Should Play

Roblox is a platform that houses a wide variety of experiences. No matter if you are in search of the best Roblox scary games or looking for cool Roblox characters, there’s a lot on offer. Another popular category on Roblox is survival games, which differ in nature. If you are tired of old Roblox games and want to kick it up a notch, then you are in luck. We have compiled a list of the best survival games you can find on Roblox. These include a wide variety of games that will have you gathering resources and attacking giants. To try out all that and more, let’s dive in.

Best Roblox Survival Games

1. Evade

Evade is one of the top Roblox survival games, but it doesn’t offer you much information. Without much to go on, you have limited options. The primary goal is to go into a match and do whatever it takes to survive. The threat chasing you is a robot without mercy. Depending on the map you are on, that bot can either be a scary skull or even a big Luigi.

Evade roblox survival game

True to the game’s name, you need to evade the robot by hiding or running away. However, the game doesn’t leave you fully alone. You can choose to outfit yourself with items like floodlights, teleporters, landmines, barriers, and even cola to fight back and survive. While not exactly scary, Evade has its share of jumpscares that catch you off guard. So put on your shoes and start running.

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2. Zombie Uprising

If there’s one thing we have come to expect from survival games, it’s that zombies are always right around the corner. Zombie Uprising is a Roblox survival game that adopts the zombie shooter concept. It puts you smack dab in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. However, you are not alone since you are armed with weapons to fend them off.

zombie uprising roblox survival games

Your goal is simple – survive against the endless hordes of zombies and eliminate them with prejudice. Newbies start with normal mode and can move on to the Hard and Apocalypse modes for a bigger challenge. If you have what it takes, then arm yourself with an AR and get shooting.

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3. Survive the Killer!

If you have read our scary games list, you will be familiar with this selection. Survive the Killer! puts you in the shoes of a helpless survivor on a map. Your objective is to survive the incoming killer by any means. For this, you can either team up with friends or go in solo and hide anywhere you can.

survive the killer

On your journey, you will find items you can later sell for loot, so be sure to stock up. However, be careful as the killer might be lurking just around the corner. To make this experience weirder, you get turned into food once the killer gets you. As the game supports multiplayer mode, Survive the Killer! is a popular Roblox survival game you should play with your friends.

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4. Natural Disaster Survival

Survival games don’t have to always revolve around killers or zombies, and this game shows us that. This Roblox survival game does what its name tells us and places us in the middle of a natural disaster. The maps consist of island-like structures, which you and the other players are stranded on.

natural disaster survival

Once the timer starts, a random natural disaster takes place, and it can range from an earthquake or meteor shower to even a contagious virus. Depending on what natural disaster it is, the conditions to survive can be different. So if you are someone looking to live through a Cast Away-like experience, check out this Roblox game.

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5. BedWars

BedWars is a Roblox game that focuses on survival but blends it with base-defending elements. As a player, BedWars spawns you on a base with your bed by your side. Your primary objective is to survive by protecting your bed while trying to destroy the enemies. However, remember your own bed is a priority because you can no longer respawn once it’s gone.

bedwars roblox survival games

To go on the offense, you get a sword and pickaxe from the start. You can then gather resources and purchase upgrades to get better weapons. If you end up feeling alone, try squading up with other players to get a team defense going on.

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6. Apocalypse Rising 2

Apocalypse Rising 2 is one of the best Roblox games that takes survival to the next level. Instead of simply fighting hordes, you are dropped into a world fully infected with the undead. The archipelago you are on is rife with abandoned buildings to loot. And you even have a variety of cars, trucks, and boats you can use to explore the map.

15 Best Roblox Survival Games You Should Play

The game even has random events like Helicopter crashes and boss fights waiting for you. However, most of the island is dominated by both angry zombies and enemy players who want to survive as much as you do. Use the variety of weapons at your disposal to fight them all and survive till you win in this Roblox game.

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7. State of Anarchy

This Roblox survival game has been inspired by games like Escape from Tarkov, Metro 2033, the Stalker Series, and more. As such, it’s an open world title with a focus on gathering resources and making a successful escape. Players get to choose from eight different maps, which include locations like Canada, Seaboard, Metro, Black Market, and more.

state of anarchy roblox

Once you spawn, you are left to fend for yourself. The goal is to gather items, loot other players and eliminate them if you must, and extract the goods. State of Anarchy sports a deeper level of realism compared to other survival games, so it might get a bit heavy on you. If you are looking for a survival game that dives deeper, check out State of Anarchy on Roblox.

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Another survival game making a comeback here is Rake, a scary experience based on a creepypasta. The Rake is a mythical character that roams the forest at night. Its only aim is to look for helpless victims to stalk, hunt and finally kill. You are the victim and at the mercy of the Rake. It is now up to you to somehow survive through the night.

The rake remastered

The game lets players run and hide on the map to live. The Remastered version comes with enhanced graphics for a more immersive experience. However, do be warned as it also means that the map is darker and scarier than before, so tread lightly. If you wanted a true survival experience, the Rake REMASTERED will do it.


9. All of Us Are Dead

This Roblox survival game is based on the South Korean TV series of the same name. As you would have guessed, there is a zombie apocalypse going on, and you are one of the survivors. Like the show, all the characters are dressed in high school outfits, including the zombies. The game tasks you with dealing with the massive hordes of zombies that keep coming for your life.

all of us are dead survival games roblox

While the players start out with a pistol, they gain new weapons as they survive rounds. Once you level up enough, do jump into the Hard and Apocalypse modes for more eventful fights and zombie action. To have a high school spin on a classic zombie scenario, kids are bound to love this Roblox survival game.

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10. Giant Survival!

As the name suggests, this survival game pits you against a giant, and it instantly reminded me of the Attack on Titan anime. Your primary goal here is to eliminate the giant using weapons at your disposal. Players spawn on a medium-sized map with a giant towering over them. You need to move around the map and avoid the giant’s attack while shooting them.

Giants Survival Roblox

While you can use other weapons, they are locked, and you will have to pay for them using Robux. However, even without other guns, Giant Survival! is a scary survival game, especially when the giants get too close. Make sure to avoid their swings, or you will go flying away.

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11. Those Who Remain

Those Who Remain is another zombie survival game you should add to your list. The game is a bit more polished than the rest on the list, as is evident from the attention to detail in the environments. As a player, you are surrounded by endless waves of zombies. However, you are not alone as other gamers can join your server and fight the waves with you.

those who remain survival game roblox

There are a variety of maps you can play through, with each having its own details. Furthermore, while you can choose the standard mode, there is also an added Endless mode that spawns you on a map and keeps giving you tasks while dealing with zombies. Pair up with your friends to hack and slash the zombie hordes.

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12. 2019 Booga Booga

Booga Booga is a Roblox game that has been loved by the survival community for a long time. The game has been brought back and given new life in 2022. Instead of battering zombies or towering giants, the game puts you on an island and leaves you to explore.

Roblox Survival game booga booga

This sandbox game like Minecraft allows players to gather resources around the map to survive. As a survivor, you roam around the map and scavenge for items against others. You will run into enemies from time to time, so keep the rock you spawn with handy for use if you sense any hostility.

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13. Blacklands

Blacklands is a survival game that blends aspects from Metro, PUBG, and other games together. This survival game has many modes you can experiment with. Players starting out in survival mode are dropped onto a big map with a few weapons, to begin with. Then, they can go exploring and collecting items to fend off enemies.

blacklands roblox

Speaking of that, there are a few in the form of bandits and even irradiated areas. There is also a special battle royale mode that pits players against each other, so keep your weapons ready by your side.

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14. Project Lazarus: ZOMBIES

If you have grown up playing Dead Trigger titles, you must be familiar with setting up barricades and shooting zombies that are trying to break in. Project Lazarus is that game on Roblox but amplified. This Roblox survival shooter revolves around battling zombie hordes with friends in tight environments.

Project Lazarus Roblox

As your encounters can quick;y get up close and personal, be prepared to survive if a zombie gets in your face. The only way to hold back the undead is the barricades around the building, which you must repair to stop them from breaking in. However, considering there are so many zombies, they still will break through, which is when your guns will come in handy. Thankfully, there are multiple players on the map, and you are never alone while trying to survive.

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15. SUBMARINES! SharkBite 2

SharkBite 2 is the successor to this popular original Roblox survival game. The game gives the players the option to either band together and survive against the shark or become the predator themselves. Depending on your luck, you might be on the survivor team or become the shark. Once chosen, the players spawn on a boat in the sea.

sharkbite 2 roblox survival game

The entire team has a collective health bar that keeps dropping as players die. It is your goal to survive till the end of the round by sailing away and shooting the shark when you spot it. However, that’s easier said than done since the shark can destroy your boat in a single swipe. However, do remember that you can upgrade your boat to be stronger later. A different kind of survival game, SharkBite 2 is an interesting one to try.

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Test Your Survival Skills with These Roblox Games

We hope you have lots of fun trying to survive playing the Roblox games on this list. Since Roblox is a fairly lightweight platform, you can play it on any system. You can even play Roblox on a Chromebook without problems. However, newbies should check out this guide on how to unlock Roblox FPS for a smoother experience. Are you a new player, and is it too complex for you? If so, begin by learning how to create a Roblox account and move on from there. Do you think we missed out on any popular Roblox survival games? Drop your recommendations in the comments below.

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