10 Best QuickBooks Alternatives You Can Use

QuickBook is considered a standard not only among the accounting software programs but the whole of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications. The reason is its simple and comprehensible dashboard which is easy to use and doesn’t require an accountant for bookkeeping. With that said, some companies find QuickBooks’ pricing expensive and some don’t like the recent transition to Intuit. Apart from that, high credit-card processing charge is forcing many companies to look for alternatives. So, if you are in search of a suitable replacement, you have come to the right place. In this article, we have sorted a list of 10 best QuickBooks alternatives which are priced modestly and offer similar features.

Best QuickBooks Alternatives

Here, we have mentioned 10 various alternatives to QuickBooks based on many factors such as pricing, features, business size, region and more. Also, almost all the mentioned programs are web-based so you can access them from any platform including macOS and Linux. Apart from that, we have also dedicated a few listings for freelancers and solopreneurs. With that said, let’s begin the article without further ado.

1. Xero

QuickBooks is singularly popular because of its user-friendly interface which does not require much accounting expertise. However, there is another service which beats QuickBooks in terms of clean design and that is Xero. Besides the great dashboard, Xero is packed with almost every feature that QuickBooks offers. You can integrate your online bank to Xero seamlessly and can manage accounting books in no time. And similar to QuickBooks, Xero categorizes all your transactions into expenses and incomes giving you a clear picture of the cash flow. Further, you can manage your inventory, keep track of sales, generate invoices, and also schedule recurring payments.

1. Xero Best QuickBooks Alternatives

Apart from that, Xero comes with Payroll integration which is a popular feature of QuickBooks. You can easily deposit money with automatic fillings across 50 states in the US. And that is not all, it also has a mobile app which lets you manage your business on the go. Not to mention, Xero is completely cloud-based service so no matter if you use Linux or Mac, you can always access Xero from a web browser. Further, Xero can move all your QuickBooks data to its server within three hours so you don’t have to worry about data loss. To sum up, if you are looking for a more user-friendly accounting solution then Xero is simply the best out there.

Features: Web-based, Excellent dashboard, Track sales and generate invoices, Manage inventory, Access insightful reports, Payroll integrated, Schedule reminders and payments, Has a mobile app, Move from QuickBooks to Xero without any data loss

Visit Website (Free trial for 30 days, Starts at $9/month)

2. Wave

If you are looking for a free alternative to QuickBooks then there is no better service than Wave. It’s truly a free accounting software which lets you manage bookkeeping in a slick interface with all the details like cash flow, expenses and more. So what is the catch? Well, there is no catch and Wave makes it clear that accounting features are completely free which include online banking integration, invoicing, expense tracking, and receipt scanning. So how does Wave make money? Well, it offers payroll and payment processors separately as paid services which make money for Wave.

2 wave

So to break it down, Wave facilitates all the essential accounting features that QuickBooks offers without you paying anything. You are only going to need the payroll service if you are running a large business and a payment processor, in case you don’t have one which is very unlikely to happen. I would say Wave is a great alternative to QuickBooks if you are a freelancer or run a small business. So go for Wave without any second thoughts and I am pretty sure you are going to love the service.

Features: Web-based, Free and best for freelancers and small-sized businesses, Invoicing, Tracking expenses and incomes, Receipt scanning, Offers a mobile app

Visit Website (Free)

3. Zoho Books

Zoho Books is another great alternative to QuickBooks which is plenty good and comes with endless features. If you are already using Zoho CRM then picking Zoho Books as your bookkeeping service will be a lot seamless and easier to manage. In comparison to QuickBooks’ interface, Zoho Books looks quite good with comprehensible graphs of expenses and incomes on the dashboard. Basically, you will be able to gauge your financial performance just by peeking at the dashboard. Other than that, you have hosts of accounting features such as banking integration, invoice generation, inventory management and more.

zoho books Best QuickBooks Alternatives

Similar to QuickBooks, there are also many helpful features including payment reminders and scheduling, expense tracking and vendor billing. You also get a dedicated mobile app to manage all your financial books no matter where you are. All in all, Zoho Books is another near-replacement of QuickBooks in terms of both features and ease of use. So, you can definitely give Zoho Books a try if QuickBooks is not cutting for you.

Features: Web-based, Best for Zoho users, Excellent dashboard, Detailed graphs, Invoicing, Inventory management, Schedule reminders and payments, Track expenses and bills, Offers a mobile app

Visit Website (Free trial for 14 days, Starts at $9/month)

4. FreshBooks

FreshBooks is a promising accounting program which is a bit expensive, but given the unique features, it’s definitely worth it. I would go as far as to say that, FreshBooks is one of the best QuickBooks alternatives in terms of automating several account management tasks. You can set up schedules for tax payments, vendor billing, automatic invoice generation, and hassle-free bookkeeping. In a way, FreshBooks is quite good at organizing accounting data and collecting various financial reports for your perusal. Similar to QuickBooks, the interface is quite straightforward which updates cash flow metrics and recent purchases in real-time.


Apart from that, you have all the standard accounting features like invoicing, expense tracking, report generation, inventory management and more. There is also a project feature just like QuickBooks Project which allows you to collaborate with employees or clients and conceptualize a financial deal before final purchase. Simply put, if you want a more advanced QuickBooks alternative and don’t mind the slightly steep price then FreshBooks can be a great alternative.

Features: Web-based, Advanced accounting software, Automate accounting tasks, Automatic payments, Insightful reports, Invoicing and inventory management, Expense tracking, Payroll integration, Schedule reminders, and payments, Offers a mobile app

Visit Website (Free trial for 30 days, Starts at $15/month)

5. ZipBooks

ZipBooks is another free alternative to QuickBooks which is surprisingly good and does not cut many corners under the free plan. You can achieve almost all the account management things like bank account integration, tracking expenses, keeping a tab on cash flow, invoicing, accepting payments and more. So in a nutshell, you are getting all the key features of QuickBooks without any charge and that is simply amazing. Now, you must be wondering, what is the catch again? Well, ZipBooks only lets you connect one bank account under the free plan which can be limiting for big businesses. However, if you run a small or medium-sized business or you are a solopreneur then ZipBooks is the perfect pick for you.


And in case, you want to go for the premium plan, you get lots of additional goodies like team collaboration, integration with multiple bank accounts, access to insightful reports, payment scheduling and more. There is also a standalone mobile app to keep track of your finances wherever you go. All in all, ZipBooks is an awesome free accounting software which can replace QuickBooks for all the essential needs.

Features: Web-based, Free and best for solopreneurs and small businesses, Simple dashboard, Invoicing, Track expenses, and incomes, Insightful reports, Schedule payments, Offers a mobile app

Visit Website (Free, Starts at $15/month)

6. Sage Business Cloud Accounting

Sage is one of the largest companies in the world which offers enterprise software to many financial firms around the globe. Among the many products it offers, a cloud-based accounting solution is one of them which is primarily built for medium and small-sized businesses. Also, if you are from the UK and looking for a QuickBook alternative, Sage is the best pick for you. Now coming to features, Sage has a pretty cohesive interface given their experience in the financial world. You can connect your bank account and it will categorize all the transactions giving you a lucid overview of your business.


It shows multiple metrics like sales, growth rate, credit, quote estimation, etc. on the dashboard along with detailed graphs. I would say Sage offers a 360-degree view of your business in a very neat fashion and surpasses QuickBooks in terms of dashboard overview. Having said that, you get all the standard accounting features such as invoicing, payment scheduling, real-time reports, inventory management, collaboration with team members et al. It’s clear that Sage is a feature-packed accounting software just like QuickBooks and you can definitely give it a try.

Features: Web-based, Best for UK based companies, Superior dashboard, Invoicing and payment scheduling, Inventory management, Collaboration, Offers a mobile app

Visit Website (Free trial for 30 days, Starts at $10/month)

7. GNUCash

GNUCash is an open-source alternative to QuickBooks which is completely free and has many bookkeeping features to organize your business accounts. First of all, it’s not a web-based accounting software instead, GNUCash offers a desktop client for all major operating systems including Windows, Linux, and macOS. If you were using Quicken desktop client for QuickBooks then GNUCash is the perfect replacement which does not cost a dime. GNUCash is capable of importing all your bank transactions using the OFX (Open Financial Exchange) protocol that many banks and financial services currently use.


Further, it can split the transactions into Checkbook-Style Register which is kind of old-school bookkeeping, but if you are well-versed with this system then it may work wonders. GNUCash also shows incomes and expenses in a tabular format along with graphs for better understanding of your cash flow. Besides that, similar to QuickBooks, it comes with invoicing, bill payments, vendor tracking, and tax payments. You can even schedule transactions and pay your vendors before the due date automatically. One thing is clear that GNUCash is not for everyone. So, if you know a bit of accounting and want a free program like QuickBooks then GNUCash can be a solid alternative.

Features: Free and open-source, Desktop client, Best for Windows, Linux, and Mac, Connect bank accounts, Graphs, and detailed reports, Invoicing and recurring payments, Offers an Android app

Visit Website (Free)

8. SlickPie

If you want a simple accounting software which can do most of the accounting stuff then SlickPie is a really good alternative to try. The best part about SlickPie is that it comes with a free plan without any major restrictions. You can integrate as many bank accounts you want and it will organize all your accounting data in a readable format. Further, you can view the cash flow with visual graphs and detailed reports. Granted, the dashboard is not as cohesive as QuickBooks, but it shows all the major metrics which allows you to gauge your financial performance.

slickpie Best QuickBooks Alternatives

Apart from that, SlickPie can track expenses, schedule recurring payments, generate personalized invoices and more. Basically, you get all the standard QuickBooks features under the free plan. There is also a MagicBot which scans all your receipts and auto-fills the data in your balance sheet automating a major chunk of accounting task. So to bare it all, SlickPie seems a complete accounting software and without any major omission. I would say, it’s one of the best free alternatives to QuickBooks and you should definitely give it a try.

Features: Web-based, Best free alternative, Decent dashboard, Invoicing and track expenses, Magicbot for scanning receipts

Visit Website (Free, Starts at $39.95/month)

9. FreeAgent

If you are based out of the UK, FreeAgent is another QuickBook alternative to consider. It’s quite affordable and offers all the major bookkeeping features. For starters, you can integrate your online bank account and seamlessly import all the transactions to FreeAgent. Thereafter, it categorizes the data into income and expenses providing a detailed overview of your balance sheet in real-time. The best part about FreeAgent is that it offers in-person accountants in case you need onsite support.


Besides that, FreeAgent is packed with all the usual accounting features which can make your job hassle-free. You can generate and send invoices, track expenses, file various kinds of taxes, find estimation and quotes and a lot more. In tandem, you are getting almost all the QuickBooks feature at an affordable price. So, as I said above, if you run a business in the UK, FreeAgent can be a great alternative.

Features: Web-based, Best for UK based businesses, Pretty good dashboard, Real-time cash flow, Generate invoice, File taxes, Offers a mobile app

Visit Website (Free trial for 30 days, Starts at £9.50/month  ~ $10.50/month)

10. Kashoo

Kashoo is our final pick in this list which is quite good and offers a comprehensible dashboard to make sense of your finances. Just like other services, you can connect multiple bank accounts and import the data to have a detailed overview of your business transactions. Kashoo shows all the accounting data in the form of pie charts to visualize complex metrics and make it easy to understand. There are hosts of other features as well including invoicing, expense tracking, payment scheduling, report assessment, etc.


The best part about Kashoo is that it’s equipped with a smart scanner which can turn any physical receipt into a digital copy. Besides that, you can manage unpaid bills and schedule automatic payments for a specific date. You can also personalize invoices with your brand logo and digital signature. All in all, Kashoo seems a decent alternative to QuickBooks and you can surely give it a try.

Features: Web-based, Great dashboard, Pie charts, Invoicing and expense tracking, Smart scanner, Automatic payments, Personalize invoices, Offers a mobile app

Visit Website (Free trial for 14 days, Starts at $19.95/month)

Manage Your Accounting Data Like a Pro

So that was our list of the 10 best QuickBooks alternatives which are simple to use and also priced competitively. We have ensured that most of the accounting programs are web-based so you can always keep track of your finances no matter which platform or device you are using. Anyway, that is all from us. If we helped you find a suitable QuickBook alternative then do let us know in the comment section below.

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