12 Best Stripe Alternatives You Can Use

Stripe may not be a household name, but it’s a global leader in online payments and has shaped the fintech world in more ways than one. Stripe’s technology stack is simply unmatched and is considered a benchmark in merchant on-boarding, seamless payments, and fraud detection. That said, it doesn’t excel in every aspect. And there are competitors that offer more flexibility and even charge a lot less. So, if you are on the lookout for the best Stripe alternatives that can seamlessly fit your needs, we have got you checked off with an extensive roundup.

Best Stripe Alternatives You Can Try in 2020

Here, we have put together 12 best Stripe alternatives after considering many key factors like reliability, pricing, global reach, how developer-friendly the service is, and more. Besides that, we have also mentioned a few payment processors for specific regions so that you can choose a proper alternative to Stripe in your country.

Why Should You Need Stripe Competitors or Alternatives?

There could be multiple reasons why you may want to explore Stripe competitors. Maybe you want to have a payment system that offers you more flexibility to facilitate payments or maybe you have set your sight on cutting down the processing fee (Stripe takes 2.9% + 30¢ per successful charge).

Many merchants find Stripe’s pricing expensive given its higher processing fee. Further, Stripe is still not available in many countries so e-commerce platforms are looking for a reliable Stripe alternative. Irrespective of whether you want to have a cheaper Stripe alternative or a more flexible one that can get along nicely with your specific demand, look no further than these highly-rated substitutes.

1. PayPal

PayPal is one of the oldest fintech companies in the world so it has a lot of experience in handling online payments and preventing fraud. For this very reason, PayPal is among the best Stripe alternatives you can go for. In terms of pricing, Stripe and PayPal share a similar processing fee of 2.9% and $0.3 flat-rate for every purchase. But the difference between these two services is global reach.


PayPal is available in just about every country in the world which is much larger than Stripe. So, if you have an online business with customers all around the world then PayPal is certainly the best payment processor, bar none. Apart from that, PayPal is also very developer-friendly, similar to Stripe.

You can easily integrate PayPal checkout with your online business from hundreds of templates. Simply put, PayPal is an outright alternative to Stripe if you want reliability and global reach.


  • Huge global reach, Instant payment
  • Advanced fraud detection, POS integration
  • Checkout templates, No monthly charge
  • Fast ACH transfer and Recurring billing, Scalable based on business size,
  • Access to developer tools


  • Limited seller protection 
  • Phone-based customer service is not always consistent 

Pricing: 2.9% + $0.30; 2.7% for swiping card on POS machine

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2. Braintree

Braintree is our next pick for Stripe alternatives which is also a division of PayPal. In terms of offerings, Braintree is an obvious alternative to Stripe. To begin with, the pricing is very similar, as it’s with other payment processors. You incur a processing fee of 2.9% + $0.30 for each transaction.

2 braintree

Apart from that, you get access to payment templates and can personalize the checkout form as per your preference. There are also options for recurring billing and ACH transfer.  Since Braintree is supported by PayPal, its global reach is much larger than Stripe.

Having said that, the best part about Braintree is that, unlike Stripe, it does not charge you separately for billing, invoice, and other advanced APIs. All in all, Braintree is one of the best Stripe alternatives and you should definitely check it out.


  • Easy integration, Better global reach than Stripe, Fraud detection
  • Payment templates, Recurring billing
  • Fast ACH transfer, Invoicing, and billing
  • Access advanced APIs without additional cost


  • Doesn’t accept American express 

Pricing: 2.9% + $0.30

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3. Square

Square and Stripe started at the same time in 2009 and since then, they have been direct competitors. Both offer excellent payment services with industry-leading technology and wide support for different forms of payments. And even in terms of functionality, Square is quite similar to Stripe.


The best part about Square is its in-person POS payment which is leaps and bounds ahead of Stripe. Coming to the pricing, both the services have the same processing fee of 2.9% + $0.3 for each purchase made through its payment gateway. However, keep in mind Square doesn’t support in-app payments and can only process mobile wallet and credit card transactions.

Further, in comparison to Stripe, Square does not have that big of a global reach beside the US, UK, and Australia. Nevertheless, Square is particularly for those businesses that want to set up payments instantly and without any friction. You get the best of the world from in-person sales to online payments.


  • Best for both in-person POS sales and online payments
  • Seamless integration, excellent Fraud detection
  • Recurring billing, Quick ACH transfer


  • Account stability issues 
  • Not suitable for big companies 

Pricing: 2.9% + $0.3

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4. Adyen

Adyen is our next pick for Stripe alternative which seems a small company but has a huge base of merchants. In tandem, Adyen is one of the best payment processors for small and medium-sized businesses. The reason is its extremely low processing fee in comparison to Stripe.


For instance, it charges 0.6% + $0.12 for Visa and Mastercard cards and flat rate of $0.25 + $0.12 for ACH transfers. It only has a higher processing fee for Amex cards which is capped at 3.95% + $0.12. And that is not all, Adyen provides merchant accounts which means you will have better control over your online account.

However, keep in mind Adyen charges $120 monthly in case your business does not have a minimum of 1000 transactions. Having said that, Adyen has a great global reach which also includes Africa, Europe, and other Asian regions. To sum up, if you run a small business and want to cater to the stated regions, must check out Adyen as it is a cheaper alternative to Stripe.


  • Low price and best for small businesses
  • Offers merchant account
  • Great global reach
  • Best for Africa and Asia
  • Fraud prevention technology, Easy to integrate


  • The layout needs improvements 

Pricing:  0.6% + $0.12 for Visa and Mastercard; 3.95% + $0.12 for Amex

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5. Dwolla

Dwolla is our next payment processor which is among the cheapest Stripe alternatives in the US. It offers a merchant account and has support for ACH transactions. Among other things, Dwolla is one of the most developer-friendly service providers with excellent documentation and requirement-based customization.


In terms of pricing markup, the cost is pretty low as compared to Stripe and that’s awesome. You have to pay a processing fee of 0.5% + $0.5 for every purchase made through its gateway. And that is not all, there is no monthly fee or any other hidden charges.

You also get access to many developer tools and features without any additional fee. However, keep in mind, Dwolla is available only in the US. So if you want a payment processor at a low cost in the US, Dwolla can be a great a Stripe alternative.


  • Cheapest Stripe alternative
  • Provides merchant account Trusted fraud prevention
  • Seamless integration
  • Custom payment setup
  • No monthly fee


  • Doesn’t let users add a credit card as a backup funding source 

Pricing: 0.5% + $0.5

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6. Amazon Payments

Amazon Payments is another service like Stripe which has a huge global reach and offers many localized features. To begin with, you can seamlessly integrate Amazon Payments on your website using its developer-friendly SDK and APIs. It also lets you customize the payment setup in local currency which is quite helpful for a global business to thrive.

AMazon payments

Talking about the processing fee, Amazon Payments charges 1.95% plus applicable taxes. Apart from that, you get fraud detection using AI, billing, invoice management, and lots of other features without any separate charge. Having said all of that, the prime distinction between Amazon Payments and Stripe is global reach. So, if Stripe is not cutting for you, Amazon Payments can fill up the void with ease.


  • Huge global reach
  • Top-notch fraud detection using AI and ML
  • POS integration, No monthly charge
  • Hassle-free Subscription management
  • Scalable based on business size
  • Access to developer tools


  • Handles fewer payment types 

Pricing: 1.95% plus applicable taxes

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7. Authorize.net

Authorize.net is among the oldest payment gateways on the internet and has been providing its service for more than 20 years. It’s important to note that Authorize.net is just a payment gateway that does not deal with merchant accounts whereas Stripe is an all-in-one payment processor that handles everything from cart to checkout.


Basically, if you already have a payment infrastructure in place then you can use Authorize.net to authorize credit cards and wallet transactions. It will just cost you $0.10 per transaction and a monthly fee of $25. Apart from that, the transactions are also protected with advanced fraud detection and risk mitigation tools.

The only downside is that it’s not available in most countries except the USA, Australia, and Canada. In terms of global reach, Stripe wins hands down. Nevertheless, if you want a payment solution for your online business, Authorize.net will be a great Stripe alternative on a budget.


  • Best and cheapest payment gateway
  • Advanced fraud detection
  • Easy recurring payments
  • Invoicing,
  • Simple checkout
  • Accepts most credit cards


  • The administrator homepage looks cluttered  

Pricing: $0.10 per transaction; $25 flat monthly fee

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8. Worldpay

Worldpay is one of the best companies like Stripe for the UK as it’s the country’s oldest fintech company with huge experience in payment handling. It supports many forms of payments including credit and debit cards, mobile wallets, and bank transfers. It also has a POS system in place which can bring more in-person sales to your business.


Apart from that, the pricing is very similar to Stripe with a processing fee of 2.75% + €.20. There is also a second payment plan where you can pay a flat fee of €19.95 per month with 2.75% (credit cards) & 0.75% (debit cards) charges. If your business does a ton of payment processing, the second plant is definitely cheaper.

Besides that, you get access to lots of marketplace tools and you can customize checkout forms as per your requirement. All in all, Worldpay is a great payment service provider and you should definitely try it if you run an online business in the UK.


  • Best payment processor for the UK
  • Huge global reach
  • Excellent fraud prevention
  • POS support Straightforward recurring billing
  • Easy subscription management
  • Customize checkout templates


  • Doesn’t offer much support on chargebacks 

Pricing: 2.75% + €.20 or €19.95 flat monthly charge with 2.75% (credit cards) & 0.75% (debit cards) charges

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9. Cardinity

Cardinity is your best Stripe alternative if you operate your business in Europe. Just like Stripe, it’s an all-in-one payment solution and offers a merchant account which is great. Cardinity accepts both credit and debit cards from all over the world. It can also process payment from many different card providers such as Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, Carte Bleue, and more. 


In terms of pricing, it’s much less than Stripe and there is no monthly or annual maintenance charge. For every transaction made through its network, Cardinity charges 1.35% + €0.25 as a processing fee. Apart from that, it supports recurring payments for subscription services, enhanced security for fraud detection, invoicing, and more.

Cardinity is also a developer-friendly service so you can smoothly integrate its service on your portal. To conclude, if you are looking for a Stripe alternative in Europe at a low cost, Cardinity should be your pick.


  • Best payment processor for Europe
  • Offers merchant account
  • Significant global reach
  • Painless recurring payments
  • Pretty good subscription management
  • No monthly charge


  • Customer support is not great 

Pricing: 1.35% + €0.25

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10. Razorpay

Among the online payment service providers in India, Razorpay is best suited to take on the mettle of Stripe. To put it straight, if you run a small to medium-sized business in India, Razorpay is the best way to collect money online. In addition, Razorpay is now available in the US, UK, UAE, France, and Australia so if you are building a global e-commerce platform from India, Razorpay should be your default option for processing payments globally.


Talking about the processing fee, it charges a flat 2% for every transaction done with India-based cards, wallets, or UPI. However, for every transaction made with Amex or any other international cards, the processing fee is flat 3%. And there are no setup or annual maintenance fees so that is great.

In comparison to Stripe, the pricing is much lower with no additional charges. All in all, you should definitely go for Razorpay if you are looking for a  Stripe alternative in India.


  •  Best payment service provider for India
  • Flat-rate processing fee
  • No monthly fee
  • Advanced fraud detection
  • Supports all major cards
  • Access to advanced developer tools


  • Isn’t available everywhere

Pricing:  2% per transaction for India-based cards, UPI or wallet, 3% for Amex and international cards

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11. Venmo

Don’t get me wrong! Venmo is not a direct competitor of Stripe, so why should you think of trying it out? Well, if you are looking for a more user-friendly peer-to-peer payment platform, it can easily fit into your needs.

What makes Venmo so handy is the pretty straightforward setup, allowing you to get started with peer-to-peer payment right away by simply linking the app to your debit card. Notably, you can use this app to split the money with ease and transfer it to anyone without any hassle.

Venmo payments

As compared to Stripe, Venmo looks more intuitive and snappier. Thus, it may easily appeal to your taste if you prefer to have a lightweight and snappier UI. Another feature worth mentioning is the Venmo card which lets you shop with your Venmo balance. Plus, it also offers cashback rewards at select retailers to let you save plenty of bucks.

Venmo doesn’t charge anything when you send money using your Venmo balance, bank account, debit card, or prepaid card. However, it will take a 3% fee on credit cards.

Long story short, Venmo is one of the best Stripe alternatives for peer-to-peer payment.


  • Excellent for peer-to-peer payment
  • Pretty easy setup 
  • Offers Venmo card to let you shop with Venmo balance 
  • Provides cashback rewards 


  • Allows you to shop with Venmo balance only in the US

Pricing: Free

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12. Coinbase

Coinbase seems to be an automatic choice for the folks who want to buy, sell, and manage cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, etc. So, if you are hunting for a Stripe alternative to take control of your cryptocurrency portfolio, you should give serious consideration to it.

You can use Coinbase to find out how particular cryptocurrencies work and even try them out on the small scale. Probably, the best part about Coinbase is the efficient management of your portfolio. Depending on your needs, you can buy and sell popular digital currencies as well as keep an eye on them right from one spot.

coinbase crypto walletCoinbase also offers you the flexibility to schedule buys daily, weekly, or monthly based on your convenience. In terms of user-interface, it has looked up to the task to me. And what about security? Well, if Stripe claims to offer the best in class security, it’s not behind either thanks to the bank-level security. Notably, it lets you store your funds in a vault for enhanced safeguards.

Taking everything into account, Coinbase is a top-notch substitute for Stripe for managing cryptocurrencies.


  • Top-notch for buying and selling cryptocurrencies
  • Efficient management of your portfolio
  • Flexibility to schedule buys daily, weekly, or monthly
  • Option to store your funds in a vault


  • The app doesn’t always load the latest data instantly 

Pricing: Up to 1.5% of any transaction and a minimum fee of $0.55

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Bonus: Billtrust

Last but not least, Billtrust is a highly rated Stripe alternative for medium-sized companies. What puts it at the forefront is the ability to simplify the B2B payments and order-to-cash cycle. So, if these are the two main features you want to see in the Stripe substitute, you shouldn’t fail to try it out.

Another department where Billtrust appears to be a viable alternative is the needed flexibility to facilitate payments. It provides essential convenience to clients to pay through the preferred channels.


As it has the support for several payment methods (i.e ACH, credit card, EFTs), you will be able to accept the digital B2B payments without any hassle. It’s this convenience that makes Billtrust a better option than Stripe for medium-sized companies.

With the surcharging, you can accept credit card payments without any additional processing costs. Keep in mind that it will charge between 1.8% and 2.5% of the total value of the transaction on credit card payments, which is lower than the fees charged by Stripe (2.9% + 30¢ per successful charge).

Even on the security front, Billtrust is up to the mark. It offers a high-grade safeguard against fraud so that the B2B payments can remain secure.


  • Simplifies B2B payments and order-to-cash cycle
  • Support for several payment methods
  • Flexibility to pay through the preferred channels
  • High-grade safeguard against fraud


  • Invoices shown as open may not be accessible
  • The interface needs some refinements

Pricing: Charges between 1.8% and 2.5% of the total value of the transaction

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Stripe’s competitors?

PayPal, Braintree, and Square are some of the most equipped Stripe competitors.

Is Stripe or PayPal better?

Thanks to the simple setup and ease of use, PayPal is considered to be a better option for small businesses. With way more customization and additional features, Stripe is said to be a better bet for larger businesses.

Is Adyen cheaper than Stripe?

Yes, Adyen is overall cheaper than Stripe. Adyen charges 0.6% + $0.12 for Visa and Mastercard cards as well as the flat rate of $0.25 + $0.12 for ACH transfers, which make it a cheaper alternative to Stripe.

Is Stripe the best payment gateway?

Considering plenty of customization and several helpful features, Stripe has got most bases covered to stake the claim of being one of the best payment gateways.

Which is cheaper PayPal or stripe?

Both Stripe and PayPal charge an online payment processing fee of 2.9%+$0.30.

Choose the Best Stripe Alternative for Your Online Business

So that was our list of the best Stripe alternatives which are very comparable to Stripe in features, global reach, and most importantly have cheaper pricing. Besides that, we have mentioned various payment processors based on countries, business size, and other key factors.

So, depending on your requirement, go on and pick the best payment service provider for your online business. Anyway, that is all from us. If you found the article informative, do comment down below and let us know.

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    Great article! I appreciate the in-depth look. I’m considering Square but I’ve heard some pretty bad things about them especially if you do a quick Google search. I have heard things about Redde Payments though and was curious if anyone has heard anything. I have some friends that use them and they swear by it and claim they’d never leave. I’m just open to suggestions and appreciate doing my research first.

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    This is an awesome article with an excellent comparison of competitors! I’d just add that Dwolla is a strictly ACH (bank-transfer) payment processor, not to be used for credit card payments unlike all the other options mentioned here.

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