7 Best Potions To Use Against Warden in Minecraft 1.19

Since the release of the Minecraft 1.19 update, the Warden is slaying players left and right; skilled and beginners alike. While using some of the best Minecraft enchantments with your gear does delay the inevitable, it’s nowhere close to a reliable plan. Well, lucky for you, we have collected the best potions that you can use against the Warden in Minecraft 1.19. Our list goes over each potion’s effects as well as the items required to create them. Just make sure to craft a brewing stand first to save time. Having said that, it’s time to put on your witch hats and brew some powerful potions to defeat the Warden in Minecraft.

Because each potion has a different purpose, our list isn’t ranked. Ideally, you should prepare most of these potions before you visit the new Ancient City in the Deep Dark. You can use one of our best Ancient City seeds to visit this underground location and meet the Warden in no time. That said, let’s learn about the potions you need to carry along on this dangerous journey.

1. Potion of Healing

  • Effect – Instantly heals the player
  • Ingredients – Glistering Melon Slice, awkward potion, and blaze powder
  • Usage Direct consumption

As the Warden is one of the strongest mobs in the game, fighting them involves losing your health quickly. And unfortunately, Warden’s attacks are so powerful that they can kill you with two direct hits. That’s why you instantly need your health back to survive more attacks. For that, a Potion of Healing is the perfect solution.

Instant Health II Potion

Unlike the slow in-game regeneration, it doesn’t take any time to restore your health. Instead, this potion immediately heals you when you consume it. Though, keep in mind that it doesn’t heal you completely. It adds two hearts to your health bar at level 1 and four hearts at level 2 (Instant Health II). As for the brewing, Glistering Melon Slice is the main ingredient of the potion. You can craft it by combining 8 gold nuggets with a melon slice.

2. Potion of Night Vision

  • Effect – Allows players to see clearly in dark areas
  • Ingredients – Golden Carrot, awkward potion, and blaze powder
  • Usage Direct consumption

Warden’s home, the Ancient cities are based in the deep dark biome, which is one of the darkest areas of the game. Then, to make matters worse, the Warden also applies a “darkness effect” to nearby players, limiting their vision further. To counter that, you have to make a Potion of Night Vision before going against the Warden.

This potion allows the player to see dark areas as if they were lit with sunlight. It is great to find and avoid Warden in the deep dark. However, the potion can’t counter the “darkness effect” completely, and your vision remains limited in terms of the area. You can brew the potion of Night Vision in Minecraft 1.19 using a golden carrot. It can be crafted by combining gold nuggets with a regular carrot. Read the step-by-step process in the linked guide.

3. Potion of Strength

  • Effect – Increases damage dealt by the player
  • Ingredients – Awkward potion, and blaze powder
  • Usage Direct consumption

If you decide to fight the Warden instead of running from it, you need to make every hit count and it should be at full strength. To ensure that, you don’t only need the best melee weapons but also the power of a Potion of Strength. It increases the damage that the player deals toward the Warden with every hit using a melee weapon.

This is the easiest option on our list of best potions to defeat the Warden in Minecraft 1.19. You only require blaze powder as the main ingredient. Players also add glowstone dust to the recipe for additional strength at a higher level. Not to forget, you should immediately back off each time you successfully hit the Warden as the dealt damage won’t be of any use if you die.

4. Potion of Weakness

  • Effect – Reduces attack damage of the affected entity
  • Ingredients – Fermented spider eye, water bottle, and blaze powder
  • Usage Throwable splash potion

If you can’t skill up yourself, a good way to defeat the Warden is by trying to weaken its attack. For that, your only option is to use a Potion of Weakness. It reduces the attack damage dealt by the Warden for a short period of time. Given Warden’s strength, its attacks will still be powerful even under the potion’s effect. But they will be weak enough to allow you to survive a little longer.

You need a fermented spider eye to brew this potion, which you can craft by combining a regular spider eye with a brown mushroom and some sugar. Once ready, you must add gun powder to the Potion of Weakness to convert it into a splash potion, which you can later throw at the Warden. Cool, right?

5. Potion of Slowness

  • Effect – Reduces movement speed
  • IngredientsFermented spider eye, Potion of Swiftness, and blaze powder
  • Usage Throwable splash potion

Warden is faster than most mobs and even the player. If it detects you, there’s almost no reliable way to outrun it. That’s where the Potion of Slowness comes in. If you throw this potion at the Warden, it will reduce the Warden’s movement speed, giving you a chance to run away. It has four levels, each decreasing the mob’s speed by an additional 15%.

To craft this potion, you only need to corrupt a Potion of Swiftness using fermented spider eye. Then, brew it and add gun powder to the potion to easily slow down the Warden in Minecraft 1.19.

6. Potion of Harming

  • Effect – Reduces health
  • Ingredients – Fermented spider eye, Potion of Poison, and blaze powder
  • Usage Throwable splash potion, arrows

Even though most players don’t use them, Minecraft also has tipped arrows that combine the impact of potions with the projectile. And the best way to use the tipped arrows is with the Potion of Harming as they will cause instant damage to the opponent. Because the majority of Warden’s strength lies in close combat, this potion can be a game changer in your fight against this powerful mob.

To brew the Potion of Harming, you have to make a Potion of Poison in Minecraft and combine it with a fermented spider eye. Then, you have to add the dragon’s breath to get a lingering potion, which you can later combine with arrows.

7. Potion of Slow Falling

  • Effect – Reduces attack damage of the affected entity
  • Ingredients – Phantom membrane, awkward potion, and blaze powder
  • Usage Direct Consumption

Because of the design of the Ancient city, it’s in the favor of players to fight the Warden from a vertical distance. But to counter the distance, the Warden might end up using a sonic shriek to push you down. To counter that, you need the Potion of Slow Falling. It will help you avoid fall damage in Minecraft while giving you enough time to plan your next move.

To make this potion, you first need to collect a phantom membrane, which you can obtain by killing a phantom. But unlike other mobs, they don’t spawn naturally. Instead, you have to avoid sleeping in-game for a couple of days to make it spawn.

Whether you play offensive or defensive, you can now freely use all these potions to avoid, fight, and kill the Warden in Minecraft 1.19. But if you feel they are not enough, maybe the strongest armor in the game will. Though, you will first need to find Netherite in Minecraft using our linked guide to craft a Netherite armor. And to push it a step further, you can invite friends on your personal Minecraft server to assist you in killing the Warden. Whether you do it yourself or with a team, the Warden’s death can only help you create a sculk farm using Sculk Catalyst in Minecraft 1.19. Moreover, you can find methods to skip killing the Warden altogether in our guide here. Having said that, which other tactic should one use against the Warden? Drop your suggestions in the comments below!

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